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Join us for breakfast from 10am onwards at the Super Sausage Cafe. On the A5 at Potterspury, north of Milton Keynes.  NN12 7QD

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / DI Cassette on offer
« on: 08 February 2019, 09:58:57 AM »
Just seen that Euro Saab Parts Direct have genuine Saab 55559955 black cassettes on offer at just under £200

The Beds Bucks & Herts group February meeting will be at the Stockwood Park Discovery Centre, Luton.  Just off J10 of the M1.  There's a Transport Museum and a Cafe and things for younger members of the family.

The usual lunchtime meeting from 11.00am  Saturday 9th February.

We are meeting for lunch at the Ace Cafe, North Circular Road, London NW10 7UD

Look forward to seeing you there!

The Beds, Bucks & Herts group are meeting at lunchtime at the Chequers Inn, on the old A5 south of Redbourn, Herts. AL3 7AD.

There is a restaurant, it's likely to be busy before Christmas.  If you want to eat lunch, you will need to book directly with the pub.  But the bar and bar snacks will still be available on the day.

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / MOT for another year.
« on: 26 November 2018, 03:46:17 PM »
Just got an MOT on the 9-5.  It's 12 years old and 163,000 miles now.  No advisories. Quite pleased. :)

CO was 0.013 against a max of 0.200
HC was 11 against a max of 200
Lambda was 1.010, pretty much in the middle of the 0.970 - 1.300 range.

It's that time again!! :)

The Ace Cafe "Norse Night" meeting.

Join us for a chat, and some food if you like, on Thursday 22nd November.  Meeting from 6pm for Saabs and Volvos, and any other Scandinavian vehicles.

Ace Cafe. North Circular Road, London NW10 7UD

I know it seems that I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about “Saab Approved Service Agents” and have mentioned it on various forums.  But I have just received a call from a (non-Approved) Saab specialist to say that the reason that my aircon has failed is a hole in a badly fitted pipe.  It has rubbed on the bodywork and worn through.

The aircon pipework was replaced two years ago, along with replacing the auto gearbox pipes.  The work was done at a Saab Approved Garage.  The original failure was down to the pipes being in the wrong place, along with broken clips, etc., and rubbing together. The only time any work was done in that area was when the Hirsch intercooler and airbox were fitted in 2008 by the local Saab main dealer.

So, the main dealer faults that I found when checking the aircon two years ago...

Badly damaged aircon pipes needing those pipes and the gearbox cooling pipes replacing.
Pollen filter fitted without the foam seal, and cover refitted with only two of the six or seven screws needed, and the filter looked as if it hadn’t been changed at the last service.
On another occasion, after a service at the same main dealer, the wheel bolts came loose within 15 miles.

Two years ago at a Saab Approved garage, it now appears that the already broken aircon pipes were wrongly fitted and have failed again.  This was the garage that fitted the MAF meter the wrong way around when putting it all back together.

I spoke to an Orio staff member at a Saab get together a year ago, and asked what standards a Garage had to meet to obtain “Saab Approved” listing.  I was told that the only requirement was that they had to be VAT registered, and they had to show that they were financially sound enough for them to open an account with Orio for parts supplied.  There is no requirement for a garage to show any technical ability, or meet any quality standard.  So there are no checks carried out on work done. No technical audits or anything like a “mystery shopper”. 

Would I be right in thinking that most customers taking their car to a “Saab Approved Service Agent” would expect that the garage was technically competent and knew how to fix a Saab? 

The Beds Bucks & Herts Group have arranged another Saab meeting at the Ace Cafe. 

11.00am onwards for lunch.  Finishing around 4.00pm.

Ace Cafe, North Circular Road, London NW10 7UD.

All welcome! :)

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / It went "Bang"...
« on: 12 July 2018, 03:01:27 PM »
Window failed.  Good job I have been carrying some spare green wheels in the boot for the last few years!!

The Beds Bucks and Herts group will NOT now be attending as a group.  The organisers have refused to issue a group ticket. Only individual applications will be considered.   There will be NO convoy in from the Super Sausage Cafe, on the A5 north of Milton Keynes.

And looking at the event website today, it now appears that the tickets are sold out... :(

Stowe School, Bucks. From 10.00am.

The Beds Bucks and Herts and the East Anglian groups will have a display at this show.

There will be everything for the family

And the flypast by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

Drop in and see us!! :)

The Beds, Bucks & Herts Group will have a stand at this show.

It's at Stockwood Park, Luton.  Just off Junc. 10 of the M1.

This Sunday 10th June 10am - 5pm.

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Two days in...
« on: 17 May 2018, 08:29:03 PM »
We are two days into a 16 day driving holiday, and this morning the heater blower decided to impersonate a pigeon cooing in the dashboard.   Mile after mile of cooing... :'( :'( :'(

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