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Announcements & Events / Saabfest 2021 - Prescott Hill Climb
« Last post by sgould on 30 July 2021, 10:14:23 PM »
All ready for tomorrow!
Cleaning and Detailing / Recommendation for Alloy wheel repair
« Last post by welshwizard on 28 July 2021, 10:52:08 PM »
Got 2 19" Turbines restored last week.  Lots of corrosion and kerb marks (not all down to me).

Tried the Wheel Specialist in Kingston first - agreed price and date.  When I tried to deliver my wheels and new tyres the place had closed down, I only received a reminder the day before...

So, following Ian Allan (Virginia Water)'s advice I used Premier Wheels in Redhill, Reigate, Surrey.

The job took 3 days and was 104 per wheel (and tyre fitted and balanced) - they look as good as new now.  Just need to refit onto car then I will share images.  Should add that smaller diameter wheels will probably be slightly cheaper.
Just add my contribution.

My NG9-5 has Good Year 4 Seasons fitted at the moment on 18" Carves.  Usual equipment are F1s on 19" Turbines.

Noise levels good and no handicap on handling, ride a bit smoother.  But car has covered approx 4000 miles since fitting in March 2020.
My wife's Merlot 9-3 1.8t saloon went to our grandson when his old Nissan Micra failed the MOT catastrophically.  No sills. Almost non-existent suspension turrets... 

In my case it was an old Datsun Cherry. The engine ran beautifully. But the sills and bottom of the doors were so rotten that whenever possible I used to climb in through the window, Dukes-of-Hazard style, to stop chunks falling off when the doors slammed. So I think I should concede that the MOT tester had a point ...
Following hot on the heels of the Aero success yesterday, our Qashqai was the second over the finishing line today with one mild advisory ;) Only the 107 left to go in a few weeks ;)
Another MOT tale.  When I was still a bit wet behind the ears (still am), I had a Mini in the early 1970s and did all my own fettling.  Took it to a local MOT station, which also happend to be an Austin-Morris dealer and customer of the bank where I worked.  It failed because the handbrake pulled to one side - my own fault because I hadn't taken up the slack after replacing the rear brake shoes the day before.  Took the car back the next day and they failed it on half a dozen things - loose track rod ends, headlight adjustment, play in wheel bearings, etc.  When I complained they hadn't found fault the day before, I was told it was a different tester on duty today sir.  Took the car home, went two miles in the opposite direction to another garage, pointed out the "faults" it had failed on, and they passed it with no issues at all.

I've a cousin who had a Triumph Herald. One of the rear chassis outriggers was a length of bedstead angle iron he'd welded on. His welding skills were complimented on by the MOT tester.  Also reverse gear was shot so he had to ask the tester to help him push the Herald out of the parking space the tester had driven it into.  Lack of a functioning reverse gear was not a reason to fail, apparently.
I had similar joy with the 9000 yesterday. Then on the way home I lost all boost and the turbo was making an odd whistling sound. Felt like an air leak but couldn't see anything obvious and the engine was too hot to poke around.
My wife's Merlot 9-3 1.8t saloon went to our grandson when his old Nissan Micra failed the MOT catastrophically.  No sills. Almost non-existent suspension turrets... 

He was further annoyed because the car had been serviced at a Nissan main dealer three weeks before and no mention of any problem was made.  When he went back to them and asked why they had continued to do a full service on a "wreck", their reply was "A bodywork inspection isn't part of the service schedule on a car of that age, Sir."...

I can thoroughly relate to that. In my younger days I 'lost' a car to an MOT failure which listed things so serious it went straight to the scrapper, so every time I'm driving home after an MOT pass I still get quite emotional with the relief!
So every year, the trepidation of what the MOT inspector will find, and if he might put a hammer through your sills or boot floor, comes around again.

Today Jet went for his MOT, collected by our mechanic, and returned after. The piece of paper was handed to me with the keys. What is this, a failure notice with important stuff to address?

No no!!!! Breakout the champers, for he hath passed for another year!!! :)

Only a couple of advisories - slight oil leak I am aware of (need to clean it all up to see exactly where it is coming from), and number plates a bit faded and cracked but still ok (They have been advising on that every year since I got the car :D ).

So a big phew.....for another year!!!

I feel that delayed trip to Noobtune might be due ;) 250bhp here we come!!! At some time soon!!!
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