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Had a strange occurrence coming home from work in my Peugeot 107 tonight. Pulled up in traffic, and then could not get the gear lever out of second gear to put it back into first.

Clutch is fine, not slipping, and I've never had the issue before. As the traffic was about to start moving again, I was getting a bit frantic but the lever was locked in position.

I lifted the clutch pedal thinking it was going to stall, but I got a slight grinding of the gear noise, so put the clutch down again, and then was able to get it out of second and into first on time to pull away!!!

But it did it again a minute or two further down the road. I pulled over, and after a bit of messing about, got it out of second and was on my way again.

Question is, what could be wrong? Car has about 70k on the clock, full history, recent service/MOT, and I've had the car for 10 years. Any ideas??

Announcements & Events / Re: Saab Autumn Meet - Warwick. Sat 11th Sept
« on: 14 September 2021, 08:57:37 PM »
Would they ever hold a Saab day at the British Motor Museum / formerly the Heritage Centre at Gaydon?

Announcements & Events / Re: Saab Autumn Meet - Warwick. Sat 11th Sept
« on: 14 September 2021, 12:54:52 PM »
Oh no I missed this - I never even saw the post......not that the Aero is in tip top condition of course :D But he has just passed the MOT with only a faded number plate as an advisory (but don't mention the rattling a/c compressor, and minor rust  :o).

Saab in the news / Re: NEVS could be sold off?
« on: 02 September 2021, 10:04:11 PM »
The BMW break up of Rover was messy, and I suspect deliberately so. They separated Land Rover and the Rover Group engineering function off and sold the lot to Ford for more than they paid for the entire Rover Group 6 or 7 years earlier.

They kept part of the Rover Powertrain back, and sold it to MG Rover at a later date. They also kept the Swindon Body and Pressings plant, the new MINI (largely engineered by Rover engineers), the Cowley manufacturing plant, and a raft of heritage brands (such as Triumph etc), as well as the Rover marque, which was only licensed to MG Rover, (apparently at Ford's request) so that they could not use it to create any sort of 4x4 vehicle that might have been confused with/or harm the Land Rover brand.

They also retained the rights to the new medium size car which would have replaced the Rover 45, leaving MG Rover without a crucial new model.

Hence why MGR had to focus on the MG brand. When MGR collapsed (which was probably always inevitable, given that BMW had left that part of the company unsustainable in the long term), BMW made even more cash out of the whole debacle, by then selling the Rover brand to Land Rover (Ford), to prevent anyone else from using it.

That denied SAIC/Nanjing, who bought up the carcass of MGR, the chance to buy and use the Rover brand themselves, so they they created the Roewe brand, which is pronounced similarly, and has a badge that is very similar to the original Rover badge!!!

MG Rover had sold the Longbridge site and leased it back, and the writing was on the wall. Didn't something similar happen with Trollhatten??

Saab in the news / Re: NEVS could be sold off?
« on: 30 August 2021, 10:35:19 AM »
I'm actually seeing more and more MGs on the road. Especially that SUV type one (ZS I think).

I'd love an NG 9-5, but it sounds like the 2.0T is one to avoid. Most on sale seem to be diesels though which wouldn't have been my choice.

I wonder how the specialists cope with a car that was only made for 2 years?!!

WelshWizard which engine do you have in your NG9-5?

Is it the petrols that have the timing chain (like with the old 9-5)?

Saab in the news / Re: NEVS electric 9-3s to Trollhatten
« on: 24 August 2021, 05:31:47 PM »
What is the connection with Koenigsegg now then?

ScarbSaab, where is he based? ;)

Will, that is a tale of woe. Makes you not want to take the car to them again for sure. I don't think I've had bad workmanship as such, just that the general service seems to be descending into mediocrity.

Audax, I get the fact that perhaps the Saab specific knowledge and experience will diminish over time. But Will's experience of stuff being fitted incorrectly is not great. I had to get a second hand air filter box when I found one mounting snapped off, which only made itself apparent as a knocking from the engine compartment as the car was idling. I suspect that was one of the specialists who had to remove the box to fit something else and broke it, but did not tell me.

I asked them about the suspension knock that the car has had since I bought it 3 years ago or so, and they never found anything wrong. 3 years on, 2 more services and MOTs on, and the suspension knock over speedramps is still there!!!! I had an oil leak that they 'fixed' by fitting a new vac pump, and I then continued to have an oil leak from 'somewhere else'........

I don't rely on my Saab as my main car so I can park it in my garage if I need to wait to get parts etc, and I have another car to use. But the Saab is my sort of project, my car that I don't really need but I want to have. I do rely on mechanics and specialists as I am not a mechanic myself, and as it gets older and stuff wears out, I accept I'll have to spend a bit to sort it. But I want to take the car somewhere where I feel they know what they are talking about/doing. Otherwise I could take the car to any back street garage or Halfords Autocentre!!!

But they wouldnt have the Tech2 or knowledge.....or passion!!!

As my 9-3 gets older, the benefits of taking it to a Saab specialist seem to be getting less and less, as the specialists have had to diversify into other brands to survive, and the Saab expertise is being heavily diluted with the recruitment of younger general mechanics who don't necessarily have the specialist Saab knowledge and experience any more.

As a result, my loyalty to certainly one of the specialists I use is waning. They don't seem to be especially cheap, and they no longer seem to be especially good at diagnosing specific issues. Plus I have to drive some distance to them, and then pay for the privilege of having a courtesy car!!!!

I have used two specialists on both my Saabs in the past (largely documented on here and Saabscene etc). One is 50 miles away and used to provide a free courtesy car, but that was a bit too far to be going to (the only reason why I haven't used them recently). The other is probably 30 or 35 miles away. There is an ex-Saab dealer nearby that is now a Kia dealer, but supposedly still with ex Saab technicians, but their prices have tended to be horrendous when I have had quotes off them.

One I hear good things about is Bagnal Saab in Birmingham, although I have yet to try them out.

But just wondered what people's experiences were with Saab specialists generally now that Saab has been out of business for so many years? We use a local mobile mechanic for our other cars who has been superb, but he is less than enthusiastic about working on my 9-3 for some reason, hence I tend to use him for the general stuff like brakes, MOTs etc, but anything else I have taken the car to a specialist.

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