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Itís been raining for days down here.  Iíll probably have a look tomorrow. Busy today.
Still raining in your part of the world, or is it fixed  ?
It lives!! :)

At least it turns on and looks OK when powered from the bench supply.  Far too wet to get in the car and try it in situ.
Finally. Some post...
I think it must be looking like that. I ran the fan/heater all the way to work this morning, and again on the way home. And it worked fine. So the fan/blower must be OK.

I am wondering if there was something jamming the fan itself and stopping it from spinning? Either that or there is a temperamental loose connection somewhere.

Loose connection or failing switch contacts?
well I used the car today and ran the fan on a/c for the first part of the journey, and on heat on the way back. The fan worked as if nothing was wrong, and when I turned it off, and turned it on again, it came on again. It worked on all fan speed settings, and seemed fine!!!!

Which would suggest, the resistor is fine, the blower motor is fine........

So I really have no idea what is going on!!!!!
A switch is a swith. A relay is a switch.  In theory you could check them by removing the wires from them and bridging the contacts.  If things work, it's the switch or relay.

Does the blower work on full speed?  If so, there's quirk of wiring that seems common on French cars.  There's a diode in the feed that only allows current one way.  It's there to stop current flowing back when the fan slows down when you switch it off.   If the diode fails, the current by-passes the speed control. The French mechanic who fixed it just cut the diode out!  Not sure that I have the operating description correct, but the fix is what was done.  It was a while ago, so make have still been current when your Peugeot was built!!
Steve, since you might be looking at a good couple of hundred ££ bill eventually, I suggest trying the latter option for around £25 from the newer car - it might do the job, but if it doesn't then at least it's only a small proportion of the eventual possible cost.
So doing a couple of searches, a new blower unit is around £130, a resistor may be around £20, and a new control switch could be anywhere between £100 - £180 :o

My mechanic wanted us to try the switch first, as that doesn't involve dismantling the whole upper dash! I have trawled the net, and most parts places don't seem to sell this. The only one I found was on Ebay, a supposedly genuine new part, for around £100. Or, I can get the control panel which incorporates a switch (I think) removed from a newer car for more like £20 - £25.

Mulling over what to do - tempted to get the control panel out of the later car and try that first.
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