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Oh good. Chains are bad enough but wouldn't want to get saddled with that!!!

Was just reading about head gasket failure on a Saab Facebook group. Is this a common thing with any of the engines the 9-3 had?

Stanley, her laptop is even older than that. It is running Windows Vista, and wasn't one that you could do the free upgrade to Win10 on.

It currently has free anti virus software on, but this keeps saying we need to subscribe for a year to get "full protection", and telling us about alll the different things it is finding that it can only deal with if we sign up.

Then you've got Windows saying that software is out of date, and Vista is no longer supported, Google saying that Chrome is no longer supported on Vista etc.

So all in all, Mum keeps seeing what are essentially innocuous messages connected to the age of the computer and it worries her continupusly.She wants to be able to turn it on, do what she has to, without worrying why the computer can/can't do one thing or another, or throw up error messages that she doesn't understand.

I was looking at some laptops yesterday, and spotted a Chromebook, which is supposedly fast, can do most things, and is cheaper. If it is simpler to use, without the errors, then it may be the right thing for my Mum to replace the Vista machine with.....

Hi all,

I'm coming back to this again!!! Here's a query for all you techies out there.

My mum (who is 85) has an ancient laptop that now keeps coming up with error messages about software out of date, security at risk, you need to buy this anti virus, that anti malware, blah blah blah. She doesn't want to know now, She just wants to be able to email, surf the net etc, without worrying about stuff.

So, if we replace the laptop, I  can either get a new Windows 10 laptop, that will probably continue to pester her for updates she doesn't understand, etc. Or I could get her a tablet that I would probably need to teach her to use all over again, or I could get a Chromebook.

I keep coming back to Chromebooks, because they are apparently fast, have built in anti virus, and can run Windows Mail and Office applications that Mum is used to. The smaller hard drive is not a problem, because Mum doesn't save/store loads of files etc.

She just wants trouble free email and surfing ability, without continual error and update messages she doesn't understand, and which worry her.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Ah but as long as installed with Tech it should operate fine?

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I have the mid range head unit in my pre facelift dash 56 reg Aero, so the one with the green screen.

I realise I don't have the satnav gubbins in my car, but I have heard you can fit the satnav head unit (which looks better), and everything will be same apart from the satnav itself won't function (will be greyed out on the screen menu).

Is it a straight swap, plug and play, or would it require Tech2?

Also, whilst looking I saw what I thought was the same unit, but with two different part numbers. Is there any reason why the part number would have changed along the way?

Out of interest, what is the throttle body issue you are experiencing?

I have a slightly lumpy warm idle, which someone suggested might benefit from a throttle body clean..........

I think I have only done 2000 - 2500 miles in the Aero (b207) in my first year of ownership.

It is due a service again in April or thereabouts, but are there any special servicing guidelines or special considerations when doing low annual miles?

Getting in early to wish you all a happy new year ;)

Well I have a set of backplates to go with my bigger discs, and they'll get fitted at the same time when the current discs wear out ;)

Ah, bit of a trek then.....unless send ECU by post.......

Someone mentioned it on one of the Saab Facebook groups in relation to upgrading front brake backplates.....

I can understand taking hubs off to fit, but didn't fancy additional cost of hubs on top of everything else.....

Just read somewhere about changing hubs when upgrading front discs and calipers. Wasn't banking on it required???

I do intend to do a Noobtune remap at some point, but once everything else is tidied up.

What is a BCB remap and is it better than Noobtune stage 1?

Someone from Abbott Racing on one of the Facebook groups was going to get me a price too......

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