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I've posted on here about this before, but I noticed that the idle speed seemed to fluctuate at idle in traffic. I think this is due to the a/c and cooling fans coming on and off. But at some speeds (probably normal idle speed around 70rpm ish?), I would get vibration through the seat. This was also fluctuating in nature, and someone suggested it could be my balance chain....which I knew needed doing as it had previously been reported as being noisy from cold start.

I had the chains done, and I'm not sure if this seat vibration is any better. It is still there, and the idle speed still fluctuates.

On another thread I've just started on here about suspension and startup knock that I get, could it be that one of the engine mounts/bushes on the driver's side is actually the route cause of all these "issues"?

My gear lever gaitor is a bit worm. Functional, but looks a bit rubbish.

So I wondered how easy it is to change it, especially as it has the collar that you have to pull up to select reverse.

I was a bit concerned when on another thread on here, it sounded like a fellow Saabie was having to destroy the gear knob just to get it off. I assume the gear knob will have to com off to get a new gaitor on?

I've mentioned this before on here, but my 2006 9-3ss B207 2.0T Aero has a knock from the front right side of the car when going over speed ramps. I get a similar knock when I start the car - like a single thud or thump as the engine fires up.

I had the car in with WMSS for chains a few months back and asked them to check this too. They couldn't find anything wrong - even the damper top mounts were OK.

The year before I bought the car, previous owner replaced the droplinks and anti roll bar bushes for MOT. I think he'd done coil springs too.

So could this be a knackered engine mount, or perhaps the exhaust downpipe hitting something? How many engine mounts are there on the driver's side if the car? There is the one you can see by the suspension turret, but is there another at the back of the engine at the bottom onto the subframe?

The car is in for MOT next week, so I have my fingers crossed. But if I have some idea, I can point my mechanic (who isn't very enthusiastic about Saabs anyway!!) to where the issue might be!!!

Is the wiring for electric seats likely to be there on a car with manual seats?

So I have the manual non heated front seats in my Aero.

I'm not too bothered about the heated seats, but did they ever make non heated electric seats? And if so, are they a straightforward retrofit?

The pollen filter was relatively clean, having been changed at the service last year. However, I have now fitted a new one.

As for the drain, the original tube in the bottom of the plenum area must have been removed by the Saab specialist when the car was in for service last year, because I cleaned it out when I first got the car, but there isn't one there now, so just a large hole to allow water to escape!!!

So it must be something else.......

Well some of the small seems to be coming back through the face vents in the car again, so I have invested in another load of Klima Doktor foam to put in behind the intake behind the pollen filter again.

I have seen mention of being able to remove the blower unit from behind the glovebox.  Is it worth taking this out and cleaning it manually?

Apparently it'll cost about 45 quid to repair the touchscreen on the Tom Tom. I might get it done at some point, but I saw an ex display TomTom with Western Europe mapping, with full warranty etc from Halfords for 75 quid, so I treated myself ;)

Our satnav screen got cracked when it got crushed in the centre console. It still powers up an displays but the touch screen is cracked and won't respond.

I've been quoted around 45 quid to fix it, but you can buy a second hand one for less.

Has anyone has a satnav seen replaced cheaply, and any recommendations?

Or do I just go and get a new one :0

I did use foam upholstery cleaner on the headliner. I don't think it was actually as bad as I thought. I did get some light marks out though.

Well I did it again. More Aero this weekend. Autoglym leather care to wash and clean the seats (just passenger and rear at the mo) then use the Autogltm leather polish on them today. Also had another go at cleaning the aircon ducts.

I could smell leather for the first time since I had the car today. Will see if it stays.....hoping I banished the old taxi smell ;)

Anyone got any experience of this stuff?

Looks like it might be chlorine based?!!

Well I checked the car again this evening. There is no smell coming out of the vents other than some residual smell of the duct cleaner.

But the smell is still in the car. May be a bit better, but still there.

I think I can now smell some of it from the headliner, so cleaning that, and the leather seats is next.

Yes, I think the headliner (certainly the A pillar interior trims) look alike they may benefit from a scrub with upholstery cleaner. That's another job on the list :)

As for the aircon, well I took the car out and the old musty smell was gone, replaced by the smell of the foam cleaner. Will see how we go when the smell of the cleaner subsides, but the initial impression is that my car didn't actually smell of old cigarette smoke (the floor mats didn't actually smell of anything) as I thought. But something was festering in the a/c system.

I thought the pollen filter might be very old, but it looks like it was changed when I had the car serviced last year, and they took the drainage tube out altogether from the plenum area (so no need to clear that out again).

Not yet. I have some odour removal stuff that I have sprayed it with, but not scrubbed it with fabric cleaner yet.

Just driven the car for a bit and the smell seems to be gone. Will see over the next few days. Still got some of the foam a/c cleaner stuff left so could give parts of the system another dose if needel.

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