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Battery is only used for the remote side of things,for starting etc the ism reads the rfid inside the fob..
That's a relief.  It seems that they are working OK.  The "manual fold" is quite stiff!! :)
Thanks SG
Brute force ... in a controlled way and a dose of WD40 freed them up. They must have seized up.
It's funny (great) how these threads expand  :)

As my daily has been a HOT from new, I didn't know the difference in the oil spec recommendations and am grateful that I have continued to put fully synthetic in, even though at 325k she's consuming oil at a fair old rate. I must find time to get the head off and put some new rings in, but that's going to lead into HG, chains and who knows what else

I have compared the breather systems and the bit that I thought would be the higher temperature bit is the pipe from the breather to the sump. That seems to be the same on both, the bit that is different is from the breather box to the threaded connection on the metal cobra inlet. Does that make sense.

Here's a couple of photos of the engine bay - pre and post cleaning

The other issue that contributed to sludge/engine problems was GM cost cutting that led to only the HOT models being specified to use fully synthetic oil, and extended service intervals. "Regular" turbos had semi-synthetic. Ultimately there was an extended engine warranty scheme for models affected by this. So, very few Aero models suffered with sludge.
The glass moving inside the mirror casing is fine.  It's whether the whole mirror body can be pushed back against the car.  That's towards the door. It should move, but not easily.  It's an attempt to save the mirror body if you hit something in passing.
The 2004 breather system is fine.  The sludge was caused by the rubber pipe breaking down.  Most of the pipework in the 2004 car is hard plastic.  At least the bit that sees the highest temp.
Thanks for that, I didn't see in in EPC when I looked.

As I also now know what it is called I then found this thread and am no wiser whether installing it is an improvement or not  :)

I think I am going to keep the same bits with the same engine, which means the 2002 crankcase ventilation system in a 2004 car. Key reason for this is it means I don't have to disturb the valve cover which is clip on in the later models rather than push in. From a little reading around the TB are plug and play as well, so no calibration issues to worry about.

I now understand that the differences are purely due to the model year, nothing to do with the transmission, thanks. Did the 2004 changes actually solve the sludge problem? Funnily enough the 2004 car has oil residues all over the back of the engine and the right hand inner wing /chassis leg while the 2002 one is clean.  ::) Perhaps a sign of heavy breathing ?

Thanks again. The mirrors will adjust electronically so I presume they havenít been glued. They are more solid than any other car Iíve had when trying to get them to fold manually. Iím reluctant to push too hard but may have to try after a dose of WD40?
Grab from EPC
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