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 It sure.  But if itís a backfire, on an injection engine, it could be a leaky/ sticking inlet valve.

My auto box is still OK at the moment.  Where did you get the work done? Was it the guys in Aylesbury that I approached years ago when the old car started to get jerky?

Announcements & Events / Lunch meet - Ace Cafe Sat 8th October 11am -4pm
« on: 22 September 2022, 11:33:42 AM »
Beds, Bucks, Herts Group have arranged a lunchtime meet at the Ace Cafe, North Circular Road, London. NW10 7UD

Saturday 8th October from 11am.

A few odd bits that are surplus to requirements after I removed the Saab Delphi/Grundig sat nav head unit.
Replaced it with a Pioneer unit that links with Apple CarPlay to the mobile phone.

All parts working before removal last week.

All available for collection -Watford area, Hertfordshire. Or posted.

A GPS sharkfin.  Some slight cracking if the rubber near the bottom. £25 posted to UK address.

A Saab UHP module for adding Bluetooth to a later 9-3 from around 2007.  £75 posted to UK.

A Brodit phone holder and mounting bracket. Fits to driverís Side A-pillar. £22 posted to UK.

There is also the old satnav headunit.  It no longer works consistently. Well, mostly broken.  Free to collect.  I wonít post this. Itís a heavy lump.

I did the 9-3 headlamps on the old 9-3 and I got some UV lacquer from www.paint4u.

Something like this, but a different makeas it was some years ago

The lights were still OK for the three or four years we had it until it was sold..

There's also a camshaft sensor on a diesel, but i have no info about that, sorry!

This week I have been installing a new Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB digital radio with Apple CarPlay.  I have also installed a rear view camera.  A trial fit today shows itís all working. :)

All thatís left to do is to tidy the wiring and replace the trim that was removed to fit the new DAB sharkfin and run the wires from the rear camera to the head unitÖ

The installation harnesses from have worked perfectly.  Steering wheel controls all work!

Welcome! :í

I havenít any hands on experience with the modern diesels, but the hot start problem in a petrol Saab is almost always the crankshaft position sensor.. The only check that you can do on a CPS is to check the resistance.  On the Diesel engine is should be 860 ohms, but this varies a bit with temperature.

On the petrol the allowable resistance is 770 - 950 ohms. So it must be similar to the petrol one.   There are 3 pins in the connector.  Onli two should show a resistance across them.  The third pin is a connection to the screen in the cable.

 Unfortunately, since the resistance varies with temperature and the engine can get quite hot, itís not always possible to do the check with 100% certainty, but if itís quite high, it could be a sign of failure as they seem to fail with the resistance increasing.

The other pointer to the CPS being at fault is that the engine management will not wake up and store failure codes if it gets no signal from the CPS.  So tha fact you have no codes, could point  to the CPS as well.

The only certain check is to replace the CPS and try it.

Hereís the plan for the jacking points from the Saab Workshop Manual

I use A mostly, and the normal points at C

Iíve never trusted the rear floor pan.  But I frequently use the centre front

I generally jack the front in the centre of the cross member, just at the rear of the black plastic undertray.  Thereís a semi-circular cut out in the plastic.

At the rear, tha manual says that you can use the back corners of the floor next to the spare wheel well. One each side, not the middle.

Announcements & Events / Saab Meet and spares day. Sat 10th, Warwick.
« on: 03 September 2022, 11:21:24 AM »
Saab Owners Club Meet & Spares day at Hatton Country World, Dark Lane, Warwick.  This Saturday.  Open to all. Entry free to SOC members.

10.00am to 4.30pm

Itís done on Tech 2.  I donít know if it needs security access.  I havenít sorted that out yet :(

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Noisy tappets - how bad can it be ?
« on: 01 September 2022, 09:37:12 AM »
The Carlsson came with Pirelli from the factory, and had been replaced by the same, but they are quite expensive. The last change, I went for Avon ZV7.  The first outing was to a skid pan and they performed well. They have been on several autobahns since with no problems.

On the 9-5 I have had some Michelin Primacy, they were good but pricey, and got very noisy when over half worn.  I tried Nokian summer tyres on two occasions, as their winter tyres are good. Their summer ones are grippy but started to crack.  The Hankook Evo were fine. So weíre the Goodyear Assymetric.  But I have decided that Iím too old to change a set of summer/winter wheels twice a year, so I have now got some Goodyear Vector 4 seasons.  They look similar to Michelin Cross Climate, but they were a good price at Costco. They took us to Sweden in June, 4 up with luggage, quite impressed.

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