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Ace Cafe, North Circular Road, London NW10.

don't forget that the Ace Cafe is now inside the London ULEZ zone.  £12.50 per day for older cars.  EURO 4  for petrol  EURO 6 for diesel.   Check on the TfL website is worried.

the two plastic fasteners along the top of the bumper on the 2007 9-5 have fallen apart.  Two small bits of plastic that I couldn't reliably find on eBay, etc.  I bought some years ago and they were the wrong size...

So today, I realised I had the perfect solution in the shed!  Some small well nuts.  They are rubber with an internal brass thread and they expand as the screw goes in.  They work! :)

A few days ago SWMBO filled the Carlsson with fuel because the gauge was showing a quarter full. After topping up the tank and turning the ignition on. The fuel gauge stayed on zero and the fuel light was on. The gauge stayed on zero for a couple of days and then recovered.

Today it was filled with fuel again and when the car was started I noticed that the gauge was on zero again. When it got dark, I noticed that the panel lights were off as well. I would say a circuit fault. My electronic skills are low. But I could prod around with a circuit diagram.

Any ideas?

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Zero misfires? Surely that's not right?
« on: 24 November 2023, 08:30:45 PM »
I was preparing for the service & MOT next week, and connected the Tech2 to further investigate the airbag issue.  So, while it was connected I ran through some other bits as the engine is vibrating on tickover and a bit above.

The Tech2 is reporting absolutely no misfires.  None at all.  Which is, to my mind, not right as misfires are normal.  I'm suspecting a DI or ECU fault.  Any thoughts?

I found this on Facebook earlier.  It seems like a useful guide.

I need to do some work on both the 9-5 and the Carlsson.  But I'm getting too old to fiddle around jacking up bits of cars and messing around with axle stands.  So I decided to get a set of Quick Jacks.

Not cheap. About the cost of four visits to the garage for checks etc.  I will still go, but I will probably know what's wrong before I go now...

From time to time, and more frequently recently, the radio, etc. stay on when the key is removed.  I've tracked it down to one of the two plastic latches not moving towards the hole when the key is removed.  Is this an electronic fault, or is it just an issue that can be fixed with a bit of silicone spray?

The latch is definitely temperamental, as on occasion, it sticks and the key can't be removed. Starting the car and turning off again, usually sorts this.

The Carlsson is now over 12 years old. First registered in April 2011.  The keys that came with it when we got it in 2014 fell apart soon afterwards and I got some new cases from eBay. Those still work OK, but when I pulled the key out to try the lock, it started to come apart.  So now I have some new genuine cases with the Saab logo on the side.  Obtained form the eBay shop "Saabtech Parts Europe" which used to work out of Saabtech Welwyn, but now seems to be independent and based in Harlow, following the demise of Saabtech.

My steering wheel vibrates and rattles quite fiercely at idle.  Idle speed is OK.  Steering wheel adjustment is tight.  The vibration stops once the engine speed rises.  The exhaust is booming on the motorway. I cant see anything touching the steering rack.  I was thinking engine mounts, butthey also look OK.  Any thoughts?

P1181 Long term fuel trim additive max value Air/Fuel too lean.

Engine is too hot to look for air leaks at the moment.  Anyone had this before?  Any other ideas?  I don't have the computer with WIS on it with me.  Just the code reader.

As I'm asthmatic, I avoid cutting grass.  So my wife does it.

Today she found the packet of jubilee clips that went missing :o

SWMBO came to collect me from the station this evening.  Apparently someone pulled out in front of her and she had to stop quickly. The Traction Control light has come on and shows that the system is turned off.

I have checked the dashboard settings and that shows the ESP is OFF, but it refuses all attempts to turn it on.  So I suspect a fault.

Any ideas?

Announcements & Events / Saabtechtalk will carry on!
« on: 08 June 2023, 10:20:07 PM »
Today we signed up to a new cheaper host.  It means that costs remain manageable.  There are a few admin tasks to carry out before we switch over, so it won't happen immediately.

However when the change occurs Saabtechtalk will be offline for a while. Hopefully not very long.  Before it happens, we will display a notice so that everyone knows that we will be back.

Costs have risen hugely this year. Donations have not matched to outgoings.  Also posts have diminished.

There are things to consider...

1. I have been financing STT since 2015.  It was manageable with the help of donations, which were greatly appreciated.  But, in the last year, the fees have doubled, and the hosting company has been taken over.  I don't think that the current costs are viable.

2. We could move to a cheaper hosting site, which would keep the costs more in line with the donations received, but the fewer active members and post make this less likely to cover costs.

3.  I am old, and I have  not been well recently.  We need to have someone prepared to take the whole thing over, either to run it or to act in an emergency, if I can no longer continue.

4. Or, in few of the scarcity of recent posts, we decide to call it a day and close the site after 11 years.

What do you all think?  Any volunteers?

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Airbag light.
« on: 25 February 2023, 04:43:21 PM »
Today's trip to see the grandchildren was accompanied by the airbag light coming on with a "bing-bong".  It's not a standard airbag failure, the light came on and off regularly with a lot of bonging.  I suspect a weak connection somewhere.  So tomorrow will be a Tech2 session.

All the other cars (non-Saab) that have had an airbag warning light, it's been constant.  Light on, and stayed on.

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