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Tech II:
Thanks to Chris (Zaphod) for the suggestion.  This topic is for owners to review their Saab in their own words for the benefit of other contributors to STT who may be interested in buying or just reading your views.

We look forward to reading your reviews!

First off I am not a petrol head or car buff in any shape or form, however I have had my fair share of cars and for a two year period had a different hire car every week, so I have seen and driven quite a few.

I have had my 95 Diesel Auto now for 2 years now.  Got it second hand from dealer in Belfast with 10,000 miles and it is now sitting with 30k on the clock.
First off I must say that it is a very comfy and relaxing car to drive and I still look forward to driving it whenever I get the chance. 

The auto gearbox is very smooth and whenever I get bored I switch over to the paddle gears shift on the steering wheel which can be good fun.  Only problem with them is they are very prescriptive in when you can and can not change up or down, mind I can see that it would prevent some serious damage.

The heads up display on the wind screen should be standard on all cars.  It is clear and I would feel stupid if I ever got caught speeding in built up areas. The satnav directions that also show on the HUD  means I can drive without ahving to listen to a nagging voice and not take my eyes off teh road. I did have to do an experiment to see how the normal two digit  display would handle a three digit speed, the numbers just become smaller!!

The vision from within is surprising good bearing in mind how low it can look.  This is from all seats within.  The space inside the car is vast, I am 6 ft 2 and still do not have the drivers seat all the way back. my 6 ft tall lad still has room behind me.

I do have a few issues with the car, but they are small.  First of the satnav appears to be geographically whenever I go to set a journey it insists that I am in Belgium. I have nothing against Belgium but this is frustrating, looking forward to the day when I end up driving through Belgium and having to set the satnav. 

Additionally the built in HDD for storing my music seems unable to remember what I was listening too when I was last driving and teh entertainment centre does not understand the concept of British Summer Time.

Would I have another one, oh yes.

Anyhow these are my thoughts.

Welcome! Nice to hear from someone driving the last of the breed.

Welcome! :)

Thanks for those comments.  :)

Fabulous car, it really is not an Insignia on steroids

Granite Grey Aero Turbo 4 manual.

It has a temperamental info system - and the nav defaults to Belgium....

It is vast - tricky to park but spacious for 5 people in extreme comfort - the old model was good, many people remarked how comfortable the 9-5 was to travel in.

Handles and rides very well.

I like the Turbo 4 - the mid-range surge is there.  I might not miss the 40 horses.

Seats are very, very comfortable.  Dash design not quite as driver focussed as the old model.

Quieter than the OG, but great exhaust note.

Yet to check the economy but I feel it will be much cheaper to run....

Information centre a great tool, especially if driving on the continent....


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