Author Topic: Saab Museum Festival 2024  (Read 2029 times)


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Re: Saab Museum Festival 2024
« Reply #15 on: 11 June 2024, 12:12:36 PM »
Back home late last night.  The final stage was the bus from Heathrow to Watford.  An hour on an old single decker in the dark.  At least it was free with my bus pass!! :)  To be fair, the driver didn't hang about. Then I got a short run home in the Carlsson.  Left Gothenburg late. The 20.35 plane didn't arrive at the gate until 20.30.  Apparently Heathrow had an afternoon of bad weather. We left at around 21.15 in the end and I was home before midnight. :)

Great weekend, mostly with the Saab nuts from the Yeovil area.  We did far too many things and old age is catching up with me.

Yesterday was mostly underground at the Aeroseum in Gothenburg.  A whole aircraft hangar complex blasted out of rock, and now full of aircraft - and as it's Sweden - a nice cafĂ©. Also a Saab surface friction tester.
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Re: Saab Museum Festival 2024
« Reply #16 on: 17 June 2024, 03:56:28 PM »
Event always clashes with NSU Treffen, OH's brother sells oldtimer parts so we always go to give support: