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Which ones to consider?

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By far the most common variant in the UK is the 160PS TiD Vector SE model.

The one that was initially panned by the press, later ones with the 18" wheels were improved.

2.0T and 2.8 have reported chain issues that can apparently go from anywhere between 30K and 120K - I am at 70k know and when I ask the dealers to check mine at service I get told 'within normal parameters'!

One thing to be aware of is that although Aeros are the 'higher' trim level (V6 available only on Aero,  but no TiD) there are plenty of poverty spec Aeros around and plenty of well-equipped Vectors on the road.  You will see Vectors with Navigation and HUD plus other stuff, and Aeros with Green screen and no HUD.  Audio varies - mine does not have DAB or the HK gubbins so sound is inferior to the HK equipped OG 9-5s.  Standard navigation is forgetful and defaults to Belgium, there is a software fix but dealers are reluctant to install it...

In terms of looks the Aero is better looking with the 19" wheels and trapezoidal exposed exhaust tips... opinion varies on Turbines or Edge style alloys.

If you have an NG 9-5 itch I suggest you scratch it, personally I'd get an Aero with any of the engine options - if TTiD/Turbo4 get the FWD to avoid issues with the Haldex XWD system.

Steve McF:
the other thing of course was whether a lower spec car can be upspecced with bits from other breaker cars??

interiors, yes.  Bumpers from Aeros onto Vectors - tricky as Aeros were rarer.  In terms of wheels, the 17" Blades are common, Carves and Turbines rare, and the Edges rare and pricey due to their desirability.

I think when you have the parts it's easier to replace than the 2003-2007 9-3.

This is why an NG 9-5 is not practical around here. 

This one is between me and the Yellow Box store when I keep all the stuff I never use - and pay far more than it's worth to keep it there... :o   

I have to fold the wing mirrors in in the current 9-5.  It doesn't stop anything, the big stuff just drives through the bus only lane in the middle.

Steve McF:
Shame you can't see exactly what the cars are hitting.


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