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Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / 111111!
« on: 13 December 2018, 09:11:50 PM »

I managed this little milestone the other day.

Today I finally got around to replacing the headlamp washer jet for the drivers side after I lost one of the sprayer nozzles a few months ago.

I sourced an aftermarket replacement from a seller in Poland via ebay for 31 which is far cheaper than a genuine Saab part which is about 80!

One thing that I have noticed with the old washer nozzle off the car is that you can remove the little ball part with needle nose pliers so I'm going to keep the broken unit so that if in the future I lose another nozzle I have a spare, probably worth saying that I had to replace the passenger side earlier this year and the drivers side failed 6 months later so it may be that the plastic gets fatigued after 11 years on the car.

Some of this won't make sense unless you're doing the job but it's here for reference. Removing the nozzle was a bit tricky however I cheated and only removed the 3 screws in the wheel arch on the drivers side and the 6 clips that hold the top of the bumper skin on and peeled the bumper back rather than go for removing the whole bumper (which is what the workshop manual says to do). If you do this job and are struggling to release the nozzle then you have to push very very hard on the clip to make it open up, I removed the washer hose from the joint so that I could handle it a bit more easily and then put the hose back on the joint before pushing it into the nozzle.

Hi guys,

I just got back from holiday and while away in the south west kept getting ESP failure warning messages that cleared after turning it off and on again. They only appear to arise after driving up and down hills when we were away, now we're home they appear to have gone again. Anyway, I had the tracking sorted just before we went away but didn't have the steering angle reset by Tech-II. I just want to reset steering angle and read and clear the ESP codes so should only take 15 minutes, I'd rather not pay a professional to look at this as I can do most of the diagnostics and fixing myself!

So if anyone has a Tech-II I can use for 15 minutes around Cambridge/Bedford areas in exchange for a few beer tokens then please let me know!

Ever since I got the 9-3 over 2 years ago there has been a very high pitched rattle/whistle noise which only comes when travelling at specific speeds and over particular road surfaces. I thought it was coming from under the dash but never got around to dismantling the car to investigate as it never seems to happen on roads around home which is lucky as while travelling away on holiday we finally managed to pin point it!

The source of this noise is the top part of the auto gear selector lever, the lower part is a plastic cover that can rattle with a very high pitched vibration which made it very very hard to find. I think just a single bit of blu-tack or tape will fix this permanently!

Can anyone recommend a good W5W/501 white side light bulb? I've now had to replace 4 white halogen side light bulbs from Osram in 19 months and I'm getting bored of it. I'm not really wanting to try out LED replacements unless someone can suggest a good well known led bulb rather than some pointing at stuff  on ebay as I don't want to have to keep replacing bulbs or get bulbs that will melt the headlight (have seen this before with people using LED replacements). If not I think I will just go back to having yellow sidelights and get long life bulbs!

So, I'm thinking about tuning my car, given the choice would you do Hirsch or Maptun? If so why would you pick that option?

Maptun should give slightly better performance, Hirsch is obviously better certified!

I don't want to hear suggestions for other options as they have been discounted for good reasons :)

I'm very happy right now as I'm waiting for my Eibach pro spring kit to be delivered from Amazon. Managed to get the kit for the 9-3 for just 122.08! Amazon no longer appear to have them in stock but it's worth keeping an eye on Amazon for cheap Saab parts as the springs will be matched up to a pair of sachs rear dampers I got several months ago also from Amazon that cost me just 16 each!

Now I just need some new front dampers (I've seen the sachs front dampers as low as 150 for the pair) and will be buying new genuine top mounts and bearings from ebay for 70. Means I might get all the parts for a rebuild of the suspension on the car for under 400!

I've lost one of the nozzles for the passenger side headlamp washer, just had a look at how much the replacement part is and it's 85 RRP and I can get it for 75 from

It appears you can't just get the nozzles but does anyone know any different? It is said that the plastic cracks and the nozzle comes out but the surround looks fine so I even wonder if someone has stolen it.  :(

The part number is 12803972 (superseded from 12763888)

I wouldn't be that bothered if it wasn't for the power steering reservoir is leaking on the 9-3 so I've just had to buy a complete replacement pump for 199.95, looks like this is turning out to be an expensive week!


We're going on holiday in September to France and Belgium, it'll be the first time I've driven outside the British Isles and in a country with right hand traffic (apart from 10 minutes in a parking lot in the states which was also the first time I drove an LHD car and an automatic!).

What things do you guys think I should be aware of or do that may not be obvious? Although as I've not even looked at how to get the car there yet or booked accommodation I guess we may have to go somewhere else entirely!

I've got annoyed with the poor radio reception in the 9-3 and I'm not paying 220 for the dual amplifier upgrade kit.

This led me to look at what options are out there that would also give me DAB radio and found this:

As it also does bluetooth streaming/calls it looks like it may be a great solution for the car although I'm not sure where I'd put the control unit.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I'm hoping that using DAB will let me reliably listen to the radio again although I note that the DAB coverage maps have huge holes in East Anglia and Scotland. Means I may have to keep a big playlist on my phone for my holiday later in the year.  ::)

How could I not take this photo!

Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / 0-60 times
« on: 15 November 2016, 08:28:41 AM »

This is a bit of an odd one, I've only ever checked the 0-60 times of 2 Saabs, my old 2.0t 9-5 auto and my current 9-3 Aero auto. Both are quite a bit faster than the numbers Saab give. The way I've tested is with using the Torque app on my phone and an OBD-2 adaptor. The 9-5 was rated at something like 12.5 second 0-60 but the car used to achieve it in about 10.5 seconds.

Then the 9-3 Aero is supposed to be 8.9 seconds but I've measured it at 6.7 seconds! Even if you allow for the measurements to be out a bit then I'm seeing times that are considerably faster than they should be, especially given the conditions that I tested them in which were less than favourable.

The only reason I started this was that the 9-3 felt a bit down on power the other day and I thought it might be having a coil breakdown or similar so I thought I'd get a baseline figure to see how far off the mark it was. I had been thinking of sorting this problem (and hopefully it's not inlet valves) and getting it remapped with Hirsch but now even though I'm sure it has not been remapped before it's faster than it should be, now I'm really confused.

Off-topic chat, Help, Advice, General motoring issues / All season tyres.
« on: 14 November 2016, 07:01:14 PM »
Does anyone know of a good source for fully fitted 225/45 R17 94 W rated all season tyres for my 9-3 Aero auto sportwagon, I'm looking at Michelin crossclimates, Nokian weatherproof and Vredstein Quatrac but other suggestions welcome.

I don't really need to replace but one of my rear tyres is down to 3mm, the other side is at 4mm and the 2 fronts are at 4.5mm each. I was going to get a full set of the crossclimates from blackcircles the other week when they were 92 each but now they have gone up to 110 each. Only reason I didn't buy then was that I'd checked the tread depth in a rush when cleaning the car so wasn't sure if I should chose to replace, but of course now I made my mind up to replace a bit early I don't want to pay 440 for the set.

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