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Announcements & Events / Re: Lunch meet - Ace Cafe Sat 8th October 11am -4pm
« Last post by welshwizard on 29 September 2022, 04:53:26 PM »
Lunch at the ace cafe - hmmm fry up and milk-shake.... might be up for this.
Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / Re: What I Did To My Saab Today.
« Last post by sgould on 28 September 2022, 12:20:38 PM »
No, not them, I found they were a bit unhelpful last time I spoke to them. I found another firm in Aylesbury, AJ Automatics. Top bloke, really knows his stuff.
 It sure.  But if itís a backfire, on an injection engine, it could be a leaky/ sticking inlet valve.
Back to this again - car is due a service, but a couple of months back I did try swapping coil packs with some other ones I had got from a breakers. I thought that by changing one or two, the idle had smoothed out a bit (tend to get some idle vibration in the car, and also still have the fluctuating idle issue which may be related to the a/c compressor, which is working but getting noisy).

However, the other day, manoeuvring the car into the garage and getting out to check how far away I was from the stuff behind, I heard the sort of popping noise coming and going again. The engine speed fluctuates a bit, and as it is doing so, there is a pop noise coming back through the air intake and into the air filter box. Not very loud, but noticeable.

I've had the car almost 5 years now, and no one has ever diagnosed what this is, and it doesn't seem to adversely affect the every day running of the car, or show up on Tech2. So I'm still baffled!!!!!!

Any ideas?
A few weeks back I fitted an new driver's side wing mirror glass, as the one fitted seemed to be a poor quality replacement. The heated aspect of that mirror never worked, although the passenger side one does work. When I took the old mirror off, the wires to the heating element were not connected.

So I was hoping, with the new mirror glass and wires connected, the heated mirror would work. First day when there was some condensation/mist on both mirrors, I tried the demist. PAssenger side cleared, but drivers did not, and didn't seem to have warmed up at all.

Given that one side is working and the other isn't, I would guess it isn't a fuse issue, is it? Or would both operate via different fuses?

And if it isn't a blown fuse, what else might it bee? Poor/dirty wiring connection? Break in the wiring?
Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / Re: What I Did To My Saab Today.
« Last post by sgould on 27 September 2022, 08:52:16 AM »
My auto box is still OK at the moment.  Where did you get the work done? Was it the guys in Aylesbury that I approached years ago when the old car started to get jerky?
Picked the car up after having taken the plunge and gone for a full autobox rebuild. It had been driving badly for some time now, suffering the SLU fault (getting quite difficult to drive without triggering it) and the fluid was clearly contaminated with friction material.

Cost- a lot. As much as buying a replacement car BUT I'd then be buying an unknown. At least with mine I know what any issues are.

Took the plunge and got some black Saab centre caps with the Saab logo. Then the seller offered me a set of Black NEVS Saab ventre caps for a I got them too!!!

Not yet fitted any of them as the wheels need more cleaning first!
Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / Re: headlamp restoration
« Last post by ScarbSaab on 22 September 2022, 12:01:13 PM »
I redid my headlights in April 2021. I can't remember how long ago the garage did them because they were cloudy, but I have repolished them a couple of time in between, with limited success with the UV protection. This time I found a 3M UV coating.

So far it seems good. The lenses were still slightly yellowed after polishing - I daren't sand it too much! However it doesn't seem to have gotten worse in 17 months and they aren't clouding. I have avoided the pressure washer spraying on the headlights since last year as I heard that can damage the coating and may have reduced the effectiveness of previous attempts.

I'm intrigued by the UV spray lacquer - didn't find that in searches last year.
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