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Had a strange occurrence coming home from work in my Peugeot 107 tonight. Pulled up in traffic, and then could not get the gear lever out of second gear to put it back into first.

Clutch is fine, not slipping, and I've never had the issue before. As the traffic was about to start moving again, I was getting a bit frantic but the lever was locked in position.

I lifted the clutch pedal thinking it was going to stall, but I got a slight grinding of the gear noise, so put the clutch down again, and then was able to get it out of second and into first on time to pull away!!!

But it did it again a minute or two further down the road. I pulled over, and after a bit of messing about, got it out of second and was on my way again.

Question is, what could be wrong? Car has about 70k on the clock, full history, recent service/MOT, and I've had the car for 10 years. Any ideas??

As my 9-3 gets older, the benefits of taking it to a Saab specialist seem to be getting less and less, as the specialists have had to diversify into other brands to survive, and the Saab expertise is being heavily diluted with the recruitment of younger general mechanics who don't necessarily have the specialist Saab knowledge and experience any more.

As a result, my loyalty to certainly one of the specialists I use is waning. They don't seem to be especially cheap, and they no longer seem to be especially good at diagnosing specific issues. Plus I have to drive some distance to them, and then pay for the privilege of having a courtesy car!!!!

I have used two specialists on both my Saabs in the past (largely documented on here and Saabscene etc). One is 50 miles away and used to provide a free courtesy car, but that was a bit too far to be going to (the only reason why I haven't used them recently). The other is probably 30 or 35 miles away. There is an ex-Saab dealer nearby that is now a Kia dealer, but supposedly still with ex Saab technicians, but their prices have tended to be horrendous when I have had quotes off them.

One I hear good things about is Bagnal Saab in Birmingham, although I have yet to try them out.

But just wondered what people's experiences were with Saab specialists generally now that Saab has been out of business for so many years? We use a local mobile mechanic for our other cars who has been superb, but he is less than enthusiastic about working on my 9-3 for some reason, hence I tend to use him for the general stuff like brakes, MOTs etc, but anything else I have taken the car to a specialist.

Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / SaabMaster
« on: 07 August 2021, 12:33:20 PM »
Didn't get a photo but just saw a 9-3 wagon with decals on the sides for SaabMaster. Looks like a Saab garage down here in Devon where we are for the weekend. This was in Exmouth.

Anyone used them before?

So every year, the trepidation of what the MOT inspector will find, and if he might put a hammer through your sills or boot floor, comes around again.

Today Jet went for his MOT, collected by our mechanic, and returned after. The piece of paper was handed to me with the keys. What is this, a failure notice with important stuff to address?

No no!!!! Breakout the champers, for he hath passed for another year!!! :)

Only a couple of advisories - slight oil leak I am aware of (need to clean it all up to see exactly where it is coming from), and number plates a bit faded and cracked but still ok (They have been advising on that every year since I got the car :D ).

So a big phew.....for another year!!!

I feel that delayed trip to Noobtune might be due ;) 250bhp here we come!!! At some time soon!!!

Is it possible to find out the interior trim colour code of a 9-3 from it's reg number alone?

My drivers headrest is scratched/scuffed and waa watching one on Ebay just billed as being 'grey' and from a 2005 car. The seller doesn't know the colour code. Mine is K09, but he no longer has the car it came out of, but he has a photo of it with a reg.

Or is it easier/cheaper to get that leather colouring wax/polish in K09 and treat my own headrest?

Were there more than one grey leather trim colours other than K09, used from 04 - 56, or this headrest automatically be the right grey?

Has anyone got/used a telescopic hedgetrimmer?

I wanted to buy a corded one, but looking for recommendations as there are several available. Don't really want a cordless or petrol one, but I want to get a good one if I can!

Has anyone got any experience of these guys?

When your Saab specialist has no Saabs to give you as a courtesy car whilst your Aero is in for service........ :o

My faded number plates keep coming up as an MOT advisory, so I will need new plates at some stage. I was wondering whether it was worth buying some number plate surrounds to use as well, and if they look good or naff!!!

My car is solid black, so I saw these carbon fibre style ones, although at that price they may be not great quality.

Has anyone sued anything like that and can recommend good ones? Also, do these end up fading over time and looking as bad as the plates I have at the moment? :D

Apparently, for cars made since the mid 1980s, yes!!!!! Phew!!

Cleaning and Detailing / Hazy bonnet and boot badges
« on: 27 June 2021, 10:22:51 PM »
This topic comes up now and again - what to do about those faded Saab badges on your bonnet and boot. I've seen ones that have lost all their colour, but mine are not that far gone. So, I was wondering if T-Cut on the badge would restore the sheen, and then a coat of lacquer over the top would fix it once and for all.

Anyone tried this?

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