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Hey gang

Just discovered Chris's message sitting in my facebook 'Other' folder.  Great to see the old girl's still about :D  Thanks for taking the time, Chris :)

(still got the '94 C900 'vert)

900 2.1i too - no 2.0LPT for the US.

If you've got a week, Kev, you could always pop down here for the day.  See the White House, the Capitol, that sort of thing.  It's only 2 1/2 hours on the train.

Glad you've got Intrepid on the list, it's brilliant.  They've got a Shuttle now, too.  Guggenheim is worth a look, as is MoMA.  And Brandy's Piano Bar, E 84th between 2nd and 3rd  :D

This is making me miss my old MSI Wind - ended up running Mac OS X on it, lovely little machine!

Saab 9-2X / 9-2x with WRX STi power
« on: 18 October 2012, 02:51:35 AM »
About time we had at least one post in here.  So how about this - found whilst idly browsing.

Some pics for when the Craigslist ad goes down:



1983 Saab 99GL 4-door OGH686Y (2000-2003) - I cried the day I left her in the scrapyard,.... :'( :'(

I think we all shed a tear that day, WW  :'(  There's something special about a good 99, I'd love another one.

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Smelly Windscreen Washers
« on: 15 October 2012, 10:35:42 PM »
Can you just pop the hoses off and run the Milton solution through the system and into a container instead of onto your 'screen and paint?  Then flush, refill it with proper screen wash, and job done?

Here ya go, Kev:

The Vectrix is a great machine with initially flawed battery management software.  That's now been fixed, but not before the company went through bankruptcy.  Production's only just resumed.  Mine was bought, traded in with only 300 miles on it and sat unloved in a powersports store for three years before I found it.  I've put over 1,000 on it since then and it's brilliant.  Hope the 'new' company does well.

As for the Charger, not sure we can embed videos but try this:

It was a right mess and full of holes when I bought it but is now rust-free; I should, I hope, start putting it back together again in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime I'm in a small amount of trouble domestically because I bought a 1985 Golf GTI over the weekend.  I had to, it was only £300.  And my daughter can drive it in just over a year :D

Talking of Austins, Hillmans and Wolesleys ... last weekend I took my dad to a 'British car show' organised by the local MG Club.  He was quite the celeb, telling them all about the Singer 10 and Riley 1.5 he used to have.

Had a 390 XRdT years ago.  120k miles or something.  When you put your foot down the clouds of smoke really were quite something :D

I think it goes something like ...

1974 VW Beetle - bright yellow, I built 1600 with a nice Weber carb so it went a bit too.
1990 Peugeot 405 GR - daughter on the way ...
1991 Saab 900i 16v Lux - first of many
1974 Saab 99 LE Auto - bought as our wedding car, now in Australia
1993 Mondeo - less said the better
1996 Saab 9000CSE - wonderful
1994 Saab 900S Aero Convertible - Abbotted
2000 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon - Dad Racer.  First new car I'd ever bought
1971 Alfa Romeo GT Junior - should never have sold it
1966 Porsche 912 - the car I sold the Alfa for.  Technically I still own it, but I'm not sure where it is
1992 or thereabouts Audi 100 - cheap hack that was far better than I gave it credit for
1997 Land Rover Discovery - owned for a day, sold for a profit
1999 Prius - Scrapped in the end due to undisclosed accident damage
1993 Peugeot 309 XRdT - fun, smoky little go-kart
1999 Alfa Romeo 166 2.5 - lovely noise, too thirsty
1993 Saab 900SE LPG - cheap to run, and air con!
1993 Saab 900SE - dead gearbox, donated its leather and wood to the other one
2001 Renault Grand Espace 2.2dT - absolutely vast
1996 Volvo 960 CD - thirsty luxo-wagon
1994 Saab 900 T16S Convertible - written off (not by me!) and rebuilt
1974 Saab 96V4 - an itch I had to scratch
2005 Lincoln Aviator - fantastically competent, indecently fast
2001 Volvo V70 T5 - liked it but the 'box was on the way out
1994 Saab 900 T16 Convertible - yes, another one
2012 Ford Explorer Limited - big and red
1974 Dodge Charger SE - currently under construction
2008 Vectrix VX1 - to offset the emissions from the Dodge :D

The last four I still own, some of the rest I wish I still did ...

He's changed it now  8)

6 x 1GB drives in a 4GB RAID6 array, with a seventh as a hot spare.  Everything apart from music and movies is also backed up via Time Machine.  99% of my music now exists in Apple's cloud thingy, and everything important and irreplaceable is encrypted and kept in my DropBox.  1Password is awesome for this.

I lost two of the RAID drives just before Christmas, both replaced by Western Digital under warranty and it quite happily chuntered away rebuilding itself.

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