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Hi all,

I have an email account with Sky, and I wanted to set up a separate email address to use with something specific, and to prevent emails getting lost in the sea of rubbish I get to my normal address (despite unsubscribing from a lot of it!!!)

I was looking on the Sky website, and in the My Account section, even just for an email address or chat function where I could ask the question, but Sky's website sends me round the twist, as they seem reluctant to allow you to make any contact with a human being, unless via a phone number which is buried so far into the website that you struggle to find it!!!!! There is an endless supply of "Help" pages which don't include the topic you are looking for!!!!

Has anyone managed to set up more than one email address with Sky, or should I just sign up with Hotmail or Yahoo, or someone else?
Chris Calvert at ccautomotive has stopped work, at least temporarily.  He is unwell.
Hi Steve, which company did you go with in the end for under bodywork? Please can you share the companies details, would like to get a quote.

Invest more in security. iPhones are recommended. They have the best security software in a phone. Operating software is always updating which shows how they care for their consumers.

That's not strictly true any more, over the past couple of years Android has come on a lot in terms of security (the Google and Samsung security teams are very good) and the operating system is now probably more secure than IOS due to the work those teams have put in. The issue comes in more around the companies who integrate Android into their phones as many of them do not bother releasing any of the monthly security updates for their device or stop doing them far too soon (I'm pointing my finger at Sony and Chinese handset manufacturers here). However Apple are very good with support and security updates as they offer around 5 to 6 years of software support for every new device.

This is why I would suggest if you go Android you get either a pixel phone, an Android one phone or go for Samsung, although you have to be careful with Samsung as some phones do not get regular updates but they do updates for far longer overall compared to Google.

The support status of each Samsung phone can be found here: and for pixel phones can be found here: for Android one phones it's supposed to be OS updates  and security updates monthly for 2 years after the device is released, then monthly security updates for another year.

I would suggest that when your phone (Android or Apple) no longer gets security updates that you replace it with something that does, factory reset it and sell it or recycle it. The number of devices out there that have been compromised but the users do not know is crazy.

I'm currently on an Pixel 3 and it's going EOS in October this year. When I start looking in September I will be very seriously looking at going to Apple this time though simply due to how long their devices are supported for.
Hi all, it's 2yrs in total since i embarked on this journey of upgrading my stereo system, it's been challenging but with help from you guys it's been better. I have now completed the installation to where i want to be with the stereo, icm3 sat nav position equipment,  dvd player, amp2, amp 1 ehu and front cd changer. All power and fibre optic cables have been laid, tested power, all equipment receiving power, the problem is the fibre optic light, there's a break between EHU and ICM 3, mine has a cd changer in between, but for the life of me i don't understand why the EHU will not pass light to the cd changer to ICM 3 to complete the loop.

Please if anyone has or know someone who has experienced this problem, help!!!!

Saab 93 ss pre-facelift.
It is better to buy genuine second hand/refurbished
I had different phones before smart phones, but since I have had smart phones I have had Samsung. I have never had any security issues with them.

I have an iPhone for work and I hate it, It does all the same things, but not quite the in the same way!!!
Cleaning and Detailing / Re: Opaque front headlamps - how to fix?
« Last post by Steve McF on 16 January 2021, 01:38:19 AM »
Hi Nathan, did it work well though? Were yu7o happy with the results?

Got any pics before and after?
Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / Re: Electrifying
« Last post by Kev_Mc on 15 January 2021, 02:11:47 PM »
I cheated and got a hybrid. :D
Classic Saab 9-3 & GM900 (MY 1994-2002/03CV) / Re: Melett CHRA TD04HL-15T
« Last post by carrera on 15 January 2021, 12:42:34 PM »
If you didn't mark it, then I'm not sure there is a fixed position to align to.

The other end with the ground nut is I think the more important end, the wheels themselves are fairly close I think.

Chat with supplier, assemble as you see fit, or get it rebalanced.

I was doing a rebuild with new seals.... it seems that the dynamic balance is  very much the final polish
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