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It's a relief that it's done.  But the builder was really very good.  I have some construction experience and I would put together a snagging list from time to time, only to find that the boys had already fixed most of them already.

Job came in in good time and a touch under budget.  We did use up the contingency, but that was all work agreed beforehand and not due to claims for "unforeseen events".  Overall not as stressful as expected.   We ad scaffold up and a new roof in five weeks, then the garage replacement and the somewhat unexpected need for a new flat roof, not just a re-felting.

No plans to do any more work like this anytime soon, but I'd been happy to use these guys again. :)
Portaloo gone.  Job done!!

Waved the builders off this afternoon!! :)

Time for a glass of something :D

Congratulations :-)

We have a water tight roof (membrane) with 3 rows of tiles at top and 3 columns around both hips
Facia and soffits on too.

Capping tiles due on Monday and in fill the rest of the roof tiles.
Portaloo gone.  Job done!!

Waved the builders off this afternoon!! :)

Time for a glass of something :D
Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Misfire - cold start
« Last post by carrera on 21 February 2019, 11:35:12 PM »
Forte fuel treatment is decent stuff............ branded is probably better than repackaged OEM distributor with a badge tax.
Well this morning I was surprised to feel heat coming from the vents when the climate was set to 25 deg C. I toggled through the SiD to find the outside temp display working again and showing 10 degrees!!!

Don't you just love intermittent faults!!!

When I put the car in to have the chain tensioners looked at I might just get them to look at some of this silly sort of stuff as well.!!!
Building Control e-mailed the Completion Certificate to me this afternoon.  :)

The whole job is now complete inside and the house handed back to us!

The only work now is refitting the railings to the flat roof.  That might be more difficult than we planned. :(
Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Mysterious noise
« Last post by collywobble on 20 February 2019, 05:20:48 PM »
A friend came round to see me today and I started the car up to let him listen to it as he is very practical and installs and services sewage treatment plants for a living. He said that the noise on start up is the water pump - only lasts for less than a minute.  Does this mean that it's on the way out ?  Having looked at WIS the replacement method is incredibly complicated and involves raising the engine and dismantling the suspension and driveshaft on that side.

Anyone know an easier way?
I have now received suggestions from my family that the new room should be left empty apart from a skittle alley!! ::)
I was truly shocked Geoff but when you look at the 8% interest they add since account was closed it really does add up.

I thought it might simply be something for nothing but wow - the shock was big and I quickly cleared my current card balance (not much but worthwhile). My eldest is now a mortgage adviser at RBS and he had a bad time when in his late teens early 20's with bank loans, cards and the like. Life changed dramatically when he met his finacee at 27 years old and his lift turned a massive corner and he's now doing well. He's now doing the same with Allay checking Santander etc and so far it's looking quite a decent sum for him!!

I do know there is a website called I think Resolver that gives free advice for people to do claims themselves but you have to have time for that which I didn't - first time in my life something actually worked!! New all season tyres on the X Trail to start with!
Blimey, Jim.
I'm always ready to be proved wrong.

A couple of decades back I was a lending manager with a big High St bank. My reluctance to push PPI with loans was one of the reasons I missed my sales targets. I never regretted acting in my customers' interests on the many occasions when PPI was not going to be a worthwhile benefit. But I had many cases when it was definitely the right thing for the customer.
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