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Maybe.  I don't know the car, you may have to remove bits to clean them.
@Sgould I've an MY04 no boot release button..

@RJL..Can you use the fob to lock/unlock the car after it has been reinserted in the ISM..

@David..Boot switch only works for a period of time then it stops functioning,it's to prevent someone opening the boot while you're sitting in a queue..Mines the same..
Need to dig out one of my 3 Haynes manuals to check. Would it be carb cleaner to clean these, if the car does have them?
When the key is in the ignition and in the "On" position, pressing the boot release button should display the number of keys that you have married to your car...
Hello sgould. Try as I might, I cannot find a boot release button on the driver's door of my 2004 registered 9-3. Mind you, the VIN indicates that it's a 2005 edition. Also, my boot lock microswitch works only when it feels like it, which often means turning off the engine, howking out the key and hitting the remote release on the fob. PITA. The button doesn't work when the fob's in the ignition. PITA2.
Oh, the joys!
Just heard from John Speed, who's based in Hazlerigg, just off the A1 north of Newcastle. I'll be taking the bairn down to him next week and will report on developments.
It's also possible that what used to be Western Saab in east Newcastle (Benton, near Wallsend) have mechanics who can work on Saabs, but they charge an arm and a leg.
Welcome! :)

I've deleted the other posts. 

A 2004 car should have a boot release button on the driver's door. There is also a plastic cap on top of the rear seat.  lever this up and out.  There should be a yellow release lever under there which will release the seat back to allow access to the boot.

The receiver for the key transmission is in the Column Integration Module (CIM), the black box around the steering column with the indicator stalks coming from it.  It's the centre of the car's security.

Do you know if your key is transmitting?

Do you have a second key to try? 

I hope this is the right section, I think I posted in the wrong one earlier.
Sorry for another key fob question.
My fob stopped working last night. I can open the passenger door with the inset key and the car starts with the fob, but I can't operate the central locking, which, among other things, means I can't get into my boot to remove my bike.
I get no SID message when i put the fob in and press the boot button, so I wondered whether the fault is with the bit that received the signal. However I'm struggling to work out which fuse to check. Can anyone tell me what I should look for in the manual? I can't see anything that looks right such as aerial, central locking relay.
The car is a 9-3 vector 2004.

Dirty throttle body?

Does the car have an idle control system?  On the older Saabs this could clog up.
Anyone know of a good Saab specialist in the North East?

When we went to Scotland last year I had a look for good Saab specialists in the North East and couldn't really find any as I was checking ahead of travel as I'd repaired the car a few days before we travelled and wanted to make sure I had options in the event of problems. There seemed to be a drought of Saabs from North of Peterborough until getting into Scotland where they suddenly seemed quite common again.
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