Author Topic: Repairing SCC / trip computer  (Read 5474 times)


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Repairing SCC / trip computer
« on: 04 December 2019, 02:42:58 PM »
The digits on mine were not clear, not all present, fluctuated when pressng the display. After numerous attempts I managed to get it all working correctly again by repairing the LCD connections.

Sorry, no photos to add to the above, but instructions as follows:

Remove SCC from dash
Remove top and bottom metal pins by using a small screwdriver to lever out the dash side of the clip
Press the plastic tabs to remove the back cover
Remove the plastic spacers between the two boards
Bend the board out of the way to access the 4 screws that hold the white plastic screen cover in place
Remove, then remove the two screws that hold the board connection onto the screen cover.
Don't lose the "rubber" connector strip.


Use IPA to clean the connector on the LCD, the connector strip and the plastic strip that secures it.
Assemble the PCB connector, rubber strip and white plastic retainer onto the screen cover - make sure the visible section is grey, not white
Then but the LCD back into the surround, drop the screen cover into place and replace the 4 screws that hold that in place
The rest of the reassembly process is obvious.

I must have tried 10 times doing this without removing the LCD screen / cover. This worked the first time I did it the "dangerous" way

Hope this helps someone out. I think this is very similar to a SID repair on the 9-5
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