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I'm not that familiar with modern diesels, but black smoke suggests too much fuel, so unlikely to be a fuel problem.  Much more likely that you still have an air leak in the inlet system.  Check all the pipes and the intercooler itself between the airmass meter and the engine.  The intercoolers on the diesels seem vulnerable to bulging and splitting.

Try disconnecting the connector in the door hinge and cleaning the contacts.  If that doesn’t work, try the contacts behind the door card.  The pins in the connectors are not gripped well by the female side of the connector and the connection can be poor.

It may not work, but it’s a common fault and a cheap fix to try first.

In the early days of Saabscene there was a member who used that symbol as his avatar.  He runs a hotel in North Wales and his board name was "Fawlty".  It seemed to catch on. 

Welcome! :)

That sounds to be a tricky problem.  But if you are getting warning lights the car should be storing error codes.  These will not be engine codes that can be read by a standard OBD code reader. They will be Saab codes which can only be read by the Saab “Tech2” handheld computer.  If you can get these codes read correctly, it may give you a quick solution.

Most Saab garages have a Tech2, but there are many in private hands.  A session will hopefully save you a lot of trial and error, changing things.

There’s a list of some owners here

There is a more international list on a Tech2 Owners page on Facebook.

Green Card, International Driving Permit (maybe three of them...).

We got new passports this week, maybe they will need to be changed for blue ones... ::)

When we had the Hirsched (195hp) 1.8t and my Hirsched 9-5 Aero (280hp on the saloon, later 300hp on the estate), I preferred the 9-5.  This was good because my wife bought the 9-3 and claimed it as "her" car. :)

Since she changed to the 280hp 9-3 V6 Carlsson, the balance has changed.  I'm happy driving the Carlsson locally and it's tolerable on longer drives , mainly due to the smooth engine, but the 9-5 is more roomy and comfortable.  However the 9-5 is quite old and some bits are tired which is reducing its desirability at the moment, but we shall see.  We plan to take the Carlsoon to the Saab Museum Festival in June in Trollhattän which will be the longest single journey that the car has undertaken, but June in Europe with no ventilated seats?? :o

Depends on how you want to match the front and back.  Did the front callipers get polished flat before plating, so you have a shiny finish?  If so, you will need to do the same at the back before anodising, otherwise it may look “too different”.

Cleaning and Detailing / Re: Tired paintwork
« on: 11 March 2019, 10:22:48 AM »
It depends on the finish that you want.  I polish the Carlsson once a year, but I was told by a valeter with OCD that I had “just used a wax to fill the scratches”.  He said that a real finish involved rubbing down the paint finish to get the shine, and then protecting that.

I find I have too many other things to do than keep a car shiny!!  It only stays shiny until you drive it anyway...

You will only notice a difference if you wash the car! :)

Real cars have dull black callipers and wheels...

Do the remap. You will drive the car faster, which will increase airflow and dry the bodywork, which in turn will slow the rusting... ;)

They did my windows mainly from the outside before the scaffold came down.  But we were still living on the inside!! :)

Join us for breakfast from 10am onwards at the Super Sausage Cafe. On the A5 at Potterspury, north of Milton Keynes.  NN12 7QD

It's a relief that it's done.  But the builder was really very good.  I have some construction experience and I would put together a snagging list from time to time, only to find that the boys had already fixed most of them already.

Job came in in good time and a touch under budget.  We did use up the contingency, but that was all work agreed beforehand and not due to claims for "unforeseen events".  Overall not as stressful as expected.   We ad scaffold up and a new roof in five weeks, then the garage replacement and the somewhat unexpected need for a new flat roof, not just a re-felting.

No plans to do any more work like this anytime soon, but I'd been happy to use these guys again. :)

Portaloo gone.  Job done!!

Waved the builders off this afternoon!! :)

Time for a glass of something :D

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