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Announcements & Events / Beds Bucks and Herts meeting - 9th February - Luton
« Last post by sgould on 20 January 2019, 11:59:00 PM »
The Beds Bucks & Herts group February meeting will be at the Stockwood Park Discovery Centre, Luton.  Just off J10 of the M1.  There's a Transport Museum and a Cafe and things for younger members of the family.

The usual lunchtime meeting from 11.00am  Saturday 9th February.
Hi phoenix.
The ferries stopped in 1971, when the Wallasey Tunnel opened. The pier/ferry terminal was demolished around 1977. No-one calls it the Kingsway, except Merseytravel who own it. Same for the other tunnel, the Queensway, almost universally called the Birkenhead tunnel. The Queensway was opened when there was a King on the throne, and the Kingway with a Queen on the throne. Go figure.

I used the ferries a lot in the 60s, then especially in 1970 when a few of us would often take an afternoon off from revising for our A levels and spend it riding on the ferries.

I'd forgotten about the second pool at the far end of the prom near the golf club. It's now the site of a Harvester restaurant using the original buildings.

I actually remembered all this without the aid of Google. How sad.

My apologies to those who know all this, and also to those who aren't in the slightest bit interested!
No I'm not old enough to remember the ferries into NB but I do remember both outdoor pools and the pier. The area has been really revitalised over the last 10 years and is a far cry now from the derelict wasteland of the early 90s.
Nice photos. Ah, the Chelsea Reach. Memories best left undisturbed. Sleeping dogs and all that.

And you're still not far wrong about Seacombe. The best bit is the ferry out.  But then, I come from Anfield, these days one of the most deprived areas in the country, so who am I to talk!
I've been to the new Floral, my Mum insisted on taking all the grandkids to the Panto one Christmas. It was actually quite good fun, I'm not ashamed to admit I enjoyed it, and they've done a lovely job of the theatre.
Got a lot of fond memories down by the river, we used to launch our boat on the slipway opposite the Chelsea Reach (Now Pier House) and either head up river or out and over to Hilbre island. Also had the slight misfortune of living in Seacombe for a while. Not been back in over 20 years but it was a bit of a s-hole at the time.
Not living by the sea is currently my biggest regret!
Yes, that was in 1990. Finally, after several false starts, around ten years ago on the site of the pool they built a Morrisons, plus a cinema, other smaller shops, pub, Costa coffee, and a couple of chain restaurants. Further along they also rebuilt the Floral Pavilion. Quite a thriving seafront now. All fairly compact so it doesn't look like hundreds of other retail/leisure parks, and since there's no through traffic, cars and people get along fairly well. And around the corner as you walk the two miles to Seacombe on the traffic-free promenade you get a superb view of the Liverpool waterfront.

No, I have no connection with the local tourist board!

(Still off topic, sorry.)
Phoenix has a few years on me ;) but I remember the year the outdoor pool was destroyed in a storm. Dam shame, I think it's a supermarket now..
We elected for private BC for both our loft and rear extension and it worked in our favor in some respects. We got out of needing a soak-away for the rear extension, citing the garden was prone to flooding (It's not) which was accepted on the grounds of a photo showing a small puddle after a rain shower. And for the loft we've been signed off with an interlinked fire alarm system, as apposed to fire doors throughout the property, which our LA BCO would never have signed off on.
But we have wondered if the private BCO we've used is in the pockets of the local contractors? Both local contractors we've used have requested their 'preferred' private BC company. And for both builds it's been different companies but the same BCO. Last builder told us they no longer like working with company "X" can you use company "Y". And hey presto it's the same BCO who'd just moved to company "Y". This is the BCO who told me on the phone that the minimum requirement for the timber framed walls was 90mm rigid foam insulation with foil taped edges to maintain the VCL. When he turned up for the final inspection I raised this with him as the 25mm insulated plasterboard with VCL was missing and none of the joint's/ edges of the foam insulation had been taped. He totally changed his tack and stated that since the rigid foam insulation was tight fitting between the timbers (It wasn't in all areas) taping was not required. So what happened in between my phone call with him and the final inspection is anybody's guess, but I have my suspicions!
The two things they don't teach building inspectors and planning officials these days are common sense and customer service.

In my experience.
Phoenix, do you remember when the ferries actually came to New Brighton? I can remember the Tower fairgrounds, and certainly the banger racing track and the excellent swimming pool.  (Sorry, I might be ageing you - my name gives a clue to my age.)

Ah, nostalgia, eh?
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