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The one thing I can say about the Anni alloys, like a lot of the newer Saab alloys that they really do show up scrapes and dirt quite badly.  The ALU45 (Vector) and ALU50 (Aero) seems to fare much better.  M

Really!? Mine are still in pretty good condition (apart from that one with that hidden curb...) I always thought that the Anniversary wheels fared better than many of the more "standard" wheels like the ALU45 and ALU50 which seemed to suffer really badly with bubbling and corrosion! It's one of the reasons I wanted them.

What really made the ride in the 9-3 better was replacing all the dampers with new (genuine saab) ones and getting a set of eibach springs, totally transformed the car! Careful shopping for parts meant I paid around 600 Inc the labour! Although that price was also new genuine strut mounts, bearings and a few bushes too.

They're one of my favourite Saab wheels ever, I was lucky to get them though as I when I saw the car it had 18" aftermarket wheels on and I commented to the garage selling the car that "shame it doesn't have the original wheels" as 18" on an Aero do make the ride quite bumpy.

Anyway turned out that the owner had put the aftermarket wheels on and they didn't have any tyres for the correct wheels, fortunately I'd just put a brand new set of rubber on my 9-5 which was the required size so after a tyre swap I got the wheels I wanted.

Yes, they are a standard wheel for the car, they were fitted as standard to my '07 Aero Anniversary.

The 9-5 version of those wheels was ALU74 which has a different offset which will still fit a 9-3 but may cause rubbing on the arches.

Me and t'wife are both double vax with AZ, we were unwell like a cold, child 1 is vax with PFZ and had no symptoms at all, child 2 has no vax at all and was the most poorly of us all!

Now this week we've all got a bad cold though with blocked nose and sore throat!

As for a flu that resulted in no sense of smell and a lack of taste, that sounds like post viral anosmia which occurs with several viruses and I believe in other coronaviruses that are not covid-19.

I've been doing some more reading an people reporting a positive LFD but having a negative PCR is currently being looked at by PHE as it seems it's increasingly common!

I had it a couple of weeks ago, had a mild sore throat for a couple of days, then a really bad sore throat one day, nasty cold like symptoms the next and then just felt a bit tired and achey for a few days after.  :thumbsup:

Only got the positive LFT on the day when I had the nasty cold like symptoms and another positive LFT the day after, the PCR was negative though (reading up on it turns out they have a high false positive rate too, but not as high as the LFT) but out of 15 LFT tests taken in this household we have 5 positive in total so isolated for 10 days from the start of symptoms.

You can now download the actual data from the government regarding the actual stock levels in the lead up to the shortages.

If you look at it you can see that the average stocks were slowly getting lower and lower every week, at some point there would have been a shortage whether it was down to "panic buying" or not.

Well, the reason for the queues is simple, there's a shortage of petrol caused by a lack of drivers. Things going to keep getting worse in the UK but that's the will of the people.

That's really why I have a problem with people calling other people morons over the situation as everyone needs fuel! Maybe the guy filling his Jerry cans has also booked and expensive track day and his track day care wasn't road legal  ;)

Got to really wonder about people sometimes, there was a local moron who posted a video to Facebook. This moron was filming someone he described as a "moron" as they were filling up some jerry cans at the local petrol station and making nasty comments on his post on Facebook about him and how fuel should be limited to "essential users only", the moron doing the filming was filling up to drive to a track day on the other side of the country!

Apparently though his use was OK as track days on the other side of the country are "essential" but filling up jerry cans (nobody knows what purpose the guy filling jerry cans had) is not essential.  ::)

I saw that guide before I changed the lock on mine, it was much easier to just buy a replacement lock than risk breaking the lock and then have to try and buy one in a hurry and hope that the right one would turn up.... I kept the broken one as a spare in case the new one decided to become faulty as then I'd have tried a repair.

Yes, when I was looking up prices of brand new compressors on their own (without fitting) I was getting figures of 300 - 450, depending on the make. There were cheaper ones, but you have to question what the quality might be like.

My experience was that cheaper compressors would last about 12-18 months and then die.

But when it happened to us, we needed a new lock...

I also had to replace the lock mechanism...

Whilst there may be shortages, the media stirs up people's fears and gets the public to create the crisis that didn't exist before. Hence people panicking, all going to fill up at the same time, emptying the stations faster than stocks can be replenished. If everyone just waited till they needed to fill up and shopped as normal, there would be no massive queues and completely empty petrol stations across the country. It was the same situation with the toilet rolls last year.

Nah, I don't buy that story, it's not the media. You can't blame them for reporting factual situations, even Grant Shapps said it on TV yesterday that there's been shortages of drivers for petrol for months so the situation has been developing since the beginning of the year (wonder why?) and the government have done *nothing* about it so this situation occurred due to their lack of ability to do anything. Anyway, this is exactly what the governments in fascist and communist states do, nothing at all, then blame the media and then blame the people, all these stories "it's the media" are just pandering to government propaganda which North Korea would be proud of and people are lapping it up which amazes me.

Last year all the lines from the government telling people to not do panic buying and pitting people against people at lock down 1 was again utter s***e, people were being told if they had covid they had to stay indoors for 2 weeks by the government, what else are they meant to do other than buy food and prepare for that eventuality?

All the nonsense of "there's plenty of food to go around" was obviously balls as the supermarket shelves would obviously be cleared. All work place canteens, restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops and takeaways closed and that meant a lot of food needed to be purchased from somewhere which meant (surprise surprise) supermarkets. It actually makes perfect sense as to why, but still people are convinced by these stupid stories that it's "panic buyers" when it's actually what happens when you run short supply chains and something unexpected happens and you have bad governance in place which didn't prepare for it.

The government here in the UK had 3 months to prepare for covid and it did nothing. My colleagues at the time in China were telling me to prepare in January... nothing happened in the UK until March but somehow back then it was all China's fault!

The situation would probably not occurred if the government spokesman had kept his mouth shut.  There might have been the odd shortage of fuel, but nothing so dramatic.  There were morons out there. 

The situation always existed but it was more manageable yes, but it's why the UK is starting to become a Soviet Russia simulator c.1990 right now with the denial of problems and then blaming them on the citizens, there are a few moronic citizens yes, but to be honest the proportion in the general population is much lower than those in the government.

Although, saying that, I do have 4x5l of bottled water in the house and keep a few small bottles of water in the car, the 5l bottles are for when the taps go dry which has happened around here a few times here in recent years and the 500ml bottles are in the car for when I've got stuck in traffic (or when buying petrol I guess!) ;D

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