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Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Low coolant level :(
« on: 28 June 2024, 06:34:02 PM »
Away for the weekend.  Got in the car this morning and the low coolant level warning appeared.  The level is indeed low.  There is no visible sign of leakage.  We are away for the weekend, so if you see me stranded on the M40 tomorrow, give me a wave as you go by.

I'm suspecting the pressure release in the cap at the moment, but we shall see.

The "slight hum" from the brake vacuum pump is now a loud buzz.  The pump 12822387 is no longer available.  At least in its 9-3 form.  There are very similar pumps available on the web for around £55 which look as if they can be adapted.  They look identical to GM Saab?Vauxhall 20914523 which some Saab sources offer for the NG 9-5 at around £525.  So a typical mark-up it seems. 

I would imagine that they could be adapted, if desperate.  But has the part number 12822387 been updated to a non-GM Hedin number?  If so, a what price? :o

Perhaps a call to Ron Saab Leeds will be the best route if I need a replacement.

OK, I succumbed to temptation  :-[ :-[

But it has allowed me to look at error codes without needing to connect anything else.  The rest is between playing and useful. Torque and acceleration info is fun but not much use to me, but the actual distance on the parking sensors, some options on the wipers and mirror folding look useful. Also there is live reading for misfires per cylinder.

They also do one for earlier NG9-3, OG9-3 & 9-5.   There's also an interface to allow the NG9-5 instrument pack to be installed in an early NG 9-3 2003-2006.

Let's see how it goes. :)

Saab in the news / Saab Museum Festival 2024
« on: 06 June 2024, 08:22:28 PM »
It starts officially tomorrow, but the NEVS factory have a sell off of surplus parts today and tomorrow.  Mostly Saab 9-3 parts.  I picked up some brand new tyre pressure monitors for £3.50 each :)  But lots of suspension parts and steering racks (LHD though...)  Radio haed units. One solitary satnav head unit for a 9-5 Dame Edna at £125 (The official Saab price as a spare was £3560 !!!)

New Saab 9-5 (2010 on) / If anyone is looking for one...
« on: 29 May 2024, 10:26:02 PM »
Joe at in Epsom has a Turbo4 on site and I was was offered it, but it's not an estate.

I've been playing with the fuel pressure sensor today as the P0089 code has returned.  It's the third time in the last few years.  I've found that running neat fuel cleaner through the fuel rail seems to work. 

However, access is via the fuel pressure sensor in the line.  There's a Schrader valve adjacent to the sensor.  I released the fuel pressure via the valve.  Pressed it several times and there is no pressure and no release of any more fuel.  But when I take the sensor out, fuel sprays everywhere.  I'm puzzled.

Ace Cafe, North Circular Road, London NW10.

don't forget that the Ace Cafe is now inside the London ULEZ zone.  £12.50 per day for older cars.  EURO 4  for petrol  EURO 6 for diesel.   Check on the TfL website is worried.

the two plastic fasteners along the top of the bumper on the 2007 9-5 have fallen apart.  Two small bits of plastic that I couldn't reliably find on eBay, etc.  I bought some years ago and they were the wrong size...

So today, I realised I had the perfect solution in the shed!  Some small well nuts.  They are rubber with an internal brass thread and they expand as the screw goes in.  They work! :)

A few days ago SWMBO filled the Carlsson with fuel because the gauge was showing a quarter full. After topping up the tank and turning the ignition on. The fuel gauge stayed on zero and the fuel light was on. The gauge stayed on zero for a couple of days and then recovered.

Today it was filled with fuel again and when the car was started I noticed that the gauge was on zero again. When it got dark, I noticed that the panel lights were off as well. I would say a circuit fault. My electronic skills are low. But I could prod around with a circuit diagram.

Any ideas?

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Zero misfires? Surely that's not right?
« on: 24 November 2023, 08:30:45 PM »
I was preparing for the service & MOT next week, and connected the Tech2 to further investigate the airbag issue.  So, while it was connected I ran through some other bits as the engine is vibrating on tickover and a bit above.

The Tech2 is reporting absolutely no misfires.  None at all.  Which is, to my mind, not right as misfires are normal.  I'm suspecting a DI or ECU fault.  Any thoughts?

I found this on Facebook earlier.  It seems like a useful guide.

I need to do some work on both the 9-5 and the Carlsson.  But I'm getting too old to fiddle around jacking up bits of cars and messing around with axle stands.  So I decided to get a set of Quick Jacks.

Not cheap. About the cost of four visits to the garage for checks etc.  I will still go, but I will probably know what's wrong before I go now...

From time to time, and more frequently recently, the radio, etc. stay on when the key is removed.  I've tracked it down to one of the two plastic latches not moving towards the hole when the key is removed.  Is this an electronic fault, or is it just an issue that can be fixed with a bit of silicone spray?

The latch is definitely temperamental, as on occasion, it sticks and the key can't be removed. Starting the car and turning off again, usually sorts this.

The Carlsson is now over 12 years old. First registered in April 2011.  The keys that came with it when we got it in 2014 fell apart soon afterwards and I got some new cases from eBay. Those still work OK, but when I pulled the key out to try the lock, it started to come apart.  So now I have some new genuine cases with the Saab logo on the side.  Obtained form the eBay shop "Saabtech Parts Europe" which used to work out of Saabtech Welwyn, but now seems to be independent and based in Harlow, following the demise of Saabtech.

My steering wheel vibrates and rattles quite fiercely at idle.  Idle speed is OK.  Steering wheel adjustment is tight.  The vibration stops once the engine speed rises.  The exhaust is booming on the motorway. I cant see anything touching the steering rack.  I was thinking engine mounts, butthey also look OK.  Any thoughts?

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