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Max Headroom:

I've had a long hard think before making this decision, but it boils down to space needed for shelving in my ever cramped workshop.
I have regretfully decided to part company with my beloved SAAB dealership sign which adorns the rear wall of my shed.

This sign was rescued from the Hull dealership when they closed, and cost me an arm and a leg to buy at the time.
It has it's original bulb holders, all in good condition to which I have fitted new tubes.
For fun, I wrapped a Magenta filter around the tubes, but this can be removed or an alternative colour gel applied.

The idea to sell this was borne out of seeing an identical sign not in such good condition, and with no history (at least I know where mine came from!) sell at last years Beaulieu International auto-jumble for the princely sum of 900  :o :o :o

I want to offer it here first, before chancing it on eBay or this years Beaulieu autojumble. This is a BIG sign measuring approximately  7' 6" x 2' 4"

Buyer will need to organise collection or arrange a courier
I'm prepared to spend time and pack it really well in preparation for transportation.

I will be putting this on eBay in mid May


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