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Welshwizard, do you live in the Chester/Wirral/Mold area? I've seen one matching your description a few times around here.

Actually I'm from the better side of the Clwydians, raised in Ruthin but family now live in Denbigh.

As I only got the car on Saturday it might be possible you saw it in its previous guise (private plates), I drove back to SW London via Wrecsam.

You might have seen Dame Edna occasionally (very, occasionally)

Cheers, WW. I think the one I've seen was on an 11 plate. I presume it's just one car, can't imagine two in such a small area. Seen twice in M&S car park, Cheshire Oaks. (For the southerners out there, it's the biggest M&S after Marble Arch. Whether that's a good thing, I'll leave that to you to decide!)


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