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Glossary of Saab Terms
« on: 27 June 2011, 12:02:32 AM »

Either carburetted, fuel-injected or turbocharged.  Turbo engines come in three broad flavours:

LPT – Low Pressure Turbo.  Mild turbocharging, designed to give a broad spread of torque with minimal lag and smooth power delivery.  Boost pressure of up to 0.45bar / 6.5psi
FPT – Full Pressure Turbo.  More serious turbocharging, upping bhp and torque significantly.  Generally using a larger turbocharger than LPT models.  Boost pressure of 0.8bar / 11.5psi and above
HOT – High Output Turbo.  Serious turbocharging for performance (Aero and Viggen) models.
N/A, n/a - normally aspirated.  i.e a non-turbocharged engine.

As a general rule, engine designations follow the format ‘Bxyz’ followed by a letter.  x and y denote engine capacity.  z was initially used to refer to the number of auxiliary shafts, but on later engines is more of an indication of the evolution of the engine.  The final letter denotes the type of induction used.  So:

B201 – 2.0litre (1985cc), 4-cylinder with sohc (99, 90, C900)
B202 - 2.0litre, 4-cylinder engine with dohc (C900, early 9000, early GM900?)
B204 - 2.0litre, 4-cylinder engine with dohc and twin balancer shafts (9000, GM900, 9-3)
B234 - 2.3litre, 4-cylinder engine with dohc and twin balancer shafts (9000, GM900, 9-3)
B205 - 2.0litre, 4-cylinder engine with dohc and twin balancer shafts (9-5)
B235 - 2.3litre, 4-cylinder engine with dohc and twin balancer shafts (9-5, 9-3 Viggen only)

Suffix letters denote type of induction, forced or otherwise.  As a rough guide:

B20 - 2.0 8v, carburettor
B201C – 2.0 8v, carburettor (99, 90, C900)
B201I -  2.0 8v, fuel injection (99LE, 90, C900i)
B201S – 2.0 8v, turbo, 145bhp (C900 T8) ?

B202I – 2.0 16v, fuel injection, 115bhp (C900i, 9000i)
B202S – 2.0 LPT, 150bhp (C900 LPT)
B202L – 2.0 FPT, 175 / 185 bhp (C900 T16)
B202R – 2.0 FPT, 204bhp (9000 Carlsson)

B204I – 2.0 16v fuel injection, 130bhp (9000, GM900, 9-3)
B204L – 2.0 FPT, 185bhp (9000, GM900, 9-3)
B204E – 2.0 LPT with intercooler, 150 / 154bhp (9000, 9-3)
B204S – 2.0 LPT without intercooler, 150bhp (9000 to MY96)
B204R – 2.0 HOT, 200bhp (9-3 Sport only)

B205E – 2.0 LPT, 150bhp (9-5) – NB 190bhp with Saab tuning kit
B205F – 2.0 FPT, 190bhp (9-5, certain markets only)
B205L – 2.0 FPT, 185bhp (9-3)
B205R – 2.0 HOT, 205bhp (9-3 Aero)

B207 – The ‘new’, GM-sourced 4cyl 1998cc DOHC engine found in the 9-3SS.
B207I – 2.0 16v fuel injection, 122bhp (9-3SS 1.8i)
B207E – 2.0 LPT, 150bhp (9-3SS 1.8t)
B207L – 2.0 FPT, 175bhp (9-3SS 2.0t)
B207R – 2.0 HOT, 210bhp (9-3SS Aero)

B212I – 2.1l 16v, 140hp fuel injection (C900i, certain markets only)

D223L – 2.2 Turbodiesel, 115 or 125bhp (9-3, 9-5)

B234I – 2.3 16v fuel injection, 150bhp (9000, GM900, 9-3)
B234E – 2.3 LPT, 175bhp with intercooler (9000)
B234L – 2.3 FPT, 200bhp (9000)
B234R – 2.3 HOT, 225bhp (9000 Aero)

B235E – 2.3 LPT, 175 / 185bhp (9-5)
B235L – 2.3 FPT, 220bhp (9-5)
B235R – 2.3 HOT, 230 / 250bhp (9-3 Viggen, 9-5 Aero)

B258I – 2.5 V6 24v, fuel injection (GM900)

B284E – 2.8 V6, 230hp (9-3SS)
B284L – 2.8 V6, 250hp (9-3SS)
B284R - 2.8 V6, 280hp (9-3SS - TurboX & Carlsson)

B308I – 3.0 V6 24v, fuel injection (9000)
B308E – 3.0 V6 LPT (9-5)

D308L - 3.0 V6 diesel (9-5)

Z18 – 1.8 non-turbo, 122hp (9-3SS 1.8i)

Z19DT – 1.9 8 valve turbo-diesel, 120hp (9-3SS)
Z19DTH – 1.9 16 valve turbo diesel, 150 hp (9-3SS, 9-5)
Z19DTR - 1.9 16 valve twin turbo diesel, 130hp 160hp 180hp (9-3SS)

Trionic – SAAB’s proprietary, adaptive engine management system for turbocharged engines.  Controls ignition timing, boost pressure, and pretty much everything else.
Trionic5 - 9000 & 9-3
Trionic7 - 9-3 & 9-5
Trionic8 - 9-3SS

Trionic takes its input from a number of sensors including, depending on which version we’re talking about:

ATS – Air Temperature Sensor
CAS – Crankshaft Angle Sensor
CPS - Crankshaft Position Sensor.  Prone to malfunctioning / needing cleaning on the 9-5
CTS – Coolant Temperature Sensor
ECM – Engine Control Module
ECU – alternative name for the ECM
ISCV – Idle Speed Control Valve.
MAF – Manifold Air Flow Sensor (see also AMM)
MAP – Manifold Absolute Pressure.  Usually with reference to the MAP Sensor
OS – Oxygen Sensor
TLA – Three Letter Acronym
TPS – Throttle Position Sensor.  Potentially troublesome (and expensive) on the 9-5.
VSS – Vehicle Speed Sensor

Other acronyms:

ABS - anti-lock braking system
AC - air conditioning (manual)
ACC - Automatic Climate Control
Aero – Generally denotes the highest performance model in a particular range, eg 9-5 Aero, 9-3 Aero, 9000 Aero.  The exception is the 1991-3 C900 Aero, which was an LPT with an Airflow kit.  Also refers to the classic three-spoke alloy wheel design first seen on the C900 Aero.
Airflow – On the 99 and C900, denotes the bodykit comprising front and rear bumpers and side cladding.  9-3 and 9-5 Airflow models had the Aero bodykit and suspension, but LPT engines.
Anniversary – Last-of-the-line Saab 9000, with unique leather seats and wood/leather steering wheelAIC – Air Idle Control – the ISCV
ALU** - Saab part number for Alloy Wheels eg ALU45
AMM - Air Mass Meter, specifically on cars with Bosch / Lucas fuel injection.  Measures the flow of air in the intake manifold, and passes the signal to the fuel injection ECU.
APC – Automatic Performance Control.  Introduced on the C900 Turbo, the APC uses a knock sensor to detect pre-ignition, and adjusts boost pressure accordingly.  This enables the engine to run on any grade of fuel.  The precursor to Trionic.
APC Solenoid – Electrically-operated valve which allows the APC system to vary turbo boost pressure
Arc – Olde worlde trim level, with wood and leather
AS1 – Audio System ‘Popular’.  Basic level head-unit and four speakers (GM900, 9-3, 9-5)
AS2 – Audio System ‘Premium’.  Mid-range head unit, more speakers on the 9-5 (GM900, 9-3, 9-5)
AS3 – Audio System ‘Prestige’.  Top-level, CD/tape with extra amplifiers and subwoofers, Harman-Kardon on 9-5. (GM900, 9-3, 9-5) (usually optional)
ATA - Anti Theft Alarm

BDC - Bottom Dead Centre, the opposite of TDC
Body in white - manufacturer's term for the body shell prior to painting or the car's structure
BOV - Blow Off Valve.  Atmospheric dump valve, not suitable for use on cars with an AMM
BPV - By Pass Valve. Recirculating dump valve.

C900 - Classic 900, MY79-93
Carlsson – Limited-edition, high performance versions of the C900, 9000 and 9000CS & 2010 9-3SS.  Named after rally-driving ace Erik Carlsson
CBC - Cornering Brake Control
CC – Combi Coupe ‘hatchback’ bodystyle.  First used to identify the 5-door Saab 99.  Can also refer to the pre-1992 Saab 9000 5-door hatchback.
CD – Taken from ‘Corps Diplomatique’ and used to denote luxurious saloon cars.  Saab uses are the 4-door Saab 9000 CD, and the rare stretched 900CD.
CDE – See CD, but with better trim levels (usually leather, wood, body coloured bumpers etc)
CDC – Compact Disc Changer.  Mostly boot-mounted, although also an in-dash option in the 9-3SS.  Also CDC6 and CDC10 – self-explanatory.
CEL - "Check Engine" light. The dashboard light that indicates a failure of the engine emissions control etc.  If it flashes on and off - STOP!!
Combi - Estate car.
Comfort Close - one touch window closing.  Windows in 9-3SS only. Only an option. One touch opening is standard.
CS – Thought to mean ‘Combi Sedan’ – the post-1992 Saab 9000 5-door hatchback.
CSE – See CS, but with better trim levels (usually leather, wood, body coloured bumpers etc)

Dame Edna - 9-5 from 2006 - 2010 with the chrome headlight surrounds.
Denso - The manufacturer of the satnav in the 2005-2010 OG9-5
DI – Direct Ignition, which does away with the need for a conventional distributor.  The DI cassette sits in the cylinder head on top of the spark plugs, with one coil per cylinder.
DICE – Dashboard Integrated Control Electronics.  Controls lighting, heating, wipers etc in the 9-5 and 9-3SS.
Divorce – The reversal of ‘marriage’, using Tech II to remove a CDC from a Tech II-equipped Saab.  Without being ‘divorced’, the changer cannot be used in another car.  Divorce requires the presence of both parties – ie the CDC and the car to which it was originally ‘married’. 
DRL – Daytime Running Lights
DTE - Distance to Empty.  SID setting showing you how far you can drive before you run out of petrol
DLC – Diagnostic Link Connector.  Socket under steering column

EAC - Electronic Accessories Catalogue
EBA - Emergency Brake assist
EBD - Electronic Brake-force Distribution
ECO – Ecopower, Saab’s turbo philosophy.  Initially applied only to LPT engines but now universal
ECU - Electronic Control Unit
EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation.  An emissions-control measure
EGT – Exhaust Gas Temperature
eLSD - Electronic limited slip differential.  Part of the rear axle on the XWD cars.
EPC - Electronic Parts Catalogue
ES1-4 - Basic radio in 9-3SS with 4 speakers
ES1-7 - Ditto 7 speakers
ES2-7 - Middle grade radio 9-3SS 7 speakers
ES2-13 - Ditto 13 speakers
ES3-7 - Top of range radio in 9-3SS often with Sat Nav
ES3-13 - Ditto with 13 speakers
ESP - electronic stability program

Fault Code – a code generated by the ECU, pinpointing a specific fault
FCR – Fault Code Reader.  Used for extracting fault codes from the ECM – Engine Control Module (also called ECU)
ECU – Engine control Unit (also called ECM)
FPR - Fuel Pressure Regulator (see RRFPR)
Freewheel – The system of disengaging the front hubs from the engine during overrun, essential to prevent your two-stroke engine seizing
Fried Egg – The appearance of an orange indicator bulb in a clear light cluster

Gary Fisher - US only model of 9-5 with the "3 spoke quad" wheels - ALU41.
GM - General Motors
GM900 - 900 MY94-97.  Also NG (Next Generation) 900
GPS - Global Positioning System
Griffin – top-of-the-range in terms of luxury, all the toys you can think of coupled with a V6 (9-5 and 9000) or 2.3FPT (9000 only) engine and automatic gearbox

Haldex - Multi-plate clutch system used in the four wheel (XWD) drive cars.  Also called "rear differential".
Harman Kardon - The manufacturer of the 9 speaker (8 in estate) audio system in the OG9-5.
Hirsch - Swiss tuning company, based in St Gallen. Provide in-house Saab upgrades that do not affect the new car warranty.

I-Bus – see modern engine list below
Inca – the classic Alloy wheel seen on the Saab 99 Turbo.  Evolved into the less-attractive Super Inca
ISCV – Idle Speed Control Valve.  See also AIC

Lambda - Type of sensor used in the exhaust to monitor gas composition.  Used by ECU to adjust air/fuel mixture
Limp Home Mode – see LOS
Linear – Basic ‘plastic and cloth’ trim level
LOS – Limited Operating Strategy.  More commonly referred to as ‘limp home mode’, enabling the vehicle to be safely driven to a workshop / garage for repair following the failure of a crucial component in the Trionic system
LSD – Limited Slip Differential.  Reduces the likelihood of spinning one front wheel under hard acceleration.  The down-side is that you spin both instead.

Marriage – Programming a CDC to a particular car using Tech II.  Renders the CDC useless if stolen, because it must be ‘divorced’ before being used in another car.
MBC – Manual Boost Controller.  Another term for ‘bleed valve’, which allows manual tweaking and increasing of boost pressure but with the loss of APC protection
MDI - Successor to Tech2 for diagnostic communication.  Essential on the NG9-5.
Minilite – eight-spoke alloy wheel which looks particularly good on the Saab 96
MIU - Main Instrument Unit 9-3/5 again, instrument cluster, all electronic.

NEVS - National Electric Vehicles Sweden.  Company making electric cars based on Saab chassis.  Chinese/Swiss owned. Factories in China and Trollhattan.
NG - New/Next Generation.  Used for later 900 and 9-5 models when the car changed completely, but kept the name.

O-Bus – see modern engine list below
OBD - On Board Diagnostics (OBD 1 and OBD 2, refers to the ECU's ability to self-diagnose)
OG - Old Generation.  Used for the earlier versions of the 900 & 9-5.
OnStar - US Only Built-in mobile ‘phone / sat-nav
ovloV – Saab’s main competitor

P-Bus – see modern engine list below
PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation. The system for removing and burning oil fumes from the engine sump

RDS - Radio Data System (on radio display in SID) a programme that stays tuned in as you drive (not USA)
ReAXS - Saab's passive rear wheel steering on 9-3SS
RPM – Revolutions Per Minute.  Engine speed.
RRFPR – Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator.  Increases fuel pressure as engine rpm rises

SAAB - Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget
SAAB - Saab Automobile Aktiebolaget
Saabaru – The Saab 9-2X, a Subaru Impreza with a Saab nose grafted on.
SAHR - Saab Active Head Restraints.  These move forward in the event of an accident, to reduce whiplash.
SCC - Saab Car Computer.  Precursor to the SID (9000)
Semisonic – ‘Indie’ band who did ‘Have a Nice Day’
Sensonic - Semi-automatic gearbox in GM900
Sentronic - Automatic gearbox with optional manual / paddle shift (9-5 and 9-3SS only)
Sharkfin - Roof aerial for carphone kit (and GPS aerial, if stanav fitted). NOT the radio aerial
SID - Saab information display.  Comes in different flavours, eg SID1 (basic), SID2 (more functions), SID3 (all the functions)
SPA - Saab Park Assist
SPG - Special Performance Group (North American C900 Turbo, similar to the European Aero)
Sport Combi - Estate car
Sportwagon - Estate car
SRS - supplementary restraint system (ie airbags)
SS – Sport Saloon / Sedan.  As in the 9-3 Sport Saloon, M03-
Subaraab – see Saabaru

Talladega – Limited edition models of the 9000 and NG900, named after Saab’s endurance records set at the Talladega Raceway in 1986 (9000) and 1996 (NG900).  The 9000 Talladega was analogous to the UK-only 9000 Carlsson, whilst the 900 Talladega gained extra equipment with various engine options.
TCM - Transmission Control Module, same as ECU but for auto box
TCS – Traction Control System.  Limits wheelspin by reducing power appropriately.  Can be troublesome on the 9000.
TDC - Top Dead Centre, the point at which the piston is at the top of its travel, closest to the cylinder head
Tech 2 – Saab’s proprietary hand-held diagnostic computer.  Also marries/divorces electronic units and adjusts settings.
TiD – Turbo injection Diesel
Tjugofem – Limited edition C900 produced in 1985 to mark 25 years of the sale of Saab cars in the UK
TP - Traffic Programme (on radio display in SID)
Trollhattan - Town in Sweden where Saab had their car factory.
Turbo Edition - Run-out model for the OG9-5 estate with many options
TurboX - High performance version of the 9-3SS with B284R engine, XWD, eLSD, special body kit
TWICE – Theft Warning Integrated Control Electronics.  Controls alarm, security, doors etc in the 9-5 and 9-3SS.

Vector – ‘Sporting’ trim level, including eg aluminium dashboard and lowered suspension
Viggen – the most powerful Saab 9-3, produced from 1999 to 2001 and sharing the B235R engine with the 9-5 Aero.
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
VIN Label - A metal or sticky label found under the bonnet of on sill in door shut.  Info on build date, factory suspension & brakes specification
VSS – Vehicle Security System.  But, confusingly, also Vehicle Speed Sensor

Wastegate – Internal valve on the turbocharger which opens to limit boost pressure, driven by a wastegate actuator
WIS - Workshop Information System, CD-ROM manuals used by dealers
WOT - Wide Open Throttle

XS – Trim level denoting high-spec, non-turbo versions of the C900, NG900 and 9000
XWD - Cross wheel drive.  Saab name for the fourwheel drive system on the 9-3 and NG9-5

Modern Electronic Controls in vehicles

Below is a list sorted by function of the acronyms on more recent cars (e.g.  Saab 9-3 Sprort saloon from 2003)

CIM – Column Integration Module.  Links the P-Bus to the I-bus.  Connects to the ICM and controls the SCL & ISM
SCL – Steering Column Lock
ISM – Ignition Switch module

P-Bus – Powertrain Bus. Links all the engine and braking controls, etc.

AHL – Automatic Headlight Levelling (Xenon lights)
ECM – Engine Control Module (ECU)
EHPS – Electro-hydraulic Power Steering
ESP – Electronic Stability Program Control Unit
TCM – Transmission  Control Module
TCS -  Traction Control Module
YRS – Yaw Rotation Sensor

I-Bus  - Instrument Bus.  Links all the instruments, locks, windows, instruments, lights, etc.

ACC – Automatic Climate Control
ACM – Airbag Control Module
AHM – Auxiliary Heater Module
BCM -  Body Control Module
DDM – Driver’s Door Module
DSM – Driver’s Seat Module
ICM – Infotainment Control Module. Also links O-Bus to I-Bus
MIU -  Main Instrument Unit
PDM – Passenger Door Module
PHM – Parking Heater Module
PSM -  Passenger Seat Module
REC -  Rear Electrical Centre
RLDM – Rear Left Door Module
RRDM – Rear Right Door Module
SID -  Saab Information Display
SIDC – SID Control Panel
SLM – Shift Lever Module
SPA – Saab Parking Assistance
SRM – Sunroof Control Module
STC – Soft Top Control
TPMM – Tyre Pressure Monitoring Module
UEC – Underhood Electrical Centre -  in engine bay

O-Bus  - The Optical Bus.  Links all the audio & telematic systems to ICM

AMP1 -  Amplifier under passenger seat for door and centre dash speakers (7 speaker system)
AMP2 -  Amplifier in boot for bass speakers (13 speaker system)CDF – CD Player (front)
CDCR – CD Changer (rear)
CDFC -  CD Changer (front)
CU – Communication Unit (satnav & OE car phone)
DVD -  Digital Versatile Disc
EHU -  Entertainment Head Unit
PU – Positioning Unit (satnav)

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Re: Glossary of Saab Terms
« Reply #1 on: 03 July 2011, 08:50:01 PM »
Thanks for this, most appreciated.  Would it be possible to add the model 'code' and what it ment in terms of aspiration - normal / high or low pressure turbo and any other relevant information such as its trim ie sporty, comfort etc.  I'm thinking of the letters - GL, GLE, S, Viggen, CSE etc.  I know I don't probably fully appreciate the level of knowledge required, however I'm sure its ratteling around inside all the mods here :)


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Re: Glossary of Saab Terms
« Reply #2 on: 03 July 2011, 08:59:55 PM »
- and I couldn't see CEL for 'check engine light', which is quite a common usage (though I don't know how formal).

[mod edit] Done!
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Re: Glossary of Saab Terms
« Reply #3 on: 06 July 2011, 10:50:13 PM »
Many thanks Sgould - really helpful post


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Re: Glossary of Saab Terms
« Reply #4 on: 01 September 2011, 03:51:51 PM »
Pedant mode engaged Will

B201 was in the 900 from M81 onwards, M79 and M80 had B20.  In the 99 the B201 appeared for M82, while the M81 had the B20

The B20 was better known as the B-seried and the B201 was known as the H-series.

99LE was available with B20 only, there were 99 GLi in certain markets, up to M82 they were B20, and M82 on were B201

B212 was a 16 valver, 140PS

The B284 didn't come with the 230PS option, which I think was availble for the Vectra Elite...AFAIK the 2.8V6 came first as a 250PS then a choice of 255PS (FWD) or 280PS (XWD/Turbo X). NG 9-5 Turbo 6 is 300 PS

Sorry :-[


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Re: Glossary of Saab Terms
« Reply #5 on: 01 September 2011, 05:00:07 PM »
I must have another look at this, but not until I get back to my desktop.

Pedantry is what this page is all about!! :)
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Re: Glossary of Saab Terms
« Reply #6 on: 21 November 2012, 09:59:44 PM »
Back in pedant mode,

I'll take Will to task over
SPG - Special Performance Group (North American C900 Turbo, similar to the European Aero)
It's Sports PackaGe

Check it out on the EPC....

Not for the first time the merkans have got it wrong.. Had to edit Wikipedia on this one too...


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Re: Glossary of Saab Terms
« Reply #7 on: 21 November 2012, 11:31:22 PM »
I still have to get around to sorting this out.  :-[
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