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I have a bit of oil seeping from the inlet pipe at the join with the throttle body.  Before investigating too deeply, I pulled the breather pipe out of the cobra and found this much oil with a dab of my finger.  Is it normal, or too much?  The non-return valve seems to be working.  Hopefully not the turbo seals.  That was new 4000 miles ago.

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Graphite Green 9-5 Aero rescue
« on: 01 August 2019, 03:42:09 PM »
On the old Tomtom it could take 45 mins to acquire satellites and download the ephemera stuff.  But usually less if the car is in an area with a clear view of plenty of sky.

I use the blue Loctite that comes in a cylinder and works like a lipstick.  When i came to undo the bolts they were a lot less difficult than when I undid the originals.

Although, on reflection, the ones I took off the first time weren't actually original, they were the 345mm Hirsch upgrade that the local dealer fitted.

WhenI did them up, I got to 140Nm with the torque wrench, but with all my weight on a 36 inch breaker bar, I could only get another 5ļ at most.

Every time I've found a substantial ridge on the edge of the discs, they have been found to be below the minimum thickness.  Have you checked them?

The Aero front discs are 25mm with a minimum of 22mm and the ventilated rears are 20mm with a minimum of 18mm.  But filing the lip on the drum(?) is OK.

For rust treatment, I've been impressed with "Hydrate 80" from Bilt Hamber.  I used it on my rear arches and on the rust on the roof.  I did the roof over three years ago, when I cleaned the brush, I just brushed it out on a rusty chain.  That chain has dangled in the open air since then and it's still not rusty.  No paint over it.

Hydrate 80 can be painted over and also sticks to bare metal.  I slap it on all over, leave it 24 hours, then sand everything down and prime.

No.  The car was owned by the owner of the hotel we stayed in in the hills to the west of Vienna.

At the bottom of the hill in TŁlln there is a roundabout... :)  We got there a bit late in the day...

I got some pressed aluminium plates with plastic surrounds which look quite good.

I got some more plastic surrounds from the Saab Museum for the Carlsson, but they also need metal plates.  The standard plastic ones don't fit, they are too thick.

Since I bought the plates for the 9-5 the companies selling the plates have tightened up on the regulations and you have to send them original copies of the documents and proof of identity.  Which I haven't, and won't, do.

The key has worked all day at Saabfest in Manchester.  But a note.  The new keys from Orio are unlike the original keys.  The original keys has a rubber coating.  The new keys are hard plastic all over and don't feel like a quality product.  It will probably last OK, but less style.

Well the key is now working. :)

I took it to this morning and he had a go and failed at first. But he tried to remarry the key, and on the fifth attempt the remote started working. He didnít do anything I didnít do. And he had no idea why it married the transponder, but couldnít do the remote until the fifth go. 

But itís working now.

The August meeting will be at the Flight Deck Cafe at Turweston Aerodrome.  Meet at 12 noon/lunchtime.

Turweston is just to the east of Brackley.  Postcode NN13 5YD

Advance notice:  Saturday 12th October we will be back at the Ace Cafe. Again for a lunchtime meeting

I may need to do something like that, but the first thing is to ask around at the Saabfest and check that I haven't done it all completely wrong.

I will try and play with a better radio tomorrow and see if I can get some harmonics to register.

Failing that, my plan is to take the keys with me to the Saabfest in Bury next weekend and see if there are any experts.  There may be some fundamental thing I'm doing wrong!! :o

The cassette player testdidn't work.  The player has a lid over the cassette, and when it's open everything is shut off. :(

However,  I found a really cheap plastic radio that came free with something.  I tried the 9-4 remote next to it and got a clear dull rattling sound coming through the earphones every time I pressed a button.

I had to change the tuning of the radio to a different weak station before the 9-5 existing remote would give an interference sound.  In this case it was a faint  whine each time I  pressed a button. But definitely caused by the remote.  Then I tried the new remote and got a similar sound, but  a biit louder, possibly due to the new battery.  So it seems to be transmitting.   But it still won't sync to the car.  All I can think of is that it's a 315 one.

Puzzling, unless I'm doing the marrying completely wrong.

I do still have a cassette recorder.  I'll give it a try later.  I have to get it out of the cupboard.

As far as I'm aware, the remote works on radio frequency, not infra red.  So I don't know if a camera will help.

In the meantime I couldn't get a 1632 battery in either Poundland or Wilkos.  I tried a couple of "We can mend/unlock your phone" shops.  The second one had some in a box. I bought them on the grounds of desperation, but they are an unknown Chinese make and could be quite old.  Then I found a nice new battery in the Watch Hospital.  Of course, the Watch Hospital is the nearest place to the carpark, I walked past it yesterday without thinking ::)

Sadly, the new proper CR1632 battery has made no difference. :(

As I read mine, it mirrors what I am finding.

I have two keys.  The original still works fine, so that's "1 remote and 1 transponder".  The new key only works in the ignition and starts the car, but won't lock the doors; so that's "0 remote and 1 transponder".  Added together that makes the message I see.  Therefore I'm seeing that the new remote is not synching with the car.  The frequency is not that of the immobiliser/transponder, it's the radio frequency of the remote.  There is 433 for the UK and Europe and 315 for USA/Canada/Japan/Korea, etc.  I can't remember it it's KHz or MHz, or something else!! :)

I don't think that the second scenario is what I have.  The other key works perfectly.  I'll try the smaller battery up close tomorrow and see what happens. A couple of proper batteries have been ordered on the internet for arrival early next week.

I tried searching the web for things like that but couldn't find that.  I think my search criteria are restricted a bit too much.  I'll have to go back to Google and give up the one that says that it doesn't track your searches.  It seems to favour Amazon sales above all else, whatever search terms you put in.

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