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Tech2 operators
« on: 27 July 2015, 07:40:36 PM »
Is there a list of Tech2 operators on the site. I would like to see this if there is a need to get hold of one.


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Re: Tech2 operators
« Reply #1 on: 27 July 2015, 08:32:35 PM »
There isn't a list on this site, but there is the beginnings of one on UK Saabs

But beware.  Almost all the Tech2 units in private hands are used by people who are still learning the equipment. 

OK for code reading and some simple work, but experience and competence can vary a lot.  I'm on the list and I am likely to terrify you at the moment if I try anything too advanced!! :shock:

Also my unit and the laptop are not communicating at the moment..... :(
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