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Infotainment System Will Not Eject CD.



Can anyone assist with the following issue Iím having with my 2011 Saab 9-5 NG Aero.

When I start the car, the green light next the CD slot constantly flashes advising there is a CD inserted in to the CD. When I press the eject button, a message displays saying ĎNo CD Insertedí. When I press and hold the button still nothing happens.
I have tried inserting a different CD into the slot but it will not go in due the CD that is already in the unit.
Can any one advise what is the best way to remove the stuck CD from the device.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

I've not had any experience with the NG 9-5, but I've had CD failures on two other Saabs, a 2003 9-3 and my current 2007 OG 9-5.  In both cases I found the only way was to remove the unit. I got the CDs out, but on testing both, one CD was a copy with a thick label on it, and after getting it clear it was OK afterwards. The other one had an internal failure and the whole unit was replaced with an aftermarket unit. I could have got a new unit from Saab, but the price for an identical, outdated head unit, was many times the price of a modern head unit wit more facilities. A repair was available but the CD/DVD bit on it's own was the same price as a new unit,

I don't know if the head unit in the NG9-5 can be replaced without compromising the car controls. I believe it's similar to the Vauxhall Insignia.  Is there anyone on a Vauxhall/Opel forum who has sorted this?

Thank you sgould,

I have had a look on many Vauxhall Insignia forums and Facebook pages but no information seems to come up with the issue Iím having.
Other Saab Forums Iíve asked the question on have also drawn a blank information wise.
I wouldn't think Iím the first person to suffer this issue.

Best regards.

Taking the radio head unit out seems to be quite involved.  But similar to the older 9-5, which I've done a few times.  Mostly levering up and undoing a few screws.  Best advice is to put a towel in any holes to catch things you may drop!! :o

I looked at the workshop manual and it says "1. Remove upper trim panel and instrument the driver information display".

Go to that and it says "1. Remove lower instrument panel and switches".

Go that and it says "1. Remove trim from centre console.

Once you get in the radio is held by 4 bolts.

Ok, thank you.
Looks like a strip down will be in order.


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