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The Beds Bucks & Herts group February meeting will be at the Stockwood Park Discovery Centre, Luton.  Just off J10 of the M1.  There's a Transport Museum and a Cafe and things for younger members of the family.

The usual lunchtime meeting from 11.00am  Saturday 9th February.

There was  bit on the news a year or two ago about a circular bus route from Eastbourne.  It only went round the loop in one direction, and ran twice a day.  If you wanted to go to Eastbourne in the morning, the bus had been out and was on its way back when it passed through the village.  The whole circuit took about two hours, so if you caught the bus home, you either sat on it for ages, or got off at a roadside stop and walked a mile and a half along lanes to your village.  If you did the walk in winter, it was dark, the road was unlit and there was a ford along the route. It had a footbridge, but it was old, wooden and the handrails had fallen off... :o   The publicity did get the footbridge repaired by the council, but the bus company only made the comment that the route was uneconomic and that if it wasn't used more, they would abandon it.

Having a discussion with the Building Inspector over the soakaway.  We have to use one for the run-off from the new paved area.  Our plan was to use the existing one that was built in 1983 for the flat roof extension the we had.  But I'm having some trouble convincing them that the existing one is OK.  It's only OK in my opinion though.

I used to design main drainage systems for whole villages and towns, so a soakaway is a bit of a new area for me, my old work colleague at the next desk was the SUDS man.   

A couple of years ago my neighbour complained of some flooding in his garden and blamed by roof drainage.  To test this, we ran a hose into the drain that goes to the soakaway at full bore for 48 hours.  There was no sign of any water anywhere, so I reckon that the soakaway works.  The Building Inspector wants a new soakaway for the side extension and the paved area in front, but this could easily be connected into the existing and the total area is 24 sq m.  of which one third is covering existing paved ares which just ran onto the grass.  So effectively 16 sq m of new hard surface.  And even that isn't really new.  The old garage roof drained onto the neighbour's path!! :o  but I don't fell that I can continue with that.

We shall see. 

Maxi fuse 31 in the box on the top of the front wing to the starter relay, which is also in the same fusebox. Then to the starter solenoid.  No other connections, so it looks like there's a problem in the wiring.  Were any wires trapped when you fitted the new starter motor?

The early cars had a problem with water corroding the wires and contacts beneath the fusebox.  It could be worth unbolting the whole box and lifting it out of the connector blocks and checking.

My Albanian guy learned his trade in Albania and Greece.  He was saying that his mentor in Greece always told him that the only way to make a profit was to do the job right first time.  Every time we get to a critical point he gets the Building inspector to come along and inspect before anything is covered up.

I've been trying to contact the Building Inspector to find out if a vertical expansion joint is needed in a 7.5 metre long wall with a 90 degree return at each end.   The designer has shown one, but a couple of other knowledgeable people say that it's only needed for brickwork at that length. I understand from years ago that bricks expand with age, but concrete blocks shrink.  We will see what he says in the morning.

All the detail drawings I have seen show the joint is only in the external face of a cavity wall.  This wall is a single lightweight concrete block wall with rendering outside and lined with insulation board.

Herts free bus pass is used fairly often, usually just to the station for a train into London.  It really isn't worth the effort of fighting London traffic.  Even outside of the Congestion Charge times you can't find anywhere to park.

I can only offer experience of the rear suspension, and it's a common thing, it seems.  I hope that I caught mine in time.

Rust killer (Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80)
Finally underseal.

I have done nothing to either car for a couple of months.  Building work is getting in the way... :o

This Saturday.  two days to go! :)

Should do.  The 9-3 stuff doesn't need divorcing from the donor, just "adding" with Tech2.

I say "just" I haven't done it. If it needs security access,  it could be more tricky.

My guys have been back since last Thursday.  They finished painting the back of the house.  Today they finished the excavation for the room that's replacing the wooden garage, and the concrete footings were poured.  Electrician has been and wired up the bits that have been remodelled.

The back of the house looks like this now...

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: 9-5 alarm unit repair
« on: 06 January 2019, 11:13:35 PM »
You should see a "Replace Key Battery" message, although I believe that the message is triggered by time and number of uses, not by the actual state of the fob battery.

The tilt sensor is under the driver's seat.  The glass break sensor is in the rear roof light.

Sounds good at the moment!

You can reset the window pinch protection so that the wi Dow stays shut.

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