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Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: A few noob 9-5 questions
« Last post by fka on 19 September 2017, 12:02:44 PM »
Received the harness from justcarkits today.
There's no branding on the 16 pin connectors so I'm afraid I can't give any more clues on where to find them.

The 'Amplified sound system interface' seems to be reasonably well constructed with 4 audio transformers. No idea of their branding either but as I've also ordered the Neutrik transformers, if they're not up to much I'll use the un-populated line out pins and put the Neutrik transformers in line.

Now I just need to decide which head unit to buy..
It was in stock last night, oh well  ::)
still is out of stock,i didn't click on the icon for the passenger side jet..when you do it then says out of stock..
There seems to be no logic to the Orio pricing. And I suspect a bit of stabbing a pin in a list of .

One example, from memory, are the plastic centre caps for the wheels on the 9-3 Carlsson and Turbo X.  Last time I checked, the UK price was 48 for a plastic disc with a Saab badge in the middle. On the Swedish website it was 26 for the same part, and on the Romanian Orio site it was 16.  Absolutely no reason for any difference really.  Just a rip-off price in the UK.  I have pointed it out to Orio in the UK, but I don't know if the price has changed.

On the other hand the price of foglight surrounds on the last version of the 9-3, while still high for a plastic moulding, they are cheaper in the UK than Sweden.  No logic at all.
Yup, exactly that problem, I'm missing one of the round nozzles, the rest of the part is there and it's the 75 for such a small part with little complexity when you can get a complete power steering pump for 200 that irks me :)
I should add, the small round ball nozzles are prone to falling out,  more  likely in winter if they freeze.

the whole double nozzles and 4" leg has to be replaced.

One advisory, no comment about washers, although on the later 9-3ss's it's hard to differentiate between Xenon HID and halogen.

SAAB 9-3
MOT valid until 14 September 2018

Registration LG08LWC

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Fuel type Diesel
Colour Silver
Date registered 17 March 2008

MOT history

Date tested 13 September 2017
Mileage 107,161 miles
MOT test number 1455 5799 4290
Expiry date 14 September 2018
Advisory notice item(s)
Nearside Rear Anti-roll bar has slight play in a pin/bush (2.4.G.2)
Always worries me when people pass a car for MOT when it should have failed, makes me wonder what they've missed that I've also missed or not had an opportunity to see....
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