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Announcements & Events / Lunch meet - Ace Cafe Sat 8th October 11am -4pm
« on: 22 September 2022, 11:33:42 AM »
Beds, Bucks, Herts Group have arranged a lunchtime meet at the Ace Cafe, North Circular Road, London. NW10 7UD

Saturday 8th October from 11am.

A few odd bits that are surplus to requirements after I removed the Saab Delphi/Grundig sat nav head unit.
Replaced it with a Pioneer unit that links with Apple CarPlay to the mobile phone.

All parts working before removal last week.

All available for collection -Watford area, Hertfordshire. Or posted.

A GPS sharkfin.  Some slight cracking if the rubber near the bottom. £25 posted to UK address.

A Saab UHP module for adding Bluetooth to a later 9-3 from around 2007.  £75 posted to UK.

A Brodit phone holder and mounting bracket. Fits to driverís Side A-pillar. £22 posted to UK.

There is also the old satnav headunit.  It no longer works consistently. Well, mostly broken.  Free to collect.  I wonít post this. Itís a heavy lump.

Announcements & Events / Saab Meet and spares day. Sat 10th, Warwick.
« on: 03 September 2022, 11:21:24 AM »
Saab Owners Club Meet & Spares day at Hatton Country World, Dark Lane, Warwick.  This Saturday.  Open to all. Entry free to SOC members.

10.00am to 4.30pm

We are down on the Mosel for IntSaab2022 and came across this fairly new motor museum

Mostly Opel/Audi/Mercedes but also several Borgward and some oddities.  There was a Volkswagen K70 which I had never heard of.  it apparently overlapper the 411/412 and the Passat, but started out as a NSU...

I changed the 235/45 18 winter tyres and wheels on the Carlsson yesterday for the summer tyres and wheels.

The tread on the winter tyres is breaking up about an inch in form the outer edge.  Front tyres only.  Looks like some sort of delamination and or melting, as some block seem to be solid with no sipes.

Any ideas?

I polished the car this week and when I got to the front of the roof, I found that the rubber seal at the top of the windscreen has gone brittle and broken up.  A new seal is available, but it's another of those Saab/Orio parts which have been priced on their own planet.  A length of rubber moulding a bit over 1 metre long and they want over £50 for it.  I despair.

I left some white polish on the rubber to highlight the issue, as shown in the picture.

Does anyone know if the rubber seal can be replaced with the windscreen in place? 

if not, there is a chip in the screen which is just the right side of legal, but it would be worth replacing the screen and paying the surcharge rather than just getting the strip.  As long as a ne screen comes with a new seal at the top.  Can anyone confirm this?

As a comparison I looked on the Woolies Trim site and found something similar at £4.50/metre.

I know it's not a weather seal, but it's looking untidy.  SWMBO said "I'm not paying £50 quid for a bit of rubber. Can't you fill it with silicone seal?"

I posted this on the other forum to ask for comments and to get some direct views this afternoon at Swedish Day.  Comments were mixed.  What do you lot think.

Four year old Nokian summer tyres 225/40 18 92Y XL with cracks in the rubber between each tread block on all shoulders an all four wheels.  I don't know how long the cracks have been there, it's an age since I cleaned the wheels and got that close!!

Car will be on the autobahn on the way to Sweden in four weeks...

Meet at the Three Horseshoes pub at Norton, Letchworth, Herts. SG6 1AG

Meet Saturday 9th April at 12 noon for a drink or lunch.

For a while now my 2007 9-5 Hirsched Aero estate has taken several seconds of cranking to start.  The time it takes seems to get longer the more the car stands.  if I take it out to go shopping, etc. it will start up immediately on my return.   If the car has stood for a day, it might take three or four seconds to start.  I started it this morning and it hasn't been used since Thursday and it turned over for nearly 10 seconds before starting.

This has been going on since, at least, last summer.  The car is not being used a lot, but has done two or three long journeys with no apparent problem.

The battery voltage is good.  The charging voltage is good.  My battery tester says that the battery is "good".

Three or four weeks ago I changed the CPS, which has made no difference.

I suspected that fuelling was the issue.  This afternoon I put a pressure gauge on the fuel rail and bled the system.  On ignition turn on it went to 2.5 bar, and dropped back to 2.2 bar after a few seconds.  On starting the car it went to 3 bar, then there was a buzzing noise and the pressure dropped back to 2.2 bar.  Revving the car took it back up to 3 bar.  Turning it off it fell back to 2.2 bar. Leaving it connected and idle for 20 mins showed it still around the 2.2 bar.

I don't know what characteristics the system should have, and WIS has a procedure with Tech2 and vacuum pumps, which looks a bit complicated.  But the starting delay made me think that fuel was draining back and taking a long time to recover, but it doesn't seem like that.

The slightly more worrying issue is that I have a Hirsch tune.  That should have a 3.5 bar fuel pressure relief valve.  I'm wondering if that was actually fitted?  I don't think it has anything to do with the starting problem because the pressure at 3 bar is virtually instantaneous when the engine starts.

Anyone any thoughts?

Next weekend, so short notice...

Beds Bucks Herts group will be meeting at the Royston Heath Cafe, Royston, Herts SG8 5BG, at 12 noon on Saturday 12th February for a lunchtime meeting.

Beds Bucks Herts group meeting.  All welcome.

Ace Cafe, London NW10.
Sat 19th March at 11.00am for lunch.

Car went into the garage today and once on the lift, it was clear that the seal on the rear LH drive shaft had failed.

Plan is to remove and inspect the seal.  if it's cracked it will be replaced.  If there are signs of damage, the diff will be removed and repaired.

And the fuel tank needs some rust treatment.

The Carlsson has an oil leak from the back axle.  It's sitting in the garden, and hasn't moved for a week.  This evening I had occasion to go down to the garden shed, and I thought that it had been raining.  But it hadn't. the rear window had shattered! :(  There's a small hole in the top corner.  I can only think that a bird dropped a stone. But I'll have a look around when it's daylight and see it there's a missile.

The next meeting is over lunch at the Ace Cafe, North Circular Road, London NW10.

Meet from 11am to mid-afternoon. Saturday 15th January 2022

We usually get 15 to 20 cars, but it's a bit weather dependent.

The Beds Bucks & Herts Group are holding their November meet this Saturday 13th. Meeting at 10.30 am for a late breakfast/early lunch. Usually staying until early afternoon, or even tea!!

Venue is Jacks Hill Cafe on the A5 at Towcester, Northants. NN12 8ET. This is on the left a few hundred yards north of the A43 roundabout.

All Welcome!

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