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Have you washed out the chamber in front of the windscreen abnd changed the pollen filter?  If it's been blocked in the past, it can get slimy and smelly.
Saab list different part numbers for left and right covers, but the difference may just be where the holes for the switches are.  But you have one of each in your car, you need to take a close look! :)
Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Outside Air Temperature
« Last post by carrera on 26 January 2020, 08:11:25 PM »

Bumper off jobbie.

On a "modern" car that would mean an expensive recalibration of all the electronic lane control / adaptive cruise gadgetry.  >:(

One reason why I like sticking with the 9-5's  :thumbsup:

Just on the Facebook chat with Anthony Jordan, and he is suggesting that the passenger seat and driver's seat bases are interchangeable? Which would suggest that if I can find a good second hand passenger seat from a similar age 9-3, I might be able to swap the bases.

Does that sound correct?
If you were to look at brand new seat covers for Orio, you would be looking at around 600 for each front seat...

The back seat also has a hatch cover and side bolsters.  A complete set of covers is about 14 pieces including headrests.
I would only know of Orio for a set of Saab covers.  I've not seen any on the aftermarket.

If you are changing covers an spending money like that, I would try and seek a used set of premium leather covers.

Have you tried Anthony Jordan in Ireland?
When the weather finally gets better, I have a couple of treatments I want to use to clean up my aircon ducts and eradicate the smell that has been in the car since I got it.

I have used foam cleaner in the system before, and previously cleaned the mats with a carpet cleaner, but they didn't smell. I cleaned the seats with leather cleaner, and used leather polish on them. The carpets and seats don't seem to smell, yet this smell is still in the car and more noticeable when the blowers are on.

So I had a couple more queries - are there parts of the a/c system that need particular attention, and if so, are they accessible if I remove some trim?

Also, where is the a/c drain tube, and can that get blocked, meaning some stagnant water is lying in the car some where?

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Outside Air Temperature
« Last post by sgould on 26 January 2020, 06:29:53 PM »
Most likely needs a new sensor.  The one on our Carlsson went yesterday.  It said it was 29C at one point.  I've ordered a new one.  They are quite cheap.

Changing the sensor is a bumper off job on the Carlsson, and also the 2006-on Dame Edna 9-5.
Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Outside Air Temperature
« Last post by steventon95 on 26 January 2020, 02:34:38 PM »
My dashboard is informing me that the outside air temperatur is 50 degrees C, whci I feel is highly unlikely. Is this just a sensor problem or could it be something more complicated (excluding Global Warming)?
I'm just on the Facebook chat with Velteck in Holland.

They do do covers and foams etc.

A new sports seat base foam is 150 Euros. Leather cover for the seat base is around 350 Euros. Both plus shipping, but including EK VAT, which if he can send it to someone who is VAT registered, would make it a bit cheaper.

Still a lot of wonga - I can get a complete interior of Ebay for less that 200, but the driver's seat will always be a bit knackered.

Can one source the foam and leather covers here in the UK from anywhere?
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