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UPDATE Virtual COM adapter arrived today...plugged into old Sony Vaio XP laptop with GlobalTIS installed, drivers installed automatically. Then plugged in Tech2 and was able to get security access! Changed the setting for the auto lock on the doors at drive off and disabled it and it works! So that's all good! Hopefully I won't have to use it on my car too many times but it's good to have the comfort knowing that if something goes 'bing bong' then I can access the data as well as helping others in my area and if the worst comes I can marry stuff to it.......happy days...

Might have another play much fun! Wonder if I can enable the ejector seat function....... :)

That battery is in need of a good 8-10hrs charge at 3-5amps(disconnected from car)..Then remove the charger,leave for 12hrs for the surface charge to dissipate then read battery again..Short trips will reduce a batteries life,the minimum voltage before damage occurs is on the battery 12.4..After that the plates will start to sulfate and capacity will diminish along with the batteries ability to hold a charge..
A battery isn't a fit and forget unit,it needs looking after like other wearable items on a vehicle..
We have the car back.  Just a new seal fitted. No other sign of damage.  Will monitor.
I have recovered one of my batteries with a modern charger with a reconditioning setting.

I use one like this.
Car Battery (9-3 2.0t 2006) No problems with starting but just put my DMM on it, as you do, since my 30 min round trip two days ago and it reads 12.1V at rest. Done the load test as well with my handled jobbie. Think this is a bit on the low side. Starting, its just over 14v so alternator is working good. Battery was put in 27 August 2018 by previous owner but of course doesn't mean it was 100% when put in. I was under the impression that around the 12v  mark this is a sign that the battery is on its way out......guess 3.5 years is not so a fair amount of mainly short trips, so is my current battery manly enough? Thanks for your thoughts...

5 days to go... :)
If you need to have the engine running or the ignition on or off, the Tech2 will tell you.
you only need to run the engine if you're diagnosing an engine/gearbox/traction control fault or need live date from those systems, if not don't run it while using tech-II as it can cause issues. 
Thanks ...good to know a 10 min session or so won't be a problem then.

I haven't got a cigarette lighter I need it for my car? 9-3 2006...I suppose its the same as plugging it into the OBD2 port it better to have the car actually running when using the Tech 2 do you think?
Was going to play with it some more but didn't have engine on so worried a bit about zapping the battery...

I used to reprogram them without hooking up to a charger for up to an hour, I'd get a bit more nervous past the hour as a power cut would potentially render the module unprogrammable.
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