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2011 Saab 9-5 starting issues and loss of power


Hello everyone
I know I am new to the forum and as yet a little unsure on how it all works but I am trying to find some information about two problems I am having with my 9-5 diesel 1.9 ttdi Areo.  The car has 45k on the clock.

A month ago I it lost power for a few minutes on the motorway reducing speed from 70miles to 60 miles before kicking back in.  It came with the message 'service soon' on the dash although it had only done 5000 miles since the last service.  Saabtech Stevenage said the computer was full of warnings and errors so they cleared it down and said to come back next time it happened.   
Last week and a little over a month since the last incident it happened again but this time without the message so I called and they are looking at it tomorrow.

However - on the same day it lost power it also would not start.
I had driven into London, parked the car but on returning to the vehicle and pressing the start button the car simply made a clicking sound and failed to burst into life.  It was 10 times of locking and unlocking in and out of the vehicle in and our of gear before it burst into life.  Now since then every day is the same, it may start instantly or take 6 to 10 attempts.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance!

Max Headroom:
Hello Rdstretch and a BIG welcome to the forum.  8)

Sorry to hear of the bother you hare having.
Unfortunately I'm not qualified to help in this instance, but I'm sure someone will be along very soon with some good suggestions!

Not a direct and therefore very helpful answer but if it's with Saabtech Welwyn (note, no longer in Stevenage, so don't go to the old location) tomorrow you can relax, so far as you can. They are top notch.

Hot start problems are sometimes the crankshaft position sensor, but you can be confident they'll sort things out.

Saabtech have a good reputation.

Unlikely to be just the CPS, if it's the CPS at all, that doesn't prevent the engine turning over. 

Yes you are right of course its Welwyn, force of habit and I agree they are good.
I read a blog on this site somewhere that suggested the ECG? dumping waste?.
Anyway its been a few days now and they are waiting for feedback from higher up the chain but I would like to thank you for the feedback so far.


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