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To interrupt the tumbleweeds ... I saw this yesterday:

I don't think I've seen one outside of publicity photographs. I saw a 9-2 when we were in Virginia two years ago.  And I've sat in a 9-3X and 9-4X.

I don't think they look too bad for a big 4x4. What were they based on?

[I know this thread is a year old!  :o ;D    ]

No idea, but it's a bit of a bloated if you ask me!   Reminds me of most American wagons I see over there.....yuk!   

Max Headroom:
I think it was one of those sat outside the newly defunct SAAB / Geely dealership in Bahrain, when I paid them a visit.

It didn't look too inspiring I have to say.  :-\


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