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Picked the car up this afternoon, and after a 2 ½ hour drive on the M25 (it was only an hour going down...) I am home.  All work done except the clock spring that was sent without the adaption piece.  That will be done while I wait,  in a few days time, when I'm down that way.

But the steering wheel vibration is cured.  Four new engine mounts.  The gearbox mount was split and the top mount on the driver's side had completely collapsed. The rest was routine service, fluid changes, exhaust flexy & MOT.  The flexy was outsourced to a local classic car restorer who routinely welds stainless.

Saab 9000 (1984-1998) / Re: New 9000 acquisition
« on: 01 December 2023, 07:14:21 PM »
It culminates in the combination of maintaining interior space and increasing crash protection, which results in behemoth 4x4s that can't get through the narrow entrance to their "gated community" and the wider "tradesmens' entrance" is now permanently open :D

Saab 9000 (1984-1998) / Re: New 9000 acquisition
« on: 30 November 2023, 09:44:14 PM »
Interior size reduction is ongoing.  It's mostly due to the increase in requirements for crash protection, especially side impact.  Our 9-3 is a bit cramped inside compared with the 9-5, but it almost the same size as the 9-5 outside.  Virtually the same width and only 150mm shorter.

Don't forget that I have a 3 inch Hirsch exhaust.  But Joe reckoned that the engine movement was too much and contributed to the flexy failure.  It's stainless, but has a slight fatigue crack.   The sump was cleaned out 20,000 miles ago and was almost spotless then.  I hadn't thought about the oil pump, but the light goes out instantly

Just spoken to the garage.  My car is in bits... :o

They will have it for another day at least as they have parts on order.

Plan is:

New thermostat and coolant.
New crankshaft oil seal.  Sump currently off.
New exhaust flexy welded in today.  Probably failed because of...
... failed engine mounts.  One really bad, the others are "looking a bit soft".  All being changed when parts arrive.
Also awaiting a new clock spring for the airbag.

Then fingers crossed for the MOT.

I got lucky. When the car boiled in France in July I filled with plain water, and it got us home.  I planned to renew the antifreeze when I changed the thermostat but family matters got in the way and it wasn’t done.  I bought an antifreeze tester which showed it was OK to -10°C.  We were away over the weekend in balmy Devon.  Fortunately the temperature only went down to -6°C while we were away.  It will all be sorted at the garage tomorrow.

I will be driving down to Joe's tomorrow for the service and MOT, etc.  He's also got to look at the airbag.  I'm sure it's the clock spring now.  The resistance of the driver's side varies as you turn the wheel, but the other codes still exist suggesting a broken wire or rusty earth.

It was far too cold today to sit outside and play with the Tech2, so I'm not sure if my short driver through Watford and back has caused any misfires.  I may have time in the morning to look before I drive to the garage.

That's messy.  I had a bad leak on the heater in the Carlsson a couple of years back.  Fortunately the workshop manual was written for LHD and the nightmare I was expecting did not materialise.

When the Carlsson started running very roughly a while back, looked at misfires and cylinders 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 had misfires between 300 & 600.  Cylinder 5 was at 17,500.  So I pinpointed the cause of the rough running!! :)

On the 9-5 this week the Knock Count, at the top of the picture above, and all under 20; so again, nothing pointing at a particular cylinder or rough running.

The only resaon I queried it is that I'm certain that there were misfire counts in the past. 

Not that misfires are a worry, I just look from time to time to see if one cylinder is wildly different from the others.  Misfires are normal and are registered on overrun when there is spark, but no fuel being injected.

I have no codes at all on the engine, just the airbag ones at the moment.

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Zero misfires? Surely that's not right?
« on: 24 November 2023, 08:30:45 PM »
I was preparing for the service & MOT next week, and connected the Tech2 to further investigate the airbag issue.  So, while it was connected I ran through some other bits as the engine is vibrating on tickover and a bit above.

The Tech2 is reporting absolutely no misfires.  None at all.  Which is, to my mind, not right as misfires are normal.  I'm suspecting a DI or ECU fault.  Any thoughts?

Not sure about the Museum Festival this year. It may be a bridge or three too far.  We went  last year, but we had four people, all drivers, in the 9-5.  That isn’t an option this time. If I go, I may fly.  But it will be June and probably above -37…

When we took the Carlsson four years ago, we were accosted in the street and waved down by people who had only heard of them.  There was also Isak who had built his own LHD version in Sweden from a V6 Aero XWD.

In the daylight today, I thought that is would be remiss to not check the antifreeze in the Carlsson.  It's fine.  The tester says it's good to -37ºC.

I've used it on different things.  The last thing I did was to stick loose plastic Saab emblems back onto plastic base on the wheel centre caps.  I've found it better than Araldite epoxy on some other stuff, although my epoxy might be past its best as I've had it a long time.

If really desperate< I have a low-rise  oil heater somewhere! :D   It might need a new wick and a fill of oil.  I wouldn't use it indoors though...

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