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Any recommend a polisher?

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Steve McF:
With the lockdown and good weather, the fleet is sitting on the driveway crying out for washing and polishing!!!

I was thinking of looking at a car polisher machine, and there are some simple ones from Halfords for as little at 15, to other ones that look like angle grinders for nearer 100 or more.

Does anyone have any recommendations for such things?

I bought one a few years ago.  I tried it, and made a complete hash of the polishing.  Lots of hand polishing later and the swirly marks are almost gone!! :o

There's a website called Detailing World that has lots of advice, but it may be aimed more at the dedicated... :)

No recommendations, other than you need a dual action polisher, not a simple rotary.

Good pads and polishy type stuff help a lot

You might decide that with all the splatter that comes from using water to cool down the paint it's all rather hard work.

Steve McF:
I suspect that the old manual method of using wax on, and wipe off with a polishing cloth may just have to continue ;)

I forgot about the splatter... and pressure washing the drive afterwards!! :(


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