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I found this link where you can look up any recalls on your car - its actually for North America. Unfortunately, I don't have a a Saab any more to try it out. Thought I'd share.

I took my car in to Cambridge Saab yesterday - its a 03 aero with automatic transmission - I'd noticed the shifts into 4th/5th were a wee bit clunky so I asked the garage to pull any codes (there were none) and to check the ATF as it has never been changed.

The garage thought the shifting seemed fine for a car of its age (120000 on the clock) - but the ATF was red/brown and opaque - they ran a boiling test on the ATF and it showed coolant present (bubbles). They changed the ATF for fresh and rather than fix the problem (expensive) suggested keeping an eye on it (bringing it back in a few months for further checks). I have some of the drained ATF - I'm going to see if it settles out.

The coolant needs a top-up every few months - there must be a slow leak somewhere (I guess we know where now) - I previously had a compression test on the cylinders (it was tight) and a temperature sensor changed because the coolant was overflowing from the reservoir.

The oil cooler quick couplings where changed in 2004/5 as part of the service campaign.

I guess my question is how serious the issue is - I've had the coolant leak issue for about 6 months - no obvious to the function of the transmission - I guess corrosion is likely.

I was toying with stumping up to have the couplers replaced - or switching to a non aqueous coolant system - any thoughts?


Hi Guys

My 03' aero is has developed an odd bug. After starting in the mornings, on putting her into drive (its an auto), I have experienced a surge in revs causing me to apply quite a bit of brakes to stop the car from lurching forward. There are no cels and otherwise the car performs very smoothely.

Having googled a bit, this seems to be pretty uncommon. Last week I filled her up with petrol from a budget garage and the issue started then - the car has suffered in the past from cheap fuel (sainsburys) causing misfires so I was wondering if this could be the cause.


Hi All

Had a few problems mounting up in the cabin which are going to prove very expensive  :o

Could do with a bit of advice...

Drivers window - this started getting stuck last year and I lubed up the seals and it seemed to fix the issue. However, this week it stopped working (wont go down). All there is when hitting the switch is a faint click. Also the cabin blower stopped working - just makes a feeble "puttering" noise and blows no air.  :-\

So I took her into the local saab garage. They quoted me 1,200 to fix the above inclusive of 100 quid for a new tyre - but they agreed to discount it down to a round 1000  >:( They found:

Window: wiring plug snapped off motor and needs a new regulator/motor.

Fan: needs new fan and probably resistor pack.

I had a look on NeoBros and they don't have a regulator with motor - just the regulator.

The fan unit appears to be be about 100 Quid - cant seem to locate the resistor.

So what do you recon guys, shall I have a go myself? The regulator looks bloody fiddly. Anyone know good sources of parts?


Hi Guys

A few weeks back, I had my car in Hughes saab having various oil seals repaired. When I got the car back I complained about the noise the car was making - we quickly figured out that the rubber sealing the bulkhead around the steering column had become lose while they were making the repair. The seal was actually loose to the touch and flapping around. This meant a lot of engine noise was entering the car through the footwell. Hughes took the car in and after about 10 mins they had fixed it - well mostly.

The seal appears to be back in place, but there is still a lot of turbo noise in the cabin - I am still not happy about it. To be clear, the turbo is right next to this part of the bulk head and the sound is still leaking through.

Does anyone know, is it possible that the seal has not been fitted correctly? They must have refitted it through the footwell and not the engine side as the repair was very quick..

My aero has been leaking oil. Probably for at least a week - 10 days judging by the spots on the drive. Just a few drops every night.

I had a look underneath and the leak appears on the underside to the right of the sump pan. I think (I hope you can help here) the area shown in the photos is the crank seal gasket - the gasket is a sort of orange gummy extruded stuff and given that the top and sides of the engine appear clean, I am guessing this is the leaks area. But to be honest, the oil is all over the place. It is hard to tell.

I took it to my local saab dealer and they recon that its either the sump gasket (250 to repair), or the oil seal at the rear (750 repair where the transmission is removed) :|

So they are going to replace the sump gasket.

The really odd thing is that they topped up the oil a few weeks back. I have checked the level both cold and warm and the level is really high - its over the high level - in fact its over the measuring part of the stick and adhering to the wire.

Any thoughts or advice? Thanks

Hi chaps - anyone know where I can get my alloys refurbed (I live in the slough area). Any recommendations much appreciated . Cheers

I was thinking of buying a new front lip spoiler and respraying it myself. Does know where I could find a good DIY guide on priming, painting and glossing. I do have a DA polisher so I'm hoping I can get a nice finish - but being the front lip, I need to get the paint really hard. I also need to source the right paint.

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