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TiD suffered broken wire in the loom..
Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Peculiar loss of power—no codes
« Last post by sgould on 19 November 2018, 10:51:19 PM »
:) :)

Well done!
I suspect your problem is not related to you working on the car but has potential to be a a coincidental CIM module failure.
Hi Will. Battery is OK - barely a year old, and reading a happy 12.7 volts at present. Yesterday when I checked the charge rate, it was 13.8 volts.

Tomorrow when I can see what I am doing, I will have a check of the ignition switch module to see if there is an open circuit in there. Obviously, as it got dark a bit quickly, when we were scratching our heads late this afternoon, I didn't have a chance to check any wiring around the wheel hubs etc, but to the best of my memory I didn't go near them yesterday, having not even taken the wheels off (brake pads checked thanks to the nice large openings of the wheels) The only place my hands/arms went in relation to the wheels was behind the right hand track rod with the ratchet and long extension for the oil filter removal, but again, not near any wiring there.

I'll report back!

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Peculiar loss of power—no codes
« Last post by twosaabs on 19 November 2018, 07:18:11 PM »
Sorted. Crankcase breather hose had come unhitched.
I don't think that the Stability Control Failure will prevent the car starting.  I would say that it's much more likely that your battery has died.  These things do go suddenly with no warning at all.  And a failing battery can cause some odd electrical messages.
Apologies for long post. Yesterday I started a service, changed the oil and filter, checked over the car etc etc. This morning the new air filter arrived, so during the morning fitted that and fitted the new diesel fuel filter which I had in stock. (to fit that, I jacked the car up at the rear nearside)

Finished that just before lunch, and after lunch OH took the car on an approximate 8 miles round trip to local supermarkets with no problems. Late this afternoon, the car would not start and the SID message came up "!Stability Control Failure contact service".

Upon turning the key to Ign On, the message shows and when trying to crank, the engine is not turning over. I think that jacking the rear up on one side may have set something off kilter, but I did the same thing when replacing the filter last year with no ill effects, and even if that were the case, I cannot understand why the car would have started and gone up to the shops, with a total of three starts of the engine during the trip.

I have a mate with an OBD reader coming over tomnorrow about 11 but if that doesn't show something than it may be dealer and hand-in-pocket time.  :( :( :(

Had the CV boot and rear discs and pad done (both of which were advisories for the MOT).

I bought some transmission fluid from Vauxhall, and asked if my mechanic could change it at the same time. He didn't manage it, so I still have the bottles in the boot.

He tried apparently, but the bolt was very close to the subframe, and he didn't have any tools he could use to get in and loosen it off. I wondered if there was a special Saab tool that was needed?

The car is a 5 speed manual 2006 car.........
Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / Re: SREETWIZE OBD2 CODE READER
« Last post by Ogakini on 19 November 2018, 10:05:50 AM »
We need more information, can you provide more information?
Saab in the news / Re: 2013 9-3 concept
« Last post by Ogakini on 19 November 2018, 10:04:29 AM »
We are delighted to be part of providing good information for you.
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