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Engine mounts?

While it's all out and you have plenty of room, I would be looking at the aircon pipes and the power steering pipes.  My aircon failed when the pipes were removed, possibly by the dealer replacing the power steering, and they broke all the plastic clips and the aircon pipes rubbed through on the auto gearbox cooling pipes.  It won't be these that it rubs on if you have a manual gearbox, but there are other bits around.  The garage that fixed the aircon fitted all the clips but still got it wrong and the pipes rubbed through on the bodywork... ::)

CPS triggers the spark.  If it's failing, it might miss a few or send the signal "late".  In which case the various sensors might not see a complete match of all the parameters.  But I'm guessing, as usual.

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Linear upgrades ?
« on: 17 June 2020, 09:28:00 PM »
Definitely the wrong time of the year.  The sensor in the seat may stop it heating at all.

I used an oscilloscope once.  They got one in the physics lab at school, just before I left - in 1964...

Another day doing nothing on the cars, but I use my new 12v supply to check an old car radio.  It was a very expensive option back in the day, so I thought it might be of use to someone with an old car.  But sadly it won't go. :(

If I put the ohmmeter on the power feed, the resistance changes when I turn the set on and off, but nothing lights up...

I got one of these from TLC.  It's 13.8v and 5A.  It has a little fan in it to keep it cool.  It's wired to a double cigarette lighter outlet mounted on the wall.   The transformer 12v outlet is from two clamp screws, but the centres remain free for plugging in some banana plugs, if necessary.

The computer stuff can be fed from the USB outlets on the 13A mains sockets.

I looked through a big box of surplus computer chargers that I have, and none of them had a 12v outlet. 

Not quite "done to my car", but I now have a permanent 12v supply in the shed so that I can test things out in the dry on a workbench.

Ideal town car!! :D

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Linear upgrades ?
« on: 14 June 2020, 11:25:53 AM »
Upgrading AS1 is easy if you go aftermarket, but more difficult if you want to stay 100% Saab.

AS1 feeds 4 speakers from the head unit.  The easy bit is that those 4 speaker feeds could be used as input to an off the shelf amp, to which you can add as many speakers as the amp allows. 

AS2 & AS3 have a different head unit and balanced line level (0-2v) feeds to an amp behind the trim in front of the driverís door, and the speakers are fed from there.

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Linear upgrades ?
« on: 14 June 2020, 11:18:44 AM »
You need to check and see if your seats have heating pads.  Possibly not in a Linear, but you never know.  Saab went through the earlier period where all cars were fitted with heating pads.  Then if the spec didnít include heating, the wiring was clipped off at the edge of the pad.  If you are in this situation, some soldering is needed, and some wiring.

Similarly, remove the blanks for the heated switches. There may be connectors behind them.  If so, then the first stage of wiring is there, but it may only go to the first connector down the line.  Possibly the 102 pin one by the glovebox - not sure. Canít check at the moment. WIS not with me,

If you have the pads and first bit of wiring, then itís just a case of switches and some wire to close the gap.

Otherwise, a bit more wiring and adding heating pads.  Pads are available separately.  Iíve changed a burnt out one in the 9-3 and itís a job with sore fingers..

The best battery for your 9-3 is an ď096Ē . This will be the right size and shape, with the terminals in the correct place, to fit.  That is the size that was in our 9-3 and itís been replaced by the same type.

Itís probably 20 years since Saab wrote the spec for the battery in the 9-3 and things have moved on, so you will find the current offerings will probably have a slightly higher spec than required.  If you try to use many search functions provided by battery suppliers, you often get offered a type ď027Ē battery. This is a cheaper, lower capacity battery that will also fit.  It will work, but for a diesel I would go for the higher performance 096.  Our 9-3 is the V6 and also uses the 096.

I got my battery sent on a next day delivery from Tanya.  This is their list for 096.  You just need a normal battery, not one of the special ones for cars with ďstop/startĒ technology. They are around half the price of Halfords for the same item.

When my battery failed, I had the same thing as you with a smart charger.  It went quickly through all the stages -suspiciously quickly - But wouldnít actually show the green light at the end.  The second failed battery did end on the green light, but it was back to 10.6v in the morning.

There may be an earth problem, if so, that often improves when the weather is damp and the rusty connections conduct a bit better.

Do try a jump start from another car, if possible. 

Welcome! :)

My first thought is that the battery is dead.  The flashing dashboard lights seem to be a common symptom of a dead battery. 

Do you have a multimeter?  If so, check the battery voltage. Check it the day after a charge, and if you get the car started, check the voltage when running.  When sitting, the voltage should be a bit over 12v.  When the engine is running, the voltage should be around 14v.

I had a similar problem a month ago and the battery was at 10.6v the morning after a full charge.  I saw 13.8v when the engine is running. In fact we lost the batteries on both of our cars.

Modern batteries do seem to die suddenly.  One battery on my 9-5 was 5 years old, but the one on the 9-3 was only just over 2 years old.

Can you bet someone to try a jumpstart?  If that works, then it would seem to confirm a bad battery.

Iíve had a look around and I can get everywhere I need to - I think!

If this posts, it looks like itís all working. :)


It will lie if you have a tuning box fitted! :)

No, you're fine.  You only have one Saab!! :D

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