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2010 Saab 95 td vector loss of power whilst driving


Hello, I am new to this forum and would like some help if possible. I bought the new shape 2010 Saab 95 Vector diesel last week and was absolutely delighted with it until this morning. I was driving along with no problems when suddenly the exhaust made a quiet burp and I felt an immediate loss of power and the car became sluggish. I nursed it to the side of the road and saw the service car soon green warning light on. I also noticed at stand still the car would not rev past 3500 rpm. I have had the car towed to my local garage but he can't have a look at it until next week. Any advice on what the problem may be would be greatly appreciated. It was only serviced two weeks ago with new oil and filter and no issues. I adore the car and desperately want it to be able to be fixed. Help!

Welcome! :)

Sounds, just like my problem this morning, although I have a petrol engine.   In my case the main inlet pipe popped off.  I hadn't tightened it enough after some work a week or so back.   Check the inlet pipework.  If you see black smoke from the exhaust, it's almost certain it's an inlet air leak.  Worst case is a split intercooler.  it happens though.

Certainly sounds like a split in an hose or intercooler.


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