Author Topic: "Service steering column lock" No DTC errors  (Read 416 times)


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"Service steering column lock" No DTC errors
« on: 16 June 2024, 06:45:08 PM »
I have had this flash up occasionally, but it has never been a problem.

Last night at 1 o'clock in the morning I stopped the car while a family member went for some fast food

I sat in the car, fired it up & then within about 10 seconds decided to go inside the shop.

When I came out I had the error message on the dash, but the push button start did not result in the engine cranking.

I had some error codes which remained after a battery disconnect & putting the loptop on it. These were U0254, Body Control Module lost connection with Remote Start Module and U0140 71 Electronic Brake Module (ABS) lost connection with Body Control Module. I could not clear this one.

After a number of attempts with battery disconnect, reading / clearing codes, I did what I have done before which was to lock the car, walk away & come back after 10 minutes.

Much to my surprise it fired up after this wait so we were able to get home :thumbsup:  ... at 03:30

Today I have been able to clear all codes, the car is starting normally, yet this error message comes up on the dash before starting

I have been watching this video

As yet I have not removed the column lock

There is talk about a software update, does anyone know anything about this / how I would acquire & install it

If the lock is mechanically broken, like in the video, would I be correct in thinking that if I swap over the circuit board to a new / used component, I will be able to avoid the need to get security access to pair the module to the car. ???

Thanks for any additional information
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Re: "Service steering column lock" No DTC errors
« Reply #1 on: 17 June 2024, 12:20:01 PM »
I had my BCM replaced a few years ago, after Helga's resident Poltergeist had her fun.  First had I had the warnings on the dash, then the wipers started moving of their own accord, then would sweep if I used the light stalk, the horn failed and the last straw was refusing to start at Amesbury services just as the country was closing for the 3rd lockdown in November 2020 - we'd been 'evicted' from our hotel and it was a late night journey home.  A call to green flag and she miraculously started....

She's been well behaved until recently until the bootlid started opening randomly, then completely discharging the battery.  Then a few weeks ago at Sainsbury's Hanworth she didn't sound right when I locked her, and then unlocked her after doing the shopping.  Would she start? No.  Wasn't helped by the fact some idiot parked right next to me, rather close, in an otherwise half empty car park, I was using a wide gamut of expletives to express my dismay, only for him to be just behind me, get into his car and drive off.  Meanwhile, Helga refused to start.  The only thing I could do was, get out, lock, unlock get back in and hope for the best.  There was a click sound, and then once i pressed the start button it started!!  No issues since apart from the warning appearing...

Gotta love the NG9-5