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Saab 9-5 NG in Tenet (still not seen it yet)

and spotted this advert by Aviva tonight:

We have a Brodit kit for holding a phone over the centre vent of the 9-3 Carlson. It worked well in the old 2003 Vector, but didnít fit the Carlsson with the satnav. Brodit say it doesnít fit, but I bodged it a bit and it was OK for a while, but my wife got a new phone which was a tighter fit because the holder wasnít designed for it, and the holder kept falling off.

You can fix the satnav so that the clip fits, you just need to cut and file some plastic on the back of the satnav unit.... it's what I did anyway.

The Michelin Crossclimates have started life with 7mm of tread and the car has done 91000 miles so I'm going to keep a record of the wear rate too.
92615 miles today, Crossclimates are at just over 6mm. Maybe I should be a bit easier on them...  ::)
98000 miles today, Fronts are 5.8mm rears are 6.4mm
101,500 today, so they've done just over 10k Front is 5.2, rear is 6.2mm
Anyway, today the fronts are around 2.5mm and the rears are around 3.5mm (a lot more tread left in the middle compared to the edges), car has a mileage of 118286 today. I'll look at replacing them in a few months (certainly before winter!). 

That will mean the fronts lasted 28,000 miles, I reckon I could push the rears a bit longer but I think it makes sense to replace all as a set in a few months time.

Ooops, got to just over 120k and had forgotten to replace them.... the fronts are just below 2mm and on the wear bars, the rears have worn unevenly. but the edges are at 2.5mm on one side.

I've messaged my tyre guy to see how much a new set will be, I had considered getting rid of the 9-3 and getting a Volvo V90 or some kind of Subaru this year.  However, due to a change of job I don't *need* a car right now so it looks like I'll be keeping the 9-3 for even longer which was not the plan when I got it 5 years ago!

I must say 30,000 miles out of a set of tyres in a front wheel drive Aero that isn't driven too sedately isn't bad though!

Very well said. I agree with you on that point. Some android phones really gather any information you input and they send it to China. Huawei in particular right?

So you mean Google pixel phones are still safe?

Huawei and Xiaomi... having worked with developers in China and Asia in the past, I would simply just not trust anything from there.

As far as I know Google Pixel phones are OK as Google want to keep any of your data to themselves so they don't pass it on (although, they do let advertisers target you based on that data), same as the iPhone, honestly wouldn't touch anything else though if it's not Google or Apple.

That's great information. Thank you for clearing things up. I have been using an ios device for years and didn't think of this. Been an android user before and switched to iphone because iPhones used to get updates more than other os.

Yeah pixel is one good brand as I've been looking up with that too.

I've been researching this again recently, partly due to us considering a new policy at work around device security. Based on this research I would now change my advice to be "only buy either a Google branded pixel device or an iphone". The reason I could no longer recommend an Android One phone or a Samsung is that some Android One phones integrate tools for "diagnostics" which can send your data to various contractors involved in the manufacture of the chipset or components of the phone, some of those companies will be in China. As such, it does provide a vector for your data to go to China. Similar story with Samsung, they have had diagnostic software send data to China in the past (they claimed it was an accident) and Samsung also sell user data gathered on the device to third parties.

Neither Google or Apple allow any third party to have a copy of user data so as far as I'm concerned they are the only option for future devices for me.

So I think you boys are putting my mind at rest.....I think :D

It should be OK as others have confirmed the parts listing. I knew that they changed at some point and thought it was  when the 07- style dash and interior came in, I didn't want you to take it all to bits and find out you couldn't put it back together again!

I could be totally wrong as it's been a while but the part no. on that steering wheel looks like it's for an 07- onward car and i think your car is the earlier model? If so you will probably need an 07- airbag too as I think the fittings for the air bags are different. You might want to check this before you take it to bits!

I have another set of coil packs so could try them. On the Saab Facebook groups it's been suggested it could be plugs, coil packs or exhaust valves.

You could try them but in reality you might just move the the problem around, I think you said you want to keep the car long term so in your situation I would be more likely to just buy a set of 4 brand new (genuine!) coils and 4 brand new spark plugs (of precisely the same brand and model as specified by Saab), you can get a set of 4 genuine coils from reputable sellers on ebay for £168, the plugs are probably another £30-£40.

And also the injectors.  There was an issue with the wiring cracking in the injectors.  No. 3 cylinder usually goes first. Saab did a wiring repair kit, but it was just wires and connectors.  Has the heat cracked the plastic sheathing on the wires?

That's a 1.9 diesel problem, doesn't affect B207.

They charged me £25 for the privilege of making it more leaky than it was before. I'll try a few local fitters to see if they offer a rim sealing service.

That's expensive for making it worse! Not sure where you are in Bedfordshire, but I use he's based in Papworth on the Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire border and is mobile. I trust Ben, his dad used to service my bikes and he has the same approach to detail and making sure things are right.

It depends very very much on the tyre fitter and how much care they take, I was losing 3psi a week on one rim and got the mobile guy I know out and he spent 30 minutes refitting a single tyre, he cleaned the rim so it was spotless and painted the sealant on very carefully, it's been perfect since although he wasn't confident it would hold and suggested where to take the wheels for a refurb.

How much did you pay for them to do the work? Having a tyre fitted properly to a leaky rim is going to cost £20 a corner as it takes 30 minutes I know that if and when I need new tyres then realistically the rims will need to be refurbed at the same time.

That tyre does look well past it.  I would definitely check all the others.

I agree, hard to tell from a picture but the tyres look very much like what you'd see on some older owners cars which basically went to the shops and church once a week and covered about 600 miles a year and very often had 20 year old tyres on them!

The cracking suggests this.  On the other hand, what age are the tyres? There will be a date code on them.  It's a 4 digit code like 4217 which indicate "Week 42 2017"

I can't read the code in the picture, but is that a 3 digit date code indicating the tyres are from the last century?  :o

The cracking on the sidewalls suggest very old tyres to me.

Classic Saab 9-5 (MY 1998-2010) / Re: Coolant level warning
« on: 09 February 2021, 05:24:22 PM »
Heater matrix used to be a firm favourite on the 9-5...

If you share the model number and current firmware version you're more likely to get some help. I'd ask on somewhere like avforums too.

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