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2010 Aero Turbo4 manual


Was very kindly left the keys to this when my car was picked up for repairs this morning.
Having driven the Insignia I can definitely notice the similarities. I quite like the Insignias but very much liked this  :thumbsup:
Think it's had a stage 1, feels like it but it's an unknown. I really like the 6 speed box, has a very nice feel to it and it's very quick off the line. I assume its the same gearbox used in the Insignia? Also loved the handling. Didn't go too silly with it but when I'd start to feel the back end get a little loose on my Edna, this thing just seemed to dig in and pull you round the corner. Such a dam shame there's not a few estates floating around I'd have one in a flash..

Similar to mine, but that looks as though it has the lighter interior trim - mine is all grey/black.

Better can than the Insignia, far more spacious....  although the bits you don't see are pure GM/Insignia/LaCrosse so the gremlins that affect Insignia Turbos affect the Turbo4.


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