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Perhaps banded steels, painted white, is the way to go!! :)

Were they Wolfrace?

New Saab 9-5 (2010 on) / Re: Which ones to consider?
« on: 18 October 2021, 07:52:58 PM »
It's a width restriction, but there are three in a row, so it's not a traditional width restriction, it's a narrow corridor.  If you don't approach it exactly right, you are likely to be stuck.  If you go in at a slight angle and straighten up to avoid the second pole, you are likely to catch the rear wing on the first pole.

Here's the Goole Streetview of the site.

New Saab 9-5 (2010 on) / Re: Which ones to consider?
« on: 18 October 2021, 01:28:28 PM »
This is why an NG 9-5 is not practical around here. 

This one is between me and the Yellow Box store when I keep all the stuff I never use - and pay far more than it's worth to keep it there... :o   

I have to fold the wing mirrors in in the current 9-5.  It doesn't stop anything, the big stuff just drives through the bus only lane in the middle.

SWMBO has been pinged twice.  First time the PCR came back negative.  The second ping was this morning and the test is booked for 3.30pm.  I have had no symptoms on either occasion. 

I was speaking with a friend of ours who is a leading epidemiologist working in research, and we both had a "flu" which resulted loss of taste and smell, but that was over three years ago.  The hospital said it was "allergic rhinitis", but we have been wondering about it ever since...

The folding mirrors have two 10 pin plugs with more pins livened up. 

There were many options on the mirrors.

Heated, electrically adjusted.
Ditto with memory motor.

Either of the above with folding.

And later cars had the auto-dim option.

Heating is two wires.  Mirror motor has three wires.  Memory mirror has 7 wires.  Folding has more.  And auto-dim has two more.

Check what your car has already. You can see which pins have contacts in them.  Then you need to see if the wires continue from the door module to the door hinge, and from the door hinge to the car systems.  You may also need to get it all married with Tech2.

The plastic on the triangle is a coating.  Once the surface, or edge is breached, the aluminium beneath will corrode.  Filler and paint is one solution.

New Saab 9-5 (2010 on) / Re: Which ones to consider?
« on: 07 October 2021, 04:31:47 PM »

I did look at buying one back when they were fairly young, but the width put me off.  We have several 6'-6" wide width restrictions around here, and the NG9-5 is 6'-11" wide, with the door mirrors out.

New Saab 9-5 (2010 on) / Re: Which ones to consider?
« on: 07 October 2021, 03:25:29 PM »
I bought my last two Saabs from Mark Arnold in Gloucestershire (he's retired now...).  He had been selling Saabs for many years.  He told me that he stopped selling 2.0 petrol NG9-5 because of the timing chain issue.  The V6 is OK though.  There's also a 1.6 petrol turbo, but I've never seen one.

I went down to Swedish Day in Somerset.  The guys down there got fuel with no queues.  Signs on M25 and M3 said no fuel at Beacosfield, Cobham and Winchester services. And no HGV fuel at Fleet.  Same on the way back.  Some garages in the SW were shut, but they may be on Sunday anyway.  Others on the A303 seems to be open with no queues.  I can back up to the M4 and passed Tesco at Newbury, saw there was fuel and no queue, so I went in, had a choice of pumps and filled up.  Only 95 unleaded, no Momentum 99.

There has been a suggestion that the army drivers will be taken from the Territorials.  And most Territorial drivers with an HGV licence are already on the road driving HGVs.  So no gain, just publicity...


But there is a reason for the queues and it's not a shortage of petrol.  There must be a large number of people buying fuel who don't need to, and their motivation is questionable.

I might consider that a track day was "essential" if I had booked some time before the panic buying and had paid around £200 for the privilege.

As it is, the queues around here have gone done.  I managed to fill up at Sainsbury after a short wait in a short queue.  They only had 6 of the 12 pumps working, otherwise I doubt there would have been any queue at all.

I'm hoping to get some fuel before the weekend. I have enough to get to Swedish Day, not enough to get back home.  If I can't get fuel, I'll have to stay home. :(

The simplest thing to try is a clean of the contacts in the big connector in the door hinge.  The pins are not well clamped and the slightest bit of corrosion can cause issues, especially on the I-bus contacts which work at 5 volts.

Failing that, try the contacts on the door module connectors and the lock.

But when it happened to us, we needed a new lock...

Keeping a small bottle of water in the car is fine, so is an emergency stock.  But there are others who won’t drink tap water at all. 

I consider that the bottled water industry is one of the biggest scams going, and millions fall for it.  The was a couple in Costco yesterday with a trolly each.  One was entirely filled with packs of bottled water!

The situation would probably not occurred if the government spokesman had kept his mouth shut.  There might have been the odd shortage of fuel, but nothing so dramatic.  There were morons out there.  The local filling station had to stop one man trying to fill empty 2 litre mineral water bottles from the pump, after he had fill his SUV.

but then, anyone who buys bottled water needs to consider why they are paying as much for water as they are for petrol...

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