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Hi Steve :)

Martyn Russell is selling what looks like quite a tidy 9-5 on the Facebook Group Saab Nuts. Here's the text:

* Replacement car now found so this will be available to collect from me in the Gloucestershire / Tewksbury GL54 area this coming weekend, or from Suffolk IP14 from Sunday evening onwards should that help the buyers plans *
Purchased by me from Abbott Racing just last month:
2.3 Aero HOT manual
2004 Espresso Mica Black Met
127,000 miles
Full stamped history up to 10,000 miles ago (inc Abbott)
2x keys
New MOT from Abbott Racing
First off, the not-so-good:
*It needs a turbo soon (a good s/hand td04 replacemt will be sold with the car) as it smokes on start-up
*paint along driver door top isn't the best: will take pics
*the odd small dint / paint blemish which is to be expected of a car of this age
*1x rear tyre advisory
The good:
*3" Abbott Racing downpipe
*Abbott Racing (?) drilled discs x4
*2x excellent Vredenstein front tryes
*Heated front and rear seats in great order
*Ventilated front seats (very rare)
*Folding mirrors (passenger side sticks)
*Factory Sat Nav / 6 disc changer
*dual climate control
*self levelling bi-xenons
*Parking sensors
(All the above work)
*no bumper corner scuffs
*Heko window deflectors
*New boot badge
*New Abbott Racing metal plates
The car drives really well and only smokes in start-up: I'm happy to drive it 4hours each way from Suffolk to Gloucestershire this weekend with my family such is the faith I have in the car.
As a new car has been purchased, a prompt sale is needed, so a real steal at...
It was the front wishbones bushes- completely mullered. The inner of the NS one came out on its own.

Fitted two poly ones and much better  8) No noticeable increase in NVH.
The DMF in the petrol models is not such a problem as in the diesels, I wouldn't worry about it. In all the time I worked on these cars I don't think we ever replaced a DMF in a petrol but we replaced dozens in the 1.9 diesels (and none in the 2.2 diesel).

Saying that, I have the auto and prefer it to the manual, the manual gearbox isn't all that great and the auto does suit the car. I'd only let the decision sway you if you either hate auto or manual.
I know there are people with Saabs in N. Devon.

A company in High Bickington, south of Barnstaple, has just announced on Facebook that they can do Tech2 work on Saabs.  I have no idea how competent they are, etc.  Just passing on the info.

J Beswick Engineering.
I think it's only it's only the 1.8t that has the solid flywheel.  All the others have the DMF.  Makes an auto much more attractive!! :)  With the lock up in the higher gears it doesn't suffer a fuel penalty from slippage on the open road.

But the 9-5 is all traditional for the manual - except the 3.0 V6 diesel,butyou don't really want one of those.

The 9-5 auto was five speed from 2002 but only got the steering buttons in 2003.

My choice would be to try for a 2007 model for the 9-3. It has the new dash and standard double DIN audio which can be replaced easily, but retained the old body shape. But high tax.

Or the 2004-5 9-5 Aero with the Luxury Pack (Harmon Kardon 9 speaker audio, memory driver's seat and electric passenger seat, rain sensing wipers, heated rear seat, and some other stuff...)

The cut-off date for the tax change was around 23rd March 2006 for date of first registration.
I'd be looking at the 2.0 Aero 210bhp version, possibly in the 2004 -2006 time frame. Not sure when the road tax banding changed in 2006?

How do we know which ones have the dual mass flywheel? That is something costly I want to avoid!!!

is that where the auto comes into it's own?
There are some V6 cars on the lower tax level

If you buy a 9-3 with the old style dashboard (2003 - 2006) you can realistically forget about upgrading the audio.  Itís all integrated into the car computer network and the bits are linked by fibre optic cabling.  Nothing industry standard, and the fascia panel is just the controls for the tuner/amp which is hidden behind the aircon panel. Dash and audio sorted for 2007.  Body shaped followed in 2008.

The 1.8t has the same engine as the 2.0t. Badge engineering.  Both will take a remap to 220hp.  The Aero with a bigger turbo can be mapped to 250hp without hardware.  But in all cases a 3 inch downpipe and sport cat from the turbo will help reduce exhaust temperatures.

The 9-3 engines seem to be very robust.  The power steering pump is directly driven from the camshaft. The sel can fail and engine oil mixes with the power steering fluid.

Check all the electrics work - windows and door locks particularly. Check steering is smooth, the UJ at the floor wears and clunks. An expensive part.

9-5 seems to be generally well sorted, but again the tax is high after 2006.  2004 got the engine mods to cure the sludge issue.  Look at 2004 - 5 models with the Aero Lux Pack.  Lots of toys.  The later 9-5 got some GM price cutting.
We ran the auto 1.8t with no issues.  The manual version seems to struggle a bit with the clutch when tuned.

The more powerful versions run a dual mass flywheel, but many more £££.

In real life the auto is at least as fast with lock up in the higher gears. And it has the J gate +/- lever (as well as steering wheel buttons after 2004).

Sport suspension on the early cars is very harsh.
Hi all,

looking at 9-3 Aero saloons and just wondered if a manual is a better bet than an auto?
Hi Will,

wow - well sounds like if you come to Whitnash, then you really are in our neck of the woods!!!

Yes there were some V6s 9-3s I saw, but the road tax was high, and I don't yet know about the insurance. The 2006 change in road tax banding means a car that registered in 2006 onwards is over £500 a year road tax, whereas an identical car from 2005 is only around £300 a year, so that's a consideration. Also, I'd have to insure it with no NCB as I'd still be running my other car with max NCB, so any thoughts on the best specialist insurers would be gratefully received!!

I doubt I would be doing very high miles - maybe only 3000 -5000 a year, if that?

I prefer a 9-5 Aero, with 250bhp, but a 9-3 Aero with 210bhp sounds like a good alternative. Can the bhp be increased on the 9-3?

Also, the dash in the 9-3 can look a bit crap - especially the ones with lower level radio. Can one take this out and put in a higher spec unit from another 9-3? Is it plug and play, or would it involve upgrading all the speakers as well?

So many questions, as I mull over a potential budget of between £1000 - £1500 ;)
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