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Welcome! :)

If your brakes are still the same size as fitted when the car left the factory, you may be able to check the size by looking at the VIN plate at the bottom of the middle door pillar.  There's a row of codes along the bottom.  From around 2005, Saab added brake codes.   If you have 10 codes along the bottom, the front brake disc size is the 7th code along.

There's a decode here

If you don't find a brake code (early cars only have the first six codes for the suspension) you could try putting you VIN number in the box, top left, at  This will reveal the full factory specification.  Don't forget to look at the "Additional Details" as well.

Once you have a size, check prices of known brands like Saab OE, Pagid, Brembo,etc.

Bill Jones in the UK is a good supplier of Saab parts.  Check his site at  He ships worldwide.  He is good for Brembo, but he is also the UK supplier of HEL braided brake hoses.
Hi all!

I am new to this forum and am in need of some advice.

About two months ago I got myself a 2006 SAAB 9-3 SS 2.0T Vector AT and recently found out that I need to replace brake discs (as well as pads) front and rear. To the best of my knowledge, my front brake discs are 302mm in diameter, 28mm thick, and are ventilated. My rear brake discs are 292mm in diameter, 20mm thick and are also ventilated.

I understand that (being in South Africa) my question is coming from pretty far across the pond, but what I am looking for specifically is advice on the types of brake discs and pads that I could use which would fit these specifications. As far as I know, the current discs and pads on the car are meant for an Opel (Vauxhall) Astra OPC (I am assuming of the same model year). Should I be looking for discs and pads made specifically for the 9-3, or am I able to install discs and pads from any manufacturer that fits the specifications of my current set? 

To date I have been quoted on a set of Metelli discs and pads (Italian, I know little to nothing about them and cannot find reviews of their products for the life of me) which is just too expensive at the moment. Are there any specific brands for discs and pads that you (the forum members at large) would recommend?

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: 9-5 2.2 Fault TiD Fault Codes
« Last post by sgould on 17 September 2018, 09:29:21 PM »
I got an Autop D900.  It reads live data as well.  Not as cheap as some.

There is also an option of using an app on a mobile phone.  Torque on an Android phone and something with a name like Dash Command on an Apple iPhone.   Both need a dongle plugged into the ODBII connector.
Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: 9-5 2.2 Fault TiD Fault Codes
« Last post by collywobble on 17 September 2018, 08:20:34 PM »
That's exactly the scenario that triggered the EML to come on, pootling along at 50mph behind a caravanner, come to overtaking opportunity, uphill, drop a gear hit the throttle sudden power loss and the light comes on.
Have been using the car today and the light hasn't come on.

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced code reader that will do the job?
Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: 9-5 2.2 Fault TiD Fault Codes
« Last post by Audax on 17 September 2018, 06:50:31 PM »
An awful road, single carriageway most of the way with the only overtaking being a few 2 lane sections, usually uphill. Having followed a caravan most of the way with an idiot in a Mondeo on my tail I got to one on the overtaking sections and pulled out to pass the caravan with Mondeo man still on my tail, so put the right boot in and the car lost power and the EML light came on, so slowed down to let Mondeo man overtake me and the car regained power and the rest of the journey home was fine, with the car driving as normal BUT with the EML light still on. Now the only time I have experienced this before was in a petrol engined car when the rev limiter cut the power as I was exploring its acceleration potential. 

You can reliably get a check engine light on in a 2.2 diesel when driving uphill with slow but steady acceleration on boost. The fault code is caused by the engine being under boost for over some amount of seconds that I forget, code is mostly harmless but really you need to get a code reader to rule it out. Could that have possibly been the cause? If you were going uphill having dropped a gear in anticipation of an overtake and then gave it beans it may have been enough to trigger this fault code.
Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: 9-5 2.2 Fault TiD Fault Codes
« Last post by collywobble on 17 September 2018, 01:48:03 PM »
Well, started the car up on Sunday morning but didn't drive anywhere - EML still on.  This morning start her up and EML goes out, take SWMBO shopping and the EML light has stayed off! Last time it happened it was the CPS that was the problem.  I have cleaned the EGR once since I have owned the car and never use supermarket fuel but use BP standard diesel with a bottle of Forte Diesel additive every service. The car has gone much better on Shell V-power and fuel consumption for 900 miles of driving was 47.42 mpg.  Not bad for an old diesel with 186k on the clock - and she only used 100ml of oil over our holiday. Now all I have to do is sort out the tailgate/ luggage compartment lighting which has been playing up ever since I replaced the tailgate lock - how does the microswitch work - does it have mercury in it?

Thanks for your words of wisdom Will...
Announcements & Events / Re: Ace Cafe Meeting - Lunch - Saturday 15th September
« Last post by sgould on 17 September 2018, 01:26:56 PM »
Twenty one cars over the day.  Some left early, others arrived later.

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Alarm Siren
« Last post by sgould on 17 September 2018, 10:38:06 AM »
Simon at used to do them but has found the repairs are not good enough for his lifetime guarantee, so he stopped.
Announcements & Events / Re: Ace Cafe Meeting - Lunch - Saturday 15th September
« Last post by Steve McF on 17 September 2018, 07:35:58 AM »
How did it go? :)
Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Alarm Siren
« Last post by wrighar on 16 September 2018, 08:04:19 PM »
OK, got that wrong, it is £60

Pascal Högström
Fixed anti theft siren. Free eu shipping. Fits 9-5 98-10 and 9-3 98-02
Tested before sale.
Have the annoying antitheft service message? Well this is the fix 
I accept paypal 
The price is for 1 fixed siren. Got a few

Fits saab 9-5 1998-10
Saab 9-3 1998-2002
Plug and play.
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