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Huawei and Xiaomi... having worked with developers in China and Asia in the past, I would simply just not trust anything from there.

As far as I know Google Pixel phones are OK as Google want to keep any of your data to themselves so they don't pass it on (although, they do let advertisers target you based on that data), same as the iPhone, honestly wouldn't touch anything else though if it's not Google or Apple.

Thank you. I really appreciate every info you provided. Having someone to talk to with a lot of knowledge about it is more convincing than what you see on the web.

I've been researching this again recently, partly due to us considering a new policy at work around device security. Based on this research I would now change my advice to be "only buy either a Google branded pixel device or an iphone". The reason I could no longer recommend an Android One phone or a Samsung is that some Android One phones integrate tools for "diagnostics" which can send your data to various contractors involved in the manufacture of the chipset or components of the phone, some of those companies will be in China. As such, it does provide a vector for your data to go to China. Similar story with Samsung, they have had diagnostic software send data to China in the past (they claimed it was an accident) and Samsung also sell user data gathered on the device to third parties.

Neither Google or Apple allow any third party to have a copy of user data so as far as I'm concerned they are the only option for future devices for me.

Very well said. I agree with you on that point. Some android phones really gather any information you input and they send it to China. Huawei in particular right?

So you mean Google pixel phones are still safe?


That's not strictly true any more, over the past couple of years Android has come on a lot in terms of security (the Google and Samsung security teams are very good) and the operating system is now probably more secure than IOS due to the work those teams have put in. The issue comes in more around the companies who integrate Android into their phones as many of them do not bother releasing any of the monthly security updates for their device or stop doing them far too soon (I'm pointing my finger at Sony and Chinese handset manufacturers here). However Apple are very good with support and security updates as they offer around 5 to 6 years of software support for every new device.

This is why I would suggest if you go Android you get either a pixel phone, an Android one phone or go for Samsung, although you have to be careful with Samsung as some phones do not get regular updates but they do updates for far longer overall compared to Google.

The support status of each Samsung phone can be found here: and for pixel phones can be found here: for Android one phones it's supposed to be OS updates  and security updates monthly for 2 years after the device is released, then monthly security updates for another year.

I would suggest that when your phone (Android or Apple) no longer gets security updates that you replace it with something that does, factory reset it and sell it or recycle it. The number of devices out there that have been compromised but the users do not know is crazy.

I'm currently on an Pixel 3 and it's going EOS in October this year. When I start looking in September I will be very seriously looking at going to Apple this time though simply due to how long their devices are supported for.

That's great information. Thank you for clearing things up. I have been using an ios device for years and didn't think of this. Been an android user before and switched to iphone because iPhones used to get updates more than other os.

Yeah pixel is one good brand as I've been looking up with that too.

When I had to work on a running engine in the days when I had a garage, I would park nose-in and leave the door open.

I second his idea. That's better in my case. Quite difficult to find reliable extractor fans these days

Gmail is pretty good choice. I've been using one email for personal use and other one for all subscriptions I have to avoid mixing them up.

Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / Re: Electrifying
« on: 15 January 2021, 10:26:34 AM »
They are more pricey than normal gas-powered cars but worth it as it require little maintenance. It is highly efficient too. Cons will be the limit of it on long drive. Also, recharging of the battery takes time and you have to find a charging station.

Better to always prefer genuine. I bought a brand new controller too before which is non-genuine. It is good at first but after few days, it is not working anymore all of a sudden. Not recommended.

Personally I don't mind having a 5g. 4g is fair enough in terms of speed which needed for every apps I use. Invest more in security. iPhones are recommended. They have the best security software in a phone. Operating software is always updating which shows how they care for their consumers.

BTW, im using an iPhone 11.  :)

Cleaning and Detailing / Re: Opaque front headlamps - how to fix?
« on: 15 January 2021, 08:50:48 AM »
I am using Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit. I got it from amazon. It was pretty cheap and easy to use but the downside is that its a little bit time consuming. All you need is a clean towel, a hose and everything is provided inside the box.

Lets not forget Richard Pryor's Moving (1988 film) where SAAB 900 is pretty much the supporting actor. The film was pretty funny and it was also Pryor's last starring role. Take note, the end for the car was not pretty though.. lol

Cleaning and Detailing / Re: Engine bay cleaning
« on: 15 January 2021, 08:18:06 AM »
I have a Saab 9-3 vector sport 2007and honestly, the only way to have its engine clean is to have a regular maintenance. By that, stubborn oil and stuff can be easily wiped off your engine. I also use degreaser. leave it for a couple of minutes then rinse it off. This method is the safest one for me.

Cleaning and Detailing / Re: Any recommend a polisher?
« on: 15 January 2021, 08:12:31 AM »
Have you tried DEWALT Buffer/Polisher? I have been using one for almost a year now and the results were satisfying. I never had any problem with it. And also its wool ingestion shield can prolong the lifespan of the buffer itself.

Announcements & Events / Re: RIP Erik Carlsson- Mr Saab
« on: 14 January 2021, 05:01:11 PM »
A great loss of a great man. Mr. Saab's unfortunate passing will surely impact the saab community around the world. I actually have a signed copy of the book The Art and Technique of Driving where he was nicknamed Carlsson på taket.

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