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Which ones to consider?

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Steve McF:
The NG 9-5 intigues me, and I have this nagging feeling that I'd like one one day. But, heart says petrol and head says diesel.

There are far far more diesels being advertised than petrols, so I wondered what would represent a good buy from a running cost, reliability, and value perspective.

I don't do many miles a year, so a diesel with DPF sounds a risky option, but there are so many about...... I've also heard that the petrols have their own problems.

I bought my last two Saabs from Mark Arnold in Gloucestershire (he's retired now...).  He had been selling Saabs for many years.  He told me that he stopped selling 2.0 petrol NG9-5 because of the timing chain issue.  The V6 is OK though.  There's also a 1.6 petrol turbo, but I've never seen one.


I did look at buying one back when they were fairly young, but the width put me off.  We have several 6'-6" wide width restrictions around here, and the NG9-5 is 6'-11" wide, with the door mirrors out.

Steve McF:
I think the 1.6T has higher road tax than the diesels!!!

I think I'd be looking at

1.  TTid Aero (2wd)  190bhp
2.  V6 Aero  280bhp? (auto only)
3.  2.0T Aero  220bhp


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