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Was just reading about head gasket failure on a Saab Facebook group. Is this a common thing with any of the engines the 9-3 had?

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I have the mid range head unit in my pre facelift dash 56 reg Aero, so the one with the green screen.

I realise I don't have the satnav gubbins in my car, but I have heard you can fit the satnav head unit (which looks better), and everything will be same apart from the satnav itself won't function (will be greyed out on the screen menu).

Is it a straight swap, plug and play, or would it require Tech2?

Also, whilst looking I saw what I thought was the same unit, but with two different part numbers. Is there any reason why the part number would have changed along the way?

I think I have only done 2000 - 2500 miles in the Aero (b207) in my first year of ownership.

It is due a service again in April or thereabouts, but are there any special servicing guidelines or special considerations when doing low annual miles?

Getting in early to wish you all a happy new year ;)

Just read somewhere about changing hubs when upgrading front discs and calipers. Wasn't banking on it required???

Does anyone use a dashcam, and have any advice on what to look out for when choosing one?

Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / Chromebook? ??
« on: 15 December 2018, 10:30:25 AM »
What are the benefits of a Chromebook laptop?

Can one run the normal MS Office on them?

The air filter box lid screws on my Aero 210bhp are rusty and getting more and more difficult to remove. Where can I get brand new ones? Ideally ones that don't rust?

I can't seem to stop buying bits and pieces for my boy (by "My boy", I don't mean my son...although he seems to demand loads of things too. I mean the Aero!).

Just acquired, for a very good price, a set of rear brake calipers that I intend to send off to Big Redd to refurb, so that at some point, I can change all the calipers in one go!!

I'm still waiting for a driver's side front wing in 170 black that I ordered at the same time, to replace the slightly rusty and poorly repaired one on the car at the moment!!

This is to add to the folding wing mirrors, the 314mm front discs, pads, back plate and refurbed big calipers, and front splitter I have yet to paint!!

What else does Jet, my 56 reg Aero deserve?

(I can just see the Missus rolling her eyes again :D )

Hi all,

in a clearout last week, I found my Opcom diagnostic lead, connector, and Vauxhall Opcom software disc that I used to use with our 2004 Zafira.

Can one get later discs that work on Saab 9-3NG, and if so, what can one actually do compared with Tech2? Can one do any programming etc? I am thinking specifically if I fit the power fold wing mirrors I bought a while back, I have to activate them with Tech2, but can I do this (or anything else) using Opcom, or is it just for pulling out fault codes?

Just renewed. Around 320 fully comp, protected NCB, and a raft of other benefits inc legal cover, key cover etc etc. Only got 1 years NCB as I only bought the car last year, and eSure who I'm with now wouldn't even offer me protected NCB as I had less that 3 years NCB on this policy!!!

What is everyone elses's insurance premiums like? Mine is for 2006 2.0T Aero 210bhp.

Well, it's coming up to insurance renewal time, which means I've almost had the boy year already!!! Wow - and I haven't even used him in earnest yet. Steadily working my way through things that need doing, and using him 'sparingly'!!!

But, he went through the MOT with a couple of advisories this year, mainly tyres and brake disks/pads. And I'm steadily amassing more and more bits for him - Aero front splitter, folding wing mirrors, new disks and pads (including 314mm front brake upgrade, with back plate and refurbed calipers), and soon to arrive driver's side front wing and some rear calipers to be refurbished. At some point, I'd like to get a Stage 1 upgrade too, but that's a way away yet. Want to get the body work in good shape, and get any potential engine issues sorted first.

Often he is parked up at home as I carry on using my daily driver, which is the trusty Peugeot 107. Well, 50mpg+ vs 30mpg=ish, you know how it is!!! But this week, I dug him out, parked the 107 in the hibernation space, and have been using him for work all week. It's a great car to come back to after a long day at work,

Yesterday, I was late getting out of work, and there were hardly any cars in the car park where he was parked, so I had to get a sneaky photo!!!!!!

Had the CV boot and rear discs and pad done (both of which were advisories for the MOT).

I bought some transmission fluid from Vauxhall, and asked if my mechanic could change it at the same time. He didn't manage it, so I still have the bottles in the boot.

He tried apparently, but the bolt was very close to the subframe, and he didn't have any tools he could use to get in and loosen it off. I wondered if there was a special Saab tool that was needed?

The car is a 5 speed manual 2006 car.........

Oh well, I've just paid my annual 290 for the second time since I acquired the Aero in December last year!! Can't believe that time has flown by already, and I have actually used the car not very much!!!

I think all I've had done since I've had it is:

Had it serviced
Cleaned out the blocked plenum drain tube
Cleaned the MAF sensor
Disinfected the aircon
Had rear parking sensors fitted
Had the sticking drivers seatbelt replaced with another
Got two new tyres on the rear
Fitted new Saab centre caps to the alloys
Got the car through the MOT!!
Sanded down the wheelarch blisters and treated with Hydrate 80 rust converter
Got some second hand bigger front calipers refurbished (not yet on car)

Still waiting to be done:
Get CV boot replaced (MOT advisory)
Get transmission fluid changed (already have it)
Sort out rattling glovebox
Sort out creaking centre console (got some anti squeak oil)
Clean throttle body
Have another go at cleaning out/disinfecting aircon
Have new rear discs and pads fitted (already have them)
At some point in the future, fit bigger front discs, back plates and refurbed calipers
Fit folding wing mirrors (already have them)
Spray and fit front Aero front splitter (already have it, but in silver instead of black)
Get idle vibration investigated (mount or balance chain etc?)
Get rear wings repainted post rust removal
Get a replacement drivers side front wing in 170 black to replace a previously botched repaired one!!!
Get drivers seat leather repaired
Sort out intermittent Amp1 issue

Should keep me going for the next five years, given the way the missus drains any free time I may have to do other things, or go places/on holiday etc!!!!

Cleaning and Detailing / That old mini cab aura!!!!
« on: 19 October 2018, 11:45:36 PM »
So every time I get in the Aero there's a distinct musty sort of mini cab smell in it. Now granted it is a 12 year old car, I'm the 5th owner, and someone on amongst the previous 4 may have been a smoker - I just don't know.

But how can I get rid of this old car smell? Do I need to shampoo the carpets? Special cleaner for the leather seats? What about the headliner?

Any recommendations?

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