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Well I've had several attempts now at trying to get the driver's side windscreen wiper off the spindle on our Qashqai. I bought two wiper removal tools, and I still just cannot get the arm off the spindle. It can't be thst difficult, but I just can't get it off at all!!!

Ever since we had a new screen fitted, the drivers wiper slaps the A post next to the screen, and it's incredibly annoying, so all I wanted to do was rotate the wiper arm slightly on the spindle, so that the wiper doesn't make contact.

Any suggestions gratefully received!!!!

Cleaning and Detailing / Best for cleaning grime off alloys?
« on: 16 July 2022, 11:41:29 AM »
I picked up some Wonderwheels alloy cleaner yesterday - impulse purchase as I saw it in the shop, and thought I'd give it a go on the set of Aero alloys I bought a couple of months back. They were quite grubby, especially the inside surfaces and the recesses and corners. Seemed to be a combination of brake dust, grease etc.

You spray the Wonderwheels on and leave it 5 minutes before using a jet washer to get the grime off. Except, that it didn't really clean up the paintwork that well, or at all in most places. The wheels don't seem greasy now, but they are not much cleaner!!!

Anyone got any recommendations on what else I could try to try and make them at least look a bit better?

At some point they may need refurbing, but I want to put them on the car for a bit and run it on them, so don't want them looking totally shabby!!!

MOT today.....wish me luck  ;D

I have an oil leak on the Aero that seems to be getting a bit worse. I want to try and clean the affected areas so we can see where the leak is coming from, but all the cleaners/degreasers I have seen seem to require jet washing after use to rinse the surface off.

Does anyone have any recommendations on which product is best to use for this, and are there any that don't need rinsing off with water after? I just need to get the worst off for now.

The stuff that comes up on Facebook....

Never thought of rust as a mere 'stain'!!!

A few months back I was all set to get my rattling a/c compressor replaced with a remanufactured unit from a local a/c specialist. The a/c is still working OK, just the compressor is noisy, and steadily getting noisier. But then something went amiss with one of our other cars that needed sorting first, so the a/c swap was put on hold.

I was quoted around 500 (I think, from memory) to have a recon compressor fitted. I was just browsing the Neo Brothers site, and found a brand new Nissens compressor for 190 (part only). Would the labour to fit this be likely to take the total cost to over the 500 I had been quoted for a remanufactured part?

And what is better? Brand new Nissen's part, or a remanufactured part from an a/c specialist?

A while a go, I acquired some dash air vents from a facelift 9-3, with the intention of updating my pre facelift vents. From what I can see, the passenger and driver's side vents can be swapped for the later parts. However, the centre vent is a slightly different shape, and will not fit in the older dash.

So, my question is, can the silvery knobs from the later vents be removed and fitted into the older vents? I don't want to attempt to pull them out if I risk breaking the whole unit. I would only need to do this with the centre vent.

Working in the car industry as I do, it amazes me all the features in modern cars that cost money, increase the price of the vehicle, and actually, are totally unnecessary!!! We survived for decades without these, but now apparently we need them!!!

Personal opinion of course, but here are some of the things that get on my nerves about some of the cars I've worked on, but couldn't afford to buy anyway!!:

a) keyless entry (a professional thief's dream!! You have to buy a faraday pouch for the keys/fob, just to protect your new car!!!)
b) walk away locking (useful if you get beyond 10 metres from the car and have forgotten to lock it, but otherwise can be incredibly irritating if it locks/unlocks/relocks as you walk around the car!!)
c) rear view mirror as a screen showing an image from a camera on the roof of the car (what was wrong with a mirror??)
d) Big LCD touch screens instead of traditional dials and buttons (very distracting if you have to change something whilst driving and can't immediately find it)
e) Deployable exterior door handles (what was wrong with the old tech type? More things to go wrong!!!!!).
f) Deployable face vents - hidden when engine off, but motors raise part of the dash when the ignition is turned on, to expose the vents....why??

I'll need to have more of a think about others to rant about :D :D , but thought I'd throw it open for discussion!!!!!

I just saw this brief video on Facebook featuring some Scania crash tests.

Saab gets a positive mention at the end of this item about car security, from 1978....

I think I may have asked this before, but I searched and couldn't find the thread, so apologies if I am repeating myself!!!

My car doesn't seem to have the one touch electric window operation. Is this something that can be programmed with Tech 2, or is my car simply too basic to be able to have this upgrade?  ::) 56 reg pre facelift Aero saloon, of course  ;)

Hi all,

I found a nice replacement leather gear lever gaitor for the worn and tatty one in my 9-3 5 sp Aero. The question is, how easy is it to remove the old one, and fit the new one?

If I have to unscrew the gear knob, is it likely to fall apart? And if so, do I then need a new one of those too?

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