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Yes, they do read higher on the dip stick, you're supposed to check them when oil is hot a couple of minutes after turning off the engine.
I've driven a fair amount in France, Switzerland, Austria - mainly in the alps - and Greece (hideous roads) but always in lefthand drive, manual hire cars. I was really very nervous the first time, dealing with both a left-handed car and driving on the 'wrong' side of the road but got used to it surprisingly quickly. I think being in the lefthand drive car makes the whole experience feel much more natural but the obvious left hand turns at junctions, coming off motorways or dual carriageways and roundabouts, demands a lot of your attention (As already mentioned.) especially when you're tired.

Hope you have a great trip and get the taste to do a longer one next year! I'd love to do a long continental road trip, I think the whole airport experience ruins both ends of a holiday (especially now we have a toddler in tow). And you get to experience the country you're traveling through far more than at 30,000 feet!
Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Tech2 Options
« Last post by ScarbSaab on 20 July 2017, 10:36:44 PM »
I've replaced other types of connector on my cars and equipment before, so had a look and quickly found female OBD connectors for sale. It should be easy for an auto electrician to sort.
I've driven in Belgium and Florida in the past. Generally it's not too bad - it's when it's quiet it's easier to make a mistake as there's no-one else setting the example for you!
I assume that would give a higher level on dipstick? I do find these dipsticks hard to read TBH. Do you have to do them after engine has been running or can you get a genuine reading when cold?
Update - knocking noise seems to have gone for moment. Having said that I was driving in heavy rain the other day for some hundred miles or so.
You probably just interrupted the regen, the technology for the regen isn't great to be honest. One thing you should do is check the oil level of your car as there was an issue with the regeneration where diesel supposed to be for the regen would end up in the sump. I wouldn't worry about it however and just keep an eye on it from here on.
Had a rather smelly experience the other day.

On A11 for 5 mins taking new pup for first jabs at vets. He's in crate in the back of my 9-3 Aero Est TTiD and making quite a din so I pull over into a laybye and wife gets into back to try and pacify him. Engine still running and she say's 'Wow some smelly smoky vehicle just went past'..................... I look in my mirrors and note the smoke seems to be eminating from back of my car and there's a kerosene smell! I tell her not to worry and drive off. No CEL or anything, temp gauge normal and car running beautifully. I arrive at the Thickthorn roundabout after couple of miles and whilst waiting for lights to change notice still some smoke out the back so up onto a short 4 mile run along A47 at 70 in 5th and all is still running well. We then come off dual and use country roads to skirt Norwich and up to Alysham to my vets. We get out of car and all seems fine no smells and not smoke. All was fine on the run home.

Never had it do this before but new it must be re-gen as computer said doing only 30 mpg instead of normal 50 ish. On way home it was back up to 52 mpg. Seems to me it was needing a re-gen urgently so as soon as onto A11 and engine warm (about 5 miles on dual carriageway) it thought 'let's do it' but I messed it up and stopped. It ran fine all the while.

Am I right in my thinking? For a little while I'd had a slight smell of burnt diesel in car but I understand there's a rubber pressure pipe just before DPF sensor? that could be blocked a bit????
Thanks to sgoulds suggestion of doing a shorter trip we have now booked a holiday in Kent and are looking at doing a day trip to Belgium while we are there. A long trip to the continent may be next year.
Announcements & Events / SAABS AT THE COMBE 2017
« Last post by David on 19 July 2017, 01:41:46 PM »
Saturday 19th August, Castle Combe Race Circuit, Wiltshire.

A bit late, but we are back. Those who have been before know what to expect and those who havn't, you don't know what you have been missing!
A free day out at Castle Coombe, watching cars from the Bristol Pegasus Motor Club and a few SAABs hoon around the circuit.
At lunchtime, you will have the opportunity for a few parade laps in your SAAB for a minimum donation of 2, which this year will go to Children's Hospice South West.

Gates open from 9am. No need to book, just turn up on the day.
Parts for sale - if you can fit it in your boot you can bring it.
Picnics - bring your own, though there is a restaurant on site.

Many thanks once again to Bristol Pegasus Motor Club for the kind invitation.

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